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  1. s15 with 180sx front pics?

    I've found a fair few s14 frobt end s15s on Google images lol, cheers for the pics guys.. They look mad
  2. Hey everyone, I'm just curious to know if anyone has any pictures of a s15 with a 180 front end, really interested in seeing one.. I've started coming across a few s15.4s lately but I cant find and 180 front ends anywhere, it's been mentioned in a few forums but no pics were provided.. Cheers for anyone that can help, would like to make my s15 a little different XD
  3. Price : $1,200 Condition : Used Cant change the title and price etc please read for further details, want to swap for set of non HID jdm headlights Hi i have a set of s15 silvia JDM xenon HID headlights for sale/swap.. i would like to swap them for a good condition pair of jdm non hid headlights, this is a steal and you will not be dissapointed.. will also sell just the pair without a swap for $1000 ono, would prefer swaps though. The car is currently defected so i need to get rid of these lights to pass through regency, have had no trouble from the local police about them. I can deliver in SA at just the cost of petrol Please contact me for details and offers, prefer sms and email sms:0428831263 email:blane.jansen@hotmail.com
  4. Defected for s15 stock HIDs

    they have an adjustment switch on the dash but im not to sure if they are auto audjusting when im driving, the cop just said they are illegal because they are HIDs and i asked why they dont comply with australian standards and he just said they dont and didnt even give me an explenation, same with the stock boost gauge.. Ive been trying to ring regency but everytime ive tryed it says they are to busy to take my call, and the local cops dont know anything about it.. Ive read a complience document online but it says they have to be auto adjusting, adjustable from the drivers seat, projector lens and have a self cleaning device.. im not sure if this is for cars that dont come stock with them though and im not sure if they may have been removed to meet complience, and then the previous owner may have bought the HID headlights and loom, but i dont get why someone would spend $1200+ to make them look stock when you could just put in an aftermarket HID kit for like a $100
  5. Heys guys i have a JDM s15 with the stock hids and hid wiring loom, i would just like to find out if anyone knows if they are legal in SA as they are a stock item?? If not can i put normal globes in? and bypass the HID power box and add another globe connection if needed? I need to replace them to get the car off defect so just trying to find out the easyest way to do it without having to spend $1000 on stock non HID lights.. I would get and auto electrician to do it but we only have 2 in town and they are very expensive, around $150-$200 a hour so i would like to do it my self I havnt had time to pull the lights out yet this week but will be doing it on thursay on my day off work, i would just like some advice if anyone has has to do this at all and if i can use globes what size etc do i need Please no rude comments and crap really dont want to read it as im here for advice and not insults =)
  6. Hey guys, my stock turbo is currently making a horrible rattling sound (definatly on the inside of the turbo) im looking at upgrading to a Tomei ARMS M7960 before the stock one gets any worse =/.. May be a stupid question but i would like to find out if i can just bolt the turbo up and run it with the stock injectors,fuel pump and ecu.. Their website says its a 100% bolt on upgrade so thats y im asking this question.. planining to purchase a set of 740cc injectors, fuel pump and apexi FC in the next few months, when i have some cash together For those who are asking is the car stock..its not.. FMIC, GKtech dump and front pipe with decat and custom 3" stainless to the rear muffler, GFB bov and GFB boost controller Keen to hear your opinions, please no battering about my question as if i knew i wouldnt be asking for your help =)
  7. High Flow CAT or decat pipe opinions

    yeah well only got a aftermarket exhaust, fmic, bov, tomei manifold and running around 12-13 psi with a gfb controller, just wanted to find out cos my mates r34 does it some times wen he gives it shit.. or would this only occur with a straight thru exhaust? and no blingcommander i didnt know that, i just yeah dnt want it flaming at the ass end.. thats why ive asked if its possible?
  8. High Flow CAT or decat pipe opinions

    cheers for the replys guys, just mainly worryed if the car would shoot flames if it backfires with out the cat? cos my car does backfire everynow and then as a result of the blow off valve i have.. the police are pretty leniant in, Pirie SA, cos there are a lot more crap cars then nice ones so they dnt tend to pick on me alot.. mite look at getting one of those justjap decats
  9. hey guys im finishing the exhaust that the previous owner kind of half started, im installing a GKtech dump and front pipe soon on my s15, but it has a stock cat currently, i would just like to find out wat High flow cats you are running and like to know what your opinions are on them (if they really make a diffrence etc etc) and also would like to find out if anyone is running a decat pipe on their car and drives on the street with it, would just mainly like to know what the best way to go would be, i can make a decat alot cheaper but dont really want the car spitting flames if this occurs as im not sure? I dont have any problems with police in my town, i have never been pulled over in my s15 and i know decats r highly illegal but this dosnt really fase me as i dont get attention.. please leave your opinions, cheers for the help
  10. Rear brake pads

    Sorry cant post pics as lost my usb cord, im talking about the parts that actuly hold the pads together withing the brake caliper.. the pads are Ferodo DB1220GP they have the same rear tab on the back of the pad like the picture you have posted but does not have the side notches for the pad assembly.. Sorry about last nights write up was half asleep when i posted it, im guessing the guy has most likley givin me the wrong pads so il talk to another guy today if they are open
  11. Rear brake pads

    Hey im just seeking some help with my rear brake pads, ive just installed new slotted rotors alround and have bought ferodo pads for the back, just would like to find out if i have to use the metal parts that hold the stock pads together, the pads i have have no notches or anything for these "holders" per say and im not realy sure if i can fit them with out it?? Autopro says they are the correct rear pads for my s15 also.. Any info on the rear brake set up would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  12. Hey everyone, id like to install a double din touchscreen unit in my car with digital tv gps etc etc and ive found one on ebay by the name of Motor Formula, its OZ made so it says and has top brand parts used to make it like sony, samsung etc.. would just like to know if any one has one of these or has heard about them at all would just like to find out some more information before i purchase it, theres a link for the item below http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/7-dash-car-GPS-DVD-player-DVB-T-digital-TV-stereo-/280602877733?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item41553c1f25 help would be greatly appreciated, and also if you know any good double din units please mention them Cheers, Jansen92
  13. s15 EL dials?

    cheers Nissan_Gts, been looking on ebay alot but never seem to come up in any of my searchs, will be ordering a set of these soon, thanks again for the link
  14. s15 EL dials?

    hey fellow silvia fans I would just like to find out were i could possibly get a el dial/gauge kit for my cluster in my s15, havnt had any luck finding any so far and would realy love to get one in purple to suit my colour scheme im going with and also to brighten up the cluster as its very very dull cheers for your help
  15. Hey guys, I would just like to find out if NGK BKR7EIX-11 would suit my car at all, no ignition upgrades yet.. seen that -8 is the proper ones i need but i cant seem to find any on the net at this stage, im sure they can b purchased for less than $22 each from SuperCheap auto.. also would like to know if these r the correct figures for a service Engine oil - 5w40 or 10w40 Gearbox - 75w90 Diff - 75w90 please correct me if i am wrong as i dont have a manual only got a jist of wat i need to be running from threds, cheers