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  1. The Football Thread Continued

    So FA CUP tonight boys.. Hope you're all cheering on Arsenal, as I cheered on Chelsea/United when it didnt influence Arsenal for the past few years.. Surely a good omen is the game is being played at 2am on the 18th May locally, and my birthday is the 18th of May!!! The big 27 tomorrow, so this will either be the best birthday for a long time, or easily the worst.. We can only hope!!!
  2. The Football Thread Continued

    yeah liverpool have got that Sturridge, Sterling, Gerrard combo.. It will be interesting to see how the England squad goes in the world cup. If they can get through their group stage they have a chance of going fairly fair i think..
  3. What cars have you driven/owned

    I got my first car at 16, Suzuki Swift GTI.. Amazingly fun car to drive, perfect teenage car.. Low fuel consumption, revved to about a thousand and i had an exhaust with a little hole in it so i could annoy people all i wanted, and topped out at about 130 on the highway so couldn't kill myself that way..
  4. The Football Thread Continued

    Whatup bro?? So yeah, pretty big news about Sherwood.. Also sad for Rio, i'm pretty shocked they didnt announce it sooner or whatever so he could get the proper send off at Old Trafford he deserves.. Im starting to get pretty psyched up for the World Cup though,, only like a month away!!! So far we have seen the england, spain, brazil, and belgium squads.. Brazil look hard to beat but the Spanish team looks like the most amazing team on paper.. At 7 dollar odds, they arent a bad squirt for a sneaky 100 or whatever..
  5. Yeah cheers man, can't wait til the type x lights are all fitted up, Nissan have been absolute dogs getting back to me about the look for the lights so i'll chase it up tomorrow.. I'll be super sad if i back the car into the tyres next event though!!! Cheers dude.. Yeah its good to keep a record of everything thats been done to the car, so i can look back and see how clean it was!!! hahahaha
  6. The Football Thread Continued

    hahahaha the ranking system, i can't believe its back!!! Yeah im alright man, it's the price I pay for being so hyper and energetic, i suppose my body just crashes eventually..
  7. The Football Thread Continued

    HARRIS IS BACK!!! sorry to abandon you boys, i'v had some minor anxiety issues on and off for the last 6 years, and it flared up fairly bad 6ish or so monnