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  1. Alright guys, So i was just cruising around reading specs on turbo's, and im wondering whether there was some sort of formula to work out how much air a certain turbo will move at a certain boost.. it's kind of like the maths part of letters and numbers, but im not smart enough to work it out.. FOR EXAMPLE: Kinugawa TD06-20G flows 685cfm at 14.7 psi (1 Bar) Compressor Wheel 52.5 mm / 68 mm (20G) Turbine Wheel 58.8 mm / 67mm T2 Flange so yeah, using that information, are you able to work out how much air it will flow at say 20 psi, or at 10 psi or whatever?? i know you could just do it basically but im not sure whether air flow works exponentially (not exponentially but you know what i mean) or whether its just normal.. Wow, weird thread, i hope that someone understands what im getting at.. thanks guys..
  2. Hey guys, A mate of mine is in the middle of a VE build, and he wants a set of OEM P12 20v camshafts, and me being the internet god I am, claimed I could find him some.. Well after lots of googling, i can't find any, at all.. Australia, New Zealand, USA, i have contacted OEM distributors at all these places and none of them had any, so my question is, where the shit are they? Is there somewhere that i'm not thinking of? Thanks boys..
  3. Alright guys, so after another track day iv worked out that i just can't go any faster on street tyres, as its just not providing the amount of grip i need to go fast.. A mate of mine that is running R888's was at the same day as me, and even though it was his first time out, he ended up going 2.5 seconds faster than me and after comparing the onboard video's it was plain to see that there was a few places where he was able to carry far more speed through the corner than me and that was where i was losing time.. So, for those of you out there that take the time attack thing a bit more serious than your average joe, what tyres are you running, what have you used in the past, and what do you think of them.. Right now im tossing up between R888's, or Kumho V710's. I was originally going to go with RSR's and street them as well, but i have decided i will just buy a second set of rims and have a full time set of semi's that i only whack on for track days.. So yeah, let me know what you've used, what you currently use, and what your recommendations are.. Cheers boys
  4. hahahaha my thoughts exactly.. Ken block does it!!! But yeah unlucky about the brakes mate, as someone said above, in the grand scheme of things, it could have been WAAAY worse, and you weren't hurt, so it wasn't the worst crash in the world to have..
  5. Yeah str8e i'll pm you now yeah kelford do, it looks like thats what we're going to have to do if we can find any OEM ones anyways.. The specs on the Type A ones look pretty calm anyways so we'll see how that goes worst case scenario
  6. Taark's out boys.. i'll suss out supertech now
  7. VVL 20v Cams - Brand New - Brisbane

