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  1. Brand new gt2871r + manifold

    Brand new gt2871r for sale that I bought off another member about 4 months ago Still have it sitting in its box and looking at going a different direction with the car gt2871r with the 52 trim so it should bolt straight on and 0.64 rear $1k firm also have a manifold for low mount that I wanna get rid of...but has a broken stud on flange...$100 Not willing to post but can meet up in concord, strathfield, lidcombe or sutherland shire Text only please as I do shift work and can't always pick up phone calls 0422 833 177
  2. Iron Man 3

    its gonna b epic dont no if it will top off the avengers
  3. just jumped into the car and the o2 sensor light is on might plug it back in and see wat setting the injectors are on but they are stock injectors thanks for the fast reply !
  4. so..he took off the hand controller coz it was in the way and now for some freak of nature process the car doesnt do any of the above mentioned things have you heard of this before ?
  5. Hi my mate recently purchased a 97 type x had the mild mods consisting of : 3inch turbo back, apexi fc hand controller and ecu, front mount, bov, t28bb, greddy ebc, walbro 040 fuel pump his done a major service on it last week and when he drives the car just dumps petrol like no tomorrow put a stock fuel pump back in a 40 min drive would prob cost him $40 to drive. that is with shifting below 2500rpm driving behind him his car is pouring out black smoke and his car also idles a bit rough ( revs dropping and rising in neutral ) his mechanic has fixed up a few vacuum leaks thinking it may have been the cause but no luck yet so we might be thinking it needs a stock type x ecu ? or needs a tune on the new ecu we presume the previous owner put in ecu and bigger fuel pump and never got a tune of any sort anybody else had similar issues like this before or heard of it ? any advice would b great ! thank u
  6. i no this may sound weird but have u tried that smart pen thing thats been advertised on tv ? seems to be pretty good but then again seems almost too good to be true how deep is the scratch ?
  7. used a couple of headlight restorers and they do work and look great for the first month or so and then dulls out a bit... where can you take your headlights to ?
  8. i think i might have the same problem as well...so i have to leave the garage door open to air out the smell but i believe my problem is that im running rich...to the point where i'll b shooting some flames and popping really loudly.... need to get it fixed but dont have the time ...
  9. Wifes Tommy Kiara enhanced R34Gt-R

    oooooooooooooooofpht respect for the wife and yourself! great to see that your wife shares a passion in cars
  10. was out tonight having dinner with couple of work people and parked on warburton st in front of el sabor and then went off to gymea pub to have a couple of drinks and then i came back about 3 hours later to see this white toyota cressida going up and down and slowing down going past my car...anybody else think thats a bit shifty? as soon as i got into my car they pulled up next to me and just stared into the car.. dont think they saw me get inside while they were chucking another u turn 10metres up the road... started her up and then he just took off up gymea bay road...weird... white toyota cressida...wasnt paying attention to number plates.....but yea just wanted to know was it anybody from here just checking out the car ?or a shifty kent?
  11. when i was there last year i found that people there are extremely helpful i was there with my missus and she was on exchange and even if you get lost like posted before people are willing to show you the way back home i was there for 2 weeks and i spent just about 2.5k thats including shinkansen(bullet train to travel between big cities), public transport, food and shopping cars are pointless coz there are trains literally every 1 minute, parking was like 15min = 600yen...so about $6.50 give or take most japanese people will understand some sort of broken english just break up your words into syllables just do your research and see where you want to go i started in osaka and worked my way up to tokyo and then back to osaka not too sure about tours as i just went around anywhere and everywhere my legs would take me before they buckled after 19 hours of exploring and then you go back to your hostel/hotel/motel/cube room and find yourself a cold beer in a vending machine
  12. Hey all (from SYD)

    very nice and clean loving the look
  13. Things that bug you about your CAR

    the thing that bugs me atm is the fukn dent on the rear panel when some kent opened their door into now i have a spastic dent which i have to get fixed didnt leave me a note or anything....
  14. S15 Front Bar Intake?

    i hear this will also work out quite well hahahaha im running the same setup at brent as well works nicely
  15. Worlds Greatest Drag Race 11 Exotic Cars!

    no lambo ?? haha gtr is an animal