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  1. My all black 200sx S14

    ahhh yes, clean as bro!
  2. Lady Luck now rb25 in the build

    I think its about time for a shed skid
  3. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

  4. my boss bought a car for parts and one day when he was pulling the boot carpet out he found a SD card, on that SD card was photos of an Indian family traveling all over Australia and some of them smoking bongs, the previous owner is not Indian and said it was his car then his sons car so no clue how it got there
  5. generic topic title

    dirty 30 life! that's a boss colour too
  6. ahh i was i had bought a ke now they look like so much fun
  7. Lady Luck now rb25 in the build

    Thanks man you were driving great man but it time for the return of the silvia time for you to get a 31 like a real man