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  1. Just got my first car... :)

    As the heading reads, i just got my first car, and it wasnt my first preference (silvia) it is still pretty nice, a 94 model gti swift, twin cam 1.3lt, its got pod filter, been lowered, mags, low profile tyres, stereo for $6500. I like it as my first car and thought i would just share it with you guys... P.S. The silvia will be next
  2. Just got my first car... :)

    I actually found that there is quite alot of room in the back for the size of the car, i think becaues the back op the swift is straight across where as others like the 180 the back drops down, forcing the rear seats to be placed lower down in the car. Also, what site should i go to too host pics so i can show all you guys? Cheers
  3. I am looking at importing a 1989 gtst r32 skyline through prestige motorsport and i just want to know, is there anything i should look for in te engine? Is it a good idea to get this car? I want all opinions... thanks
  4. Hey guys, i am 17 years old and looking at getting an R32 Gtst as my first car, just the thing is that the skyline is an auto? Do they create problems or doesnt it really matter. I dont mind the fact that it is an auto but i dont want it if it will breate problems later on down the track... Cheers
  5. Borry, man you take stuff way too seriously, as for me... I'm a stand -up comedian and i make about $100 a week... It's good fun