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  1. Make : Transmission : Kilometres : 176000 Price : $7,800 Condition : Used Hi guys selling my 1996 R33 GTS-T just been serviced and new tires, brakes and discs machined. Comes with rego till FEB 2012 and a Valid RWC valid till 15/6/2012. For more details check out the link http://www.carsales....:7500,10000~0.5 or text me on 0437872030 asking 7800 open to offers. Cheers patrick
  2. NSW 2 DAY DRIFT MATSURI---Nov 26 & 27

    hey Ian (raceline events), Can i sign in sunday morning only driving sunday Cheers Patrick
  3. NSW 2 DAY DRIFT MATSURI---Nov 26 & 27

    Ive booked but can only attend sunday can i sign up sunday morning?
  4. Hey guys, just got some konis rears 12mnths old for my r31. According to the website "koni australia" you compress it all the way turn it to the left till you feel it lock then turn it to the right up to 5 half turns. Fully compress the shock absorber, at the same time turning the dust cap or piston rod slowly to the left (anti-clockwise), until it is felt that the cams of the adjusting nut engage in the recesses of the foot valve assembly (fig. 1). NOTE: Some shock absorbers include a bump rubber concealed under the dust cover and this must be removed prior to adjusting. Don’t forget to re-install. Keeping the shock absorber compressed make 1 full turn (360°) to the right (clockwise). The total range is about 5 half turns (fig. 2). Extend the shock absorber vertically for at least 1 cm without turning in order to disengage the adjusting mechanism. The dust cap or piston rod may now be turned freely. WARNING: Adjust both left and right dampers identically. Failure to do so may lead to unstable handling and uneven tyre tread wear. I cant tell the difference between 0 turns and 5 half turns. if i go to 6 turns the piston rod will not go back up so i thats pasts its range. Since there is no marking or clicks how do i know when its getting stiffer? From what ive read it adjust rebound only so by adjusting it, when the piston takes longer to come back up thats stiffening it? All info would be great Cheers Patrick
  5. Hey guys just received my s13 lca's from "shock Systems" and the balljoints are unfilled. I know what grease to use but not how much, be an exact amount or "fill to". The supplier is unsure also. Cheers Patrick