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  1. My JDM S14 Zenki

    hehehe I know exactly how you must have felt now Jos, it's such a great car, I have many good memories with it too (not as awesome as yours though). Really sad to see it go but unfortunately when other priorities in life come up we have to make sacrifice
  2. My JDM S14 Zenki

    Just for Jos... here's a few pics of the car before it departs to its new owner... in QLD this time! Slowly making its way back up the east coast. I hope it gets treated well, I really love this car
  3. I've no idea what the settings are - I told Peter what I wanted from the car and he set it up perfectly to suit. I didn't bother getting a list of settings, or anything like that, as it's useless to me My point basically is go to somebody who has good experience with these things (and not just your local tyre fitting shop) and they should have settings in mind to help you get what you want out of the car, rather than relying on figures thrown around on the internet. @originalposter-- Another good place to visit in Sydney is Heasmans in Sydenham if that's closer for you
  4. I solved my massive grip issue by 1) Fitting good tyres (Bridgestone RE01R) 2) Getting the suspension set up by somebody with very good knowledge (Peter @ http://www.roadandraceperformance.com.au/ ) Even though the rears are only 245s it sticks like shit to a blanket. Even with my 225 wide RE55S track tyres it's great, the suspension settings I am running are tops.
  5. N.S Theif

    I also received a response via email... "i will send u the money just email me ur accound details, give me a lil time" Now - question - by giving him my account details is it at all possible for him to do anything dodgy with them?
  6. My JDM S14 Zenki

    Well I had a day off today (sort of) so decided to get cracking. Pulled up in the driveway after work just after 6. Bit cool outside! Popped the bonnet then stood around for a bit while I ate a Sausage & Egg McMuffin. About 10 mins later... lol And not much longer after that... Right. Out with the old.. cactus cooler Always suspected my horns were aftermarket cos they're awesome. Grandpa hard at work giving me a hand to fix the beast Disco shit No more boost leak, AFR's are normal, dopey is happy Even had time to change the oil in the Golf.. a very productive day I do say Still lots to do though
  7. My JDM S14 Zenki

    The R35 cost about $600 for 24hrs. To park it overnight at our hotel wasn't too nasty either, only 2,000yen (so about what, $25?) overnight for hotel guests. We had a Mazda Alexa (3) for a few days as well, hiring a car in Japan can take you to some great places.
  8. Dyno tuning a 6inch fan on your airbox HAHAHAHAHAHA... absolute gold!!
  9. My JDM S14 Zenki

    Well, finally made a little more progress with the car (just when I was about ready to give up on the game)... After being ripped off by sxc.180 that c*nt - ($230 down the drain) - I went on a search for another intercooler to fix my boost leak issue. Picked up a second hand Blitz unit in very good condition today so will be fitting that next week. I'm also going to remove my early model PowerFC to sell and put my piggy back stocker JDM ecu in for the time being. Later on, I'll get it converted to Nistune. I want Nistune for two reasons - 1. I get to retain the lovely stock idle, 2. It looks dead stock unless you crack open the casing I also picked up some Luxury spec pillar trims with the space for tweeters, so I will move my tweeters from on top of the doors to this location for that neat stock look. So, I'm pretty much a service and a tune away from finally getting out to the track!!! (after 18 months+!)
  10. N.S Theif

    He doesn't want to reply to my SMS or pick up the phone either, pussy. I'm in two minds... arrange door knock or just fork out the $50 for the transaction recovery.. HMmmmm...
  11. N.S Theif

    Funny you mention that, this is the car he sent me pictures of saying he was taking the intercooler off it... So which is the number people have been able to get hold of him on?? 0434384423 ?
  12. N.S Theif

    19 St Georges Rd, Narre Warren. Beautiful. Thanks kind sirs!
  13. N.S Theif

    Somebody gonna get a hurt, real bad
  14. N.S Theif

    As I paid with Netbank they can do a "Trace and Recovery" (transaction reversal) but it costs me $50. Anyway, I figure $50 lost is better than $230 lost.