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  1. private investigators

    Agreed on both counts. I always thought this was obvious but clearly not: there are police and there are civilians and there is f%ck all in between. Comments like "PI's can bug you and do this and that, but it's illegal" make my head spin. By that logic anyone can bug or stalk anyone, however they're likely to be charged for it, PI or not. If you post hordes of personal info on FB then you need to reconsider that move. Agreed re the citizens arrest fantasy. A mate asked me what I would do if I came home and someone was in the act of robbing my house, assuming I'd say something awesome like "I'd beat their ass, yo!". I said "Are you out of your mind? I'm not going to get stabbed/bludgeoned over a f%cking TV or camcorder." Same deal for a car. Sure, I'd love to tackle someone and restrain them until the police arrived, but I'd imagine the likely outcome would be that they would receive a slap on the wrist and I'd end up being sued by some 'no win, no fee' ambulance chaser. Then again, witnessing an assault on a person would be a whole different kettle of fish.
  2. new freediving world record set - AMAZING

    Thanks for that info. I haven't actually ever heard of a freediver experiencing the bends but I looked it up and you're right. As for the deepest dive, you're also right, however 214m on breath-hold is impressive.
  3. new freediving world record set - AMAZING

    No, that only happens to SCUBA's. AFAIK the deepest freedive is actually deeper than the deepest SCUBA. I do a bit of freediving/spearfishing but I'm a hack.
  4. Psychometric tests

    There's many different tests floating around but the one you described sounds like a fairly basic measure of cognitive skills and general aptitude used by tons of organisations. There's no real prep required so don't stress it or overthink it. BTW the answers to the mulitple choice questions are: A C C A D A B B D A A D
  5. my university portfolio intro letter

    Good stuff, congrats! You now owe me 10% of your first year earnings.
  6. Disturbing Movies

    I've seen all of the ones you viewed plus most of the ones on your list. -Cannibal Holocaust: this is only good for historical value (originally believed to be a documentary, thus a criminal investigation was undertaken). Definitely view the extras and coverage of the making of the film. -Last House on the Left: once again, only good for historical value. This would probably only receive an M15+ rating these days. There's a rubbish remake floating around also. -Clockwork Orange: this is an important piece of cinematic history and a cut above the other films listed. -Eraserhead: seriously weird, but also an important piece of history. Check out the bloodydisgusting.com forums for other suggestions, although most of those suggestions are covered (A Serbian Film, Salo, guinea pig, etc.). Being a horror fan I can tell you that gory films are a dime-a-dozen, however scary or disturbing films are few and far between. Some others to consider are... -High Tension http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0338095/ -Frontier(s) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0814685/ -The Last Horror Movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0319728/ -Seed (Uwe Boll's an idiot and the film is mostly rubbish but is known for its intensity) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0758781/
  7. question about Court hearing -

    *claps* You put in so much effort to correct him, why not put that effort in and tell him some useful advice? Cambers, I have little tolerance for fielding questions that have already been covered many times. Do you know what is ironic about this situation? I am one of the only NS members that ever throws a supportive comment your way. Sometimes I wonder if your posts are some kind of unique brand of sadomasochism.
  8. my university portfolio intro letter

    Good to hear things went well and congrats! keyhole: many also require interviews in addition to letters.
  9. question about Court hearing -

    Search is you friend. This type of thing has been covered several times and the necessity of legal rep (as well as suggested lawyers in VIC) has been discussed. I know it's petty but it is "HIS" not "HE'S"! It is HIS license unless HE'S lost it.
  10. my university portfolio intro letter

    Cut this. Cut the bolded section as we already understand that it is your goal. It's a lot better however, as Kez mentioned, cut the section about the other unis. If you haven't sent it yet I'd still encourage you to read the course description and graduate attributes as that page will tell you a lot about what they are seeking.
  11. my university portfolio intro letter

    This is a great start but it requires some polishing and reassessment. Uni selectors are looking for applicants that they believe have the interest and ability to see the course through to graduation and beyond. At this point I'm not seeing this in your letter. What I'm seeing is someone who will pull the pin as soon as he decides (with his limited knowledge of marketing/advertising) that the courework isn't fun or engaging any more. I'm not saying this is necessarily the case for you, but this is the way you are portraying yourself with multiple references made to your unwillingness to pursue study that you don't enjoy. Try and focus more on what you are interested in and less on what you're not. My advice: print out the course description and read it over a few times. Read the 'graduate attributes' section and try to encompass some of these in your letter. Suggestion: Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Kyle Hickey and I am writing to express my interest in X. Much of this paragraph is redundant in that it essentially repeats the same point several times. Refer to the course using the title from the uni website/handbook (i.e. Bachelor of Business (Education & Marketing)). Suggestion: I believe that this course (use title) will instill the foundations required for a successful career in the field of X. If I was on the selection panel I would stop reading at this point. University curriculum has to cover a lot of ground as students have different ideas of what is relevant and interesting. What is relevant to me may not be relevant to you, however the course has to cater to both of us. What you seem to be suggesting here is that you'll only be willing to complete work that you feel is relevant or of interest to you; nothing more. Those reading the letter are the ones who will decide what is relevant, not you. Consider this carefully. Once again, I'm hearing that you're unwilling to undertake anything that isn't of immediate interest to you. Drop this sentence (especially 'do good at') and focus on how you've matured and feel that this course is an area in which you could excel for whatever reason. Focusing on career goals is great, however the whole "the CEO of the most awesomest multinational" sounds a little naive. Describe the types of duties you would see yourself undertaking and maybe add something along the lines of "...with the goal of one day attaining a management or leadership role in the industry". You're off to a good start so stick with it and get some input from others. It's not unusual to redraft a letter of this type a couple of times so don't be disheartened. Best of luck!
  12. Running Thread v.2

    Agreed 100%. Spot on re identifying footstrike, avoiding gimmickry, and focusing on the fit of the shoe. A $300 pair of Asics are useless if they pinch in the forefoot and make your toes numb. Also, don't be conned into thinking that highest price = best. Highest price generally indicates the highest level of support which is suited to older, heavier or biomechanically inefficient runners. Personally I don't have any brand loyalty as all brands significantly change their models each season, but there are some models that have stood the test of time such as Nike Pegasus and Asics 20xx series and that won't break the bank. Unfortunately there's no magic bullet for shin soreness, however some people find running on a softer surface (such as grass) to ease the pain. As per most running injuries, best bet is to let it subside on its own time before lacing up your shoes again. Good luck and let us know how you go.
  13. Fishing

    There are literally 100's of spots across Vic, it just depends on how far you want to travel and where you are located. Take a look at FishVic or a similar website as they have user reports, i.e. what's being caught where and when on what bait etc.
  14. Just moved back to Sydney from Los angeles

    If this forum is of no interest to you then why did you register? I honestly don't know where to begin other than by saying that you (not Luke aka ridemyjansen) are what is wrong with NS.com today. I won't demean myself by picking apart your bullet-proof logic but will say that I don't actually have anything against Luke and wish him well. BTW you might wish to invest in some chapstick: your lips are bound to get dry with all that sucking.
  15. University questions

    Cut/paste. Bachelor is an undergraduate course, which means it is the starting level degree (as distinct from diploma or certificate) from a university. http://www.vu.edu.au/courses/bachelor-of-health-science-paramedic-hbpx Entrance requirements are listed on the bottom of the page. Regarding a traineeship, I didn't see anything about that, however the uni websites indicate that the bachelor is coursework (classes/lectures) and clinical placement (on-job training). Consider some of the question you are asking online: "Can I get in with no ENTER?". If I said "for sure" or "no way" what would my (or anybody else's) response be worth as 1) we don't work for VU admissions, and 2) we're anonymous. Learn a valuable life lesson and get your advice from the horses mouth and in writing if preferable.