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  1. JDM/Dave's First Import. S13.

    car looks awesome. very 90s
  2. ?driving light bar?

    might be hard to find an off the shelf one thats not generic, but a fabricator could make one up for you pretty easy.
  3. options for a ek civic and i lost my keys

    try a wtb on ozhonda, hopefully find someone wrecking.
  4. Hey there

    welcome, looks real clean!
  5. Drift Booboo

    disapointed there wasnt footage of it actually happening...
  6. 180SX with R32 GTR wing

    ^His looks good cos its wide tho, s14a wing on stock s13s, dont look good imo.
  7. Gurglar's Vert 13 *Rims on*

    my gktech lined up fine, never had issues installing it...
  8. Tyre Review thread.

    anyone used gemstones before? im assuming they will be much the same as any other china tyre?
  9. W.E.R.D #3 from Project D drift day

    cant stop watching...
  10. Wheel flip

    makes a nice looking garden hose reel
  11. SR20DE Rough idle

    get a service manual, itll have full procedure, basically warm it up, put timing light on, check its good. also check the TPS is adjusted properly.
  12. who is using GP Sports 10 blad fan

    interesting, you should do some tests against your stock one to see if it actually works better, maybe grab a cheap windspeed meter off ebay, and see if it pushes any more air? not sure if windspeed is directly related to flow but you'd think if it was moving more air tho it would maintain a more regular air flow and give a higher average windspeed...
  13. Varex mufflers

    that above system is still defectable tho, if you got caught with that the popo would not be very happy... chances of them looking underneath are slim tho.
  14. Wheel flip

    doesnt quite work like that, unless the wheel disk is exactly inline with the bolt surface... or the rim is split exactly in the middle.