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  1. My JDM S14 Zenki

    **Edit December 09 - See next page for updates!** Thought it might be about time I started one of these threads on here to keep progress of my car. I bought this recently from Jos (TURBOED) down in Melb, he personally imported the car from Japan. Drove it all the way back to NSW non-stop without a hiccup Took me a while to finally get a Blue Slip and register the car, I've only had it on the road since the 26th November 08. Here's the current specifications, I've changed a few things since I've owned it and there's a lot more to come: Engine: T28bb HKS Intercooler kit Yashio Factory 2-Layer Radiator Custom High Vol. Radiator Outlet by Power Sports Z32 AFM Nismo 550cc Injectors Apexi Power Intake Air Filter HKS Metal Induction Pipe HKS Iridium Spark Plugs HKS EVC IV Boost Controller Some sort of Japanese Piggy-back on standard ECU I have recently purchased an Apexi Power FC + Commander, and the car has some sort of upgraded fuel pump but it is unknown what at this point. My tuner is going to investigate when I get the PFC installed and tuned shortly. Exhaust: HKS Hi-Power Cat-back Trust Front pipe 3" High Flow Cat Suspension & Driveline: HKS Hipermax D Coil-overs Cusco Caster Rods Cusco Strut Bar Alloy Sub-frame spacers Aftermarket Rear Upper Arms Aftermarket Rear Lower Control arms Nismo Single Plate Clutch Nismo Clutch Pivot Selector ATS 1.5-way LSD Slottted Front rotors, new rear rotors Cusco brake master stopper Steering spacers Wheels: Currently running R32 GTS-t stockers from rego inspection duties, but I have a set of 17x8 and 17x9 meshies with a bit of dish to put on there once I change the tyres and get another 2 bolt-on spacers for more offset. Interior: Momo steering wheel Momo shift knob Recaro SR3 Front seats NRG Quick-release Steering Wheel Kit Sabelt 4pt Harness Estimated Power: Dynoed at 171rwkw @ 11.5psi recently. Current short term plans are: * Getting air-con regassed and windows tinted next week * Slimline plates are on order * OEM Front Lip, Navan side skirts and rear pods * Get new tyres for my mesh rims and put those back on * Replace stereo system with minor upgrades (just a 4ch amp and 4 new speakers) * Maybe a set of Step 1 cams * Put the Power FC in and get a tune * GREX Shift Knob * ENJOY! I've given it a good detail since these couple of pics, looks a lot cleaner now. Car did have a Carbon Fibre vented bonnet but I have taken this off as I don't want cop attention, will be putting it up for sale soon once I give it a polish Also treated her to some fresh oil and a new oil filter last week too, and put on a set of clear winkers in the front bar.
  2. My JDM S14 Zenki

    hehehe I know exactly how you must have felt now Jos, it's such a great car, I have many good memories with it too (not as awesome as yours though). Really sad to see it go but unfortunately when other priorities in life come up we have to make sacrifice
  3. My JDM S14 Zenki

    Just for Jos... here's a few pics of the car before it departs to its new owner... in QLD this time! Slowly making its way back up the east coast. I hope it gets treated well, I really love this car
  4. I've no idea what the settings are - I told Peter what I wanted from the car and he set it up perfectly to suit. I didn't bother getting a list of settings, or anything like that, as it's useless to me My point basically is go to somebody who has good experience with these things (and not just your local tyre fitting shop) and they should have settings in mind to help you get what you want out of the car, rather than relying on figures thrown around on the internet. @originalposter-- Another good place to visit in Sydney is Heasmans in Sydenham if that's closer for you
  5. I solved my massive grip issue by 1) Fitting good tyres (Bridgestone RE01R) 2) Getting the suspension set up by somebody with very good knowledge (Peter @ http://www.roadandraceperformance.com.au/ ) Even though the rears are only 245s it sticks like shit to a blanket. Even with my 225 wide RE55S track tyres it's great, the suspension settings I am running are tops.
  6. N.S Theif

    I also received a response via email... "i will send u the money just email me ur accound details, give me a lil time" Now - question - by giving him my account details is it at all possible for him to do anything dodgy with them?
  7. My JDM S14 Zenki

    Well I had a day off today (sort of) so decided to get cracking. Pulled up in the driveway after work just after 6. Bit cool outside! Popped the bonnet then stood around for a bit while I ate a Sausage & Egg McMuffin. About 10 mins later... lol And not much longer after that... Right. Out with the old.. cactus cooler Always suspected my horns were aftermarket cos they're awesome. Grandpa hard at work giving me a hand to fix the beast Disco shit No more boost leak, AFR's are normal, dopey is happy Even had time to change the oil in the Golf.. a very productive day I do say Still lots to do though
  8. My JDM S14 Zenki

    The R35 cost about $600 for 24hrs. To park it overnight at our hotel wasn't too nasty either, only 2,000yen (so about what, $25?) overnight for hotel guests. We had a Mazda Alexa (3) for a few days as well, hiring a car in Japan can take you to some great places.
  9. Dyno tuning a 6inch fan on your airbox HAHAHAHAHAHA... absolute gold!!
  10. My JDM S14 Zenki

    Well, finally made a little more progress with the car (just when I was about ready to give up on the game)... After being ripped off by sxc.180 that c*nt - ($230 down the drain) - I went on a search for another intercooler to fix my boost leak issue. Picked up a second hand Blitz unit in very good condition today so will be fitting that next week. I'm also going to remove my early model PowerFC to sell and put my piggy back stocker JDM ecu in for the time being. Later on, I'll get it converted to Nistune. I want Nistune for two reasons - 1. I get to retain the lovely stock idle, 2. It looks dead stock unless you crack open the casing I also picked up some Luxury spec pillar trims with the space for tweeters, so I will move my tweeters from on top of the doors to this location for that neat stock look. So, I'm pretty much a service and a tune away from finally getting out to the track!!! (after 18 months+!)
  11. N.S Theif

    He doesn't want to reply to my SMS or pick up the phone either, pussy. I'm in two minds... arrange door knock or just fork out the $50 for the transaction recovery.. HMmmmm...
  12. N.S Theif

    Funny you mention that, this is the car he sent me pictures of saying he was taking the intercooler off it... So which is the number people have been able to get hold of him on?? 0434384423 ?
  13. N.S Theif

    19 St Georges Rd, Narre Warren. Beautiful. Thanks kind sirs!
  14. N.S Theif

    Somebody gonna get a hurt, real bad
  15. N.S Theif

    As I paid with Netbank they can do a "Trace and Recovery" (transaction reversal) but it costs me $50. Anyway, I figure $50 lost is better than $230 lost.
  16. N.S Theif

    I too got scammed by this dude, for $230. I have the same details already posted in this thread. If anyones got his address already please let me know, I have contacts in Melb... I would like to avoid getting my mates to look up his address via phone number as its technically illegal so this is a last resort.
  17. r32 GTR rims on s15

    They look a little small but I think they look tough if the ride height is right (as is the case above). They're a nice strong lightweight rim and being 16s it means you have a good choice of rubber available at reasonable prices. I picked up a set in good nick with RE55 Bridgestone semis on them for $800 recently.
  18. 200sx s14 speaker size

    I've got 6.5" front and rear in my S14.
  19. My JDM S14 Zenki

    the handbrake button is fine, it's the 'drift' type that holds the button down for you so you don't need to worry about pressing it in during drifting. Push it in once when you let it down and the button stays down. Pull it back out when you want to leave the handbrake back on to park or whatever. easy as
  20. My JDM S14 Zenki

    So I picked up some track rims today R32 GT-R stockers (16x8 +30) with Bridgestone Potenza RE55S Semi Slicks Just waiting for my bloody intercooler replacement to turn up in the post now and I can get my ass out on to the track
  21. My JDM S14 Zenki

    Anyways, when I was in Japan a couple of weeks back... ...I took a Taxi ride. This guy was a legend. I gave him the address in Japanese and I knew it was near by but it took him some time to find where it was (the Japanese street system is farked, most aren't named, it works off a grid system) Eventually he turned off the meter which had me worried but he ended up charging us only the basic fare!! Great guy! Arrived at destination.. Well well well what do we have here While waiting for the keys I browsed the magazines in the waiting room, check this out Hit the road Need supplies... Apple Fanta is mad. Grape Fanta still rules though. Jumped back in and set the GPS for Mt Fujis co-ordinates. Tunnels are cool.. Roads getting a little more interesting Had a refresher stop then jumped back in... In case you can't see the sat nav above here's a crop Didn't take any pics for a while.......... ........ Time for some KFC Rocked up to some random park Nice view Park was really nice and peaceful. Heaps of Koi in the water Sun setting.. time to hit the road again Smelled this place from a mile away, just had to stop Yah Lots of confusion later and it was on like donkey kong Fuelled up... hit the road again.. landed at Daikoku Futo Was a quiet night, not much there but lots of nice cars came and went that I didn't get pics of. I heard this car coming long before I saw it... external gate roaring! It had a massive turbo. T88 I think. (excuse the shit blurry pic) Headed home and parked up for the night Few spots down there was another one Next day when I returned to Premium Rent they had this waiting.. bit out of my budget
  22. My JDM S14 Zenki

    Yep old faithful JDM stereo is back in for the time being. I am going to put a cheap single din Pioneer H/U in soon though as I want to put a Defi Din Gauge unit there to keep an eye on the water/oil temp and oil pressure when I hit the track. Last thing I want is a cooked engine!
  23. Nick's Zenki

    Looking good! Not too sure about the tail lights but they definitely look nicer than a lot of the ricey "altezza" lights I've seen getting around. Maybe they'd suit the car a lot better with a kit on it. I do like the colour of your car, I don't see too many getting around in that colour out my way. Pity to hear about the dramas you had with the car so soon but you did the right thing taking it as an opportunity to do upgrades As for pillar gauge mounts, Trust/Greddy used to make them but they are discontinued now as far as I know. If you're feeling creative it's easy enough to integrate one from another car into the S14's pillar cover then fibreglass/bog it up and paint or trim it - just depends how keen you are to spend time doing that sort of thing.
  24. My JDM S14 Zenki

    Suppose I might come out from hiding, Some of you know already but back in May the car got broken into while parked overnight at my apartment. This led me to pull down most info and pics relating to my car from the net, hence I haven't updated this thread in yonks. Yes, they even took my Recaros. This left me absolutely gutted and was a real set back for my project. The list of things missing is quite large and I don't really want to recall again so the picture can do the talking. Anyhow I'm back from my Japan holiday now which left me feeling less depressed about it, so I'm getting stuck back into the car. My dash is still smashed apart (I'll get down to the wreckers in January for some parts) but while in Japan recently I drove all the way out to Yashio Factory just to pick up some pink bits I've had my eye on for a long while: I also put in some Raybrig White Sonic headlight bulbs and Raybrig parkers You may note that the CF bonnet is back on since my last update here, and I installed some flush mount bonnet pins which were a real bitch. I've got more repairs to tackle next before more rice mods - intercooler has a big hole in it from a rock so I've got a nasty air leak. A Trust Greddy Spec LS is on the way to fix this. The car is barely driveable at the moment due to a bodgy clutch slave cylinder, but I bought a Nismo Big Operating Cylinder a couple of weeks back which I will fit as soon as I have a day off work. I will take this opportunity to do a full fluid flush while I'm at it. Hope to have more updates in the near future