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  1. n/a TALK <<

    Nice car Pheonix but yeah.. lol get rid of the front car but it looks mad bud.
  2. Shit talkers' thread

    lol... Shiz i dont understand it and it really frustrates me. There is no point in talking shit like WHY WHY! nobody is going to think your a sick *milkshake*. There going to think your a fkn retard and they would want to kick your head in if you dont stop... GRRR!
  3. Shit talkers' thread

    lol i was bored and thought i would read all 4 pages on this thread and decided to post something that happen to me last year so lets get to the story Me and my mate where near rock bank in victoria, we where in a Intergra mock up type R and one of our other mates was following us. So this guy is one of the rich dudes from the area where i live and owns a farm full of cars. His a machanic and owns a vlturbo, vt ss, and a few other cars right so lets get to the point he was on his motorbike it was an 90 - 98 model Kawasaki i think it was a 750cc we raced because he thought he could beat us, So we stopped and went to race for a laugh. he was so confident that he would win he gave me and my mate a head start a very f**king long one lol. So we raced and the car was at its peak like 180km's as i remember and we won so we drove back to his farm around the corner and as we stopped we baged the shit out of him and what his excuse was " bro i dunno what happened but something stopped me it was just like god stopped me and he knew something bad would happen" the laugh i had WOW how the f**k do people come up with SHIT like that. Like honestly why do people talk so much crap lol ill never forget this moment it was so funny lol! i tell everybody that noes him. Also theres this kid from high school michael everything that you say, he has something better or his brother does or his mate has one -,- i just dont understand it. i really wish i did lol.
  4. n/a TALK <<

    lol a gobby i replied to the pm.
  5. n/a TALK <<

    How much did you sell the sprint if you dont mind me asking :0
  6. RS-R 180sx

    The car's made out of plastic
  7. n/a TALK <<

    lol serious? hows na more fun they dont have that power that a turbo has well my brothers first car was pretty fun with a spool vl with manual that had a decent amount of balls. but i dont see it more fun then a turbo or something there just something about them.
  8. n/a TALK <<

    its only an n/a anyways no need to do them up engine wise. i think its a waste of money but some people actually like it lol. im guessing your on your P's yeah? lol i am or i would of got a spec r
  9. Zenkai's Are Back! Still Only $770/set

    i would like to see an s15 pewter with these very interesting rims i like i like
  10. n/a TALK <<

    Did the thing go any good? my mate wanted one its like his dream car -,- lol he talks about them flat stick...
  11. n/a TALK <<

    hmm true lol iv been stressing for nothing ill figure it out everybody has givin me a lot of information anways and iv been researching so yeah ill be fine btw nice car dude looks nice.
  12. n/a TALK <<

    yeah i can get coilovers from jap tha oldman owns a importing business. thats what i was planning to do anyways with the tein ss if i got them lol. so silkroads are comfortable and you can lower them a decent amount?
  13. n/a TALK <<

    Hey mate could you give me a link on ebay for an s15 with them coilovers i cant find them are they a comfortable ride and do they go really low? and also where they made japan ?
  14. i got an s13 auto ca18de stock as a rock and my coilpacks where the issue for it being sluggish so try that out also check your comp out
  15. n/a TALK <<

    see i knew they didnt is it possible to get a coilover thats not over priced but can be lowered a decent amount and have that comfortable ride ? i will go bc's if the teins dont low apprently the Tien ss-p go low and are a real good comfortable and the tien flex ?