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  1. victim of a hit and run

    man i havent been on these forums in ages. With the whole 3 car pile up situation? i thought they changed those laws/rules because of its stupidity. My brother was in the same situation Where the driver responsible for the accident was held accountable, my brother being the meat in the bun (lol but seriously). Well in his case the driver who caused the accident did have full comp...
  2. tax these mofos even more the money isnt going into Australian pockets
  3. Clutch Problem

    Thanks guys Dont really have the time or money at the moment to get it fixed so if anyone is after a incredibly cheap 180 in melb contact me. http://www.nissansilvia.com/classifieds/viewlisting.php?view=4142
  4. Clutch Problem

    emergency bump
  5. Any WoW Freaks out there?

    http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Blackrock&cn=Abigdeal Char name - Abigdeal Class - Dk 6kgs pvp and pve Any one from blackrock???
  6. Hey guys as of late when putting the clutch pedal in i can feel a bit of wobbling of some sort until just recently where it will now not go into any gear. I can push the clutch down still with pressure and can still feel some wobbling of some sort however it wont go into any gear. Ive done a search but haven't found anything really similar. Im thinkin the thrust bearing/fork or even the shaft the thrust bearing is on has gone. Any Ideas?
  7. need to borrow

    loool yeh man i got it all cleared but all good cherrs andrew havnt been on these forums in ages man hows ur 180 going? mines going up for sale 2moz gotta take some pics this time its registered!!

    If you got an alarm check the immobiliser, mine did the same thing. Everytime i hooked up jumper leeds the alarm went off and i could start it, turned out to be a loose wire.
  9. Just had to borrow a airbox from a friend to clear a defect, but not sure on the size difference. The airbox is needed for a sr20det 180sx but all i could get my hands on was a s15 airbox, is there a size difference between the too? looking at it, im pretty sure its too big to fit.
  10. need to borrow

    If anyone can spare their airbox and the rubber pipe coming from the turbo to the airbox for 1 day so i can clear a defect it would be greatly appreciate ill be sure to throw some cash for some drinks your way ! Plz dont del this mods as i am desperate
  11. Police>Me over guns

    what the f**k? dude goto court and shove it up their f**king ass cant goto a friggen costume party without someone blowing their ego load all over ur face
  12. Cops at Collins/Elizabeth?

    +1 few months back working in the city i was sitting at the lights where they were training,one of the coppers waved his hand for me to pull over. The copper in charge came over with 4-5 training officers told me to open the bonnett, showing the trainees my boost controller,pod,cooler etc etc soo funny watching these noobs looking at each other and saying wtf is a cooler lolll did ya get a defect or did he let ya go??
  13. sr20det

    i know its not rocket science its just been about 8 months since ive serviced a sr20det makes it easier to know how much is needed standard then i can estimate how i much more i need for relocation kit/sump/cooler etc before i start the car. cheers for help guys!!
  14. Emergency lanes disappearing

    Because i choose when my car f**ks up.
  15. yeh cooler piping i remember when i was a noob and my first cooler pipe popped off lol cound find out where it had popped off and had the car taken to dr drift lol ba bow