    pm sent
  8. Turbo broken? please help

    only real way to tell is pull the turbo off and have a look mate.. you may be able to see in the front whilst its still on the car and see if anything is obviously wrong, but you'd be better off just pulling the turbo off and going from there..
  9. Hey guys, iv always loved reading through peoples builds and how someones car gets built into the machine they want, and finally I picked up an s13 as i only have a few months left on my P's and can finally get into a turbo car.. Bit of a backstory: A mate of mine from highschool had a 180sx bought for him by his parents when we were in grade 11, and as we were besties i spent a large amount of time riding around shotgun.. it had an sr20det in it, and was basically stock but as I was a youngun i thought it was the coolest thing ever, and have been in love with nissans ever since.. The high power restriction laws came out for p platers just before i got my licence, so i was forced to suffer through with NA's but i treated them as practice for when i could finally get into an S13 with an sr.. In a few months i will be able to drive one (legally) so i have been looking for one with an SR in it for the last few months and finally one popped up. Present day: A mate on here in the townsville section posted up saying a mate of his offered him an 80 with an sr in it for around 3000 but he wasnt keen on it, i went to inspect the car and it looked pretty straight with low k's (77000) so i jumped straight on it.. Went and withdrew the money the next day and the day after that it was getting delivered to my house on the back of a tow truck.. happy days for me.. The body is very straight, has a few dints here and there, but nothing major considering it will be 20 years old next year.. no rust visable and the paint is still very good, im assuming its had a respray somewhere along the line.. It currently has a pretty big bodykit on it that im not a fan of, so first chance i get i will be pulling it off and replacing the rear and front bars with something much more subtle.. The car also came with awesome clearies on the back (sarcasm there) and some 16 inch Black Racing Pro N1s in bronze.. The only drama with the car right now is that the brake master cylinder is shot, so brakes work eventually but not well.. will be replacing that first Below is a complete list of the mods i know the car has, if anyone sees anything in the photos i havent mentioned be sure to speak up!! Bodykit - Unknown brand Clear Tail Lights 16 inch Pro N1's Front mount HKS blow off valve - i'll be ditching this asap and plumbing it back in Greddy Profec B turbo timer and boost controller- i assume its good, dont know much about it Cusco Coilovers front and rear - Unknown spring rates, didnt feel too harsh Cusco Front and Rear strut brace Short shift kit - i hate it, i cant get reverse half the time, i just want it back to stock Some fully sick touchscreen cd/dvd player - good to have i guess, i dont really care though Some random MOMO steering wheel and shift knob, the knob is screwed so will replace very soon, steering wheels alright for now Alright heres the pics iv got so far, car needs a good clean but i live in a block of units and theres no taps anywhere, and i dont dare drive it unreg this close to having my opens Future plans: Replace brake master cylinder and hope that fixes brakes.. Ditch the kit - i like stock body 80's that are really low with good fitting wheels dmax roof spoiler - maybe, it might look ghey with no kit, i'll ps it up and look Change the tail lights - Type X ones soon Remove the short shift kit and go back to stock Get some 17 inch wheels with good offset - i love the look of meshies but hate keeping them clean, will probably just get some p45r's or grids or xxr's of some sort.. will definately be white though, i love white wheels on bright colour cars.. Get rid of the momo shift knob and buy a nismo one.. T28 from an S15, im not really gonna be chasing big power but more so response, so i figure i get one of these on the cheap and go from there.. if i want more power down the track i can deal with that then.. Basically just clean up the engine bay a bit, the car looks pretty clean on the outside but there is sh*t everywhere in the bay, i like it to look semi-organised.. Alright thats it for now guys, sorry for such a long opening post but i like when build threads are long and have a story to it, so if you dont like it, then just ignore all this and look at the pics.. Thanks for reading guys
  10. Also forget to mention that I traded my super stiff BC's to a drifter lad who was complaining that his Tein's were too soft.. So now i have Teins as well, apparently the BC's worked well for the lad on the weekend at his drift event, so it seems like it worked out best for the both of us..
  11. Front camber settings for track s15

    have you had the heatgun on your tyres after a run? Thats probably the best way to sort out whether you are running the right amount of camber on your wheels.. The infrared ones are 100 bucks or so..
  12. Front camber settings for track s15

    How much toe do you run on the front? And what's your castor just our of curiosity?
  13. miles man, 3 seconds or something.. may as well have parked mid track and had a drink I was that far behind..
  14. Alright, HUGE UPDATE you dogs.. so be ready. First things first.. I got my dream wheels.. I know, people hate them, but I love them.. A mate of mine had them on his Stagea when he bought it, and he hated them.. Obviously I was all over it and made him promise to sell them to me once he sorted out new wheels, and low and behold, he did.. Yep, Super Advans.. In man sizes.. 18 x 10 +19 all round.. So obviously there was a few problems there, the most obvious one being that they are 5 stud, and i was still dirty 4 stud.. So I had to get onto that.. So I had some s15 LCA's sitting around, I popped out the ball joint from the s13 arms and popped them into the S15 ones, and bolted them up.. Used my s13 knuckles with the s15 LCA's and had some conversion hubs sitting around, jammed them all together and sorted the hubs.. These are the shitty hubs.. Ebay spec i believe, but they were pretty good quality.. So yeah, i had the hubs off, figured I would deal with my shitty single pot brakes whilst it was all happening.. I had some z32 brakes sitting here that I obtained ages ago, so decided to use those and went and got some rebuild kits and rebuilt them myself.. Pretty gay, but ultimately way easier than i thought it would be.. It was at that time that one of my mates happened to be selling those GKtech bone things that means you can run a GTR rotor, and since Im a mad dog, I got them and ordered the DBA 4000's in GTR size.. a few days later, they showed up.. Note how tiny and girly my hands are.. SO yeah got all that shit sorted, brakes sorted, everything was going smooth, whacked all the front shit together and it worked amazingly, no real issues on the front and it all sort of just happened.. I was mighty glad when I finally saw it like this.. And with the wheel on.. Amazing.. I've waited about a million years to have man sized super advans on my car, and there they were.. So the rears went on pretty easy, i retained the standard brakes, just bought an s15 rotor to go on the new hubs, and changed out the pads and whatnot and away I went.. I was a little concerned with fitting 10 +19's on the back of my car but once it was all fitted up and done, it didnt sit too badly.. Mexiflush yes, but nothing a little guard work wouldnt fix.. Fronts sat awesome though.. The 25mm wide guards that I have on made the wheels fit perfectly.. I did need a 5mm slip on to clear the coilover, but otherwise it was all fine and dandy.. So i was super stoked to have them on and all good, car sat ok so i jacked the car up to bleed all the brakes, and this happened.. The f**king bleed nipples must have been made out of clay or something, because they all stripped so easily.. A quick trip to the brake place, and 4 new bleed nipples and a bleed was done and away I went.. A friend of mine owns a car wash so obviously the first place I went was there to get the car cleaned and to get the wheels looking all white and pretty.. All clean and pretty.. SO once it was all cleaned it was time to deal with the guards.. A quick roll and slight pull was all that was needed, so now it looks like this.. Not amazing looking, but does the job, i dont scrub anywhere, so thats a good thing.. So yeah, it finally all got done and with minor technical difficulties.. MY QFM's didnt come in time so I had to do my time attack on the weekend on shitty bendix ultimates, and I hated them.. SO my times on the weekend were f**king shit, and honestly, I was very sad.. The brakes just didnt feel right, and the car still somehow managed to light up the 265's on corner exit so I think I need to do my diff next.. Here's some more pics from the other day that were taken when the car was clean.. Other than that, drive safe my peeps!!!
  15. Time attack peeps - Let's talk Tyres

    wheres this 55% off sale bro? Also just for the record, i'v been running Fz201s in a medium at the track, they are ok, not as good as the a048's imo and they take ages to get upto temperature which isnt advisable for people doing short runs.. I'm defs going to try some z221's next..
  16. yeah, im not planning on doing anything with the rears.. I don't need to use the handbrake when on the track so i figured leave it stock for now.. If it creates issues with the bias i'll address it, but half of what i'v seen have people saying it doesnt affect it, and the other half say that it makes it easier to lock the rears when braking hard.. So we'll see how it goes.. Also, i finally received the s15 tail light loom so after lots of cutting and crimping and stuffing around I got the type x lights all fitted and wired up.. makes the car look about a thousand times better.. Man type x stuff is the pimp shit.. Alright thats it for now.. I'm trying to address this caliper situation, as the 33 ones i have apparently were leaking from the centre join, and i was under the impression that i could just rebuild them and solve that problem.. So we'll see what i can sort out from here.. Drive safe Marfs.. Oh yeah, also i got my personalised plates sorted out.. I'm clearly the maddest dog..
  17. So I'm thinking of rebuilding a set of 33 brakes before I put them on my car, because they have been sitting around for a million years and who knows what life they have lived.. My question is about the bolts that are used to hold the calipers together.. I know that I can just buy a rebuild kit for the piston seals and whatnot, http://www.kudosmotorsports.com/catalog/nissan-brake-caliper-rebuild-seal-kit-front-complete-end-genuine-nissan-350z-z33-skyline-r32-gtr-r33-gtr-r34-gtr-v35-350gt-brembo-p-399.html But none of the rebuild kits i can find have the bolts included as well.. Do i just reuse the bolts or do I have to track down some new ones? thanks boys..
  18. Rebuilding Calipers

    ah ok, yeah im talking about the bolt that holds the two halves of the calipers together, not the actual mounting bolts.. I believe that one of the 33 calipers i have was weeping from the centre join thing, so that's something im going to have to deal with.. Thanks for the help boys..
  19. You willing to chuck it all in a box and post it man?
  20. So on the weekend we had round 3 of the sprints.. I have successfully finished 3rd in class at the last two events so was hoping to do a bit better with my new tyres.. NEW TYRES!!! FZ-201's in a medium.. I had high hopes for these tyres, but they seem to take ages to get heat into them.. So all my fastest laps of the day were done on the 4th lap of the run, which is also the last lap of the run, meaning that I really only had 1 chance to get the lap right, and if I made a mistake then that was it.. So yeah, steadily worked away at it through the day.. My previous best was a 45.6 so i chipped away at that, and then on the 3rd run of the day, I broke into the 44's.. Here's a video of the run.. So yeah, knocked about 8 tenths of my personal best, but I'm still not really hitting the times I want to hit.. So the next thing on the list is to fit these s15 LCA's so i can get a bit more camber, and to sort out what I'm doing about brakes.. I'v had a set of z32 calipers sitting here for ever, but i'm thinking since I'm going 5 stud anyways that maybe I should just find some r33 calipers and run with those.. A mate of mine has a set that needs a rebuild, which I was planning on doing to whatever I was going to run anyways, so I might just run with that and see how it goes.. Does anyone have any experience rebuilding calipers? I'v had a look online, it doesnt look too hard.. I assume that I just buy the rebuild kit like this one? http://www.kudosmotorsports.com/catalog/nissan-brake-caliper-rebuild-seal-kit-front-complete-end-genuine-nissan-350z-z33-skyline-r32-gtr-r33-gtr-r34-gtr-v35-350gt-brembo-p-399.html But I dont see any of the actual bolts that hold the caliper together.. Is it ok to reuse them or do you chase new ones down from somewhere? Anyways, thats it for now boys.. Hopefully I can sort my brakes out by the next meet and i will be able to get down into the 43's..
  21. Yeah, i ended up changing as many as I could, after it was all back together I saw some shit about just doing away with those heater hoses so I think i'll do that next time around.. I'm planning on buying a spare engine sometime soon and rebuilding it to be as bulletproof as possible, so i will sort all that shit out then.. Hopefully nothing pops before then though!!!
  22. Pauly G!!! How's things man, send me a pm with your phone number so i can call you!!!
  23. The Football Thread Continued

    He is 22 years old.. People did what all english people did and big him up when he is still young and developing.. Look at the way it was done to townsend, being done to barkley, its what the english media do to the up and coming youngsters.. As for being arrogant i don't see that at all.. Yes he has a whinge at the refs when he gets chopped, but he gets fouled a ridiculous amount.. When yaya or rooney gets chopped and has a whinge, its considered to showing passion.. Yet when Jack does it, its considered whinging.. He can't win.. Exactly... Few and far between. He will have one excellent game then next week he will lose his head in the 20th min and cop a red card for a horror tackle. He is a major liability with injury problems. Oh and he acts like a *milkshake* most of the time lol. he has had 2 red cards in his 100 starts in the premier league.. not exactly losing his head and horror tacking people every chance he gets is he? Kaboul has had as many red cards this season as wilshere has had his whole life.. So much unrequired hate for someone because he looks like a prat..
  24. The Football Thread Continued

    it was gee'ing up the crowd.. At the ledley king testimonial game spurs keeper paul robinson was leading a 'stand up if you hate arsenal' chant at one end of the stadium when he was in goal.. It goes both ways.. Yes Jacky boy can be a prat, but he's our prat.. i honestly do not see why there is so much hate directed towards him from people of other clubs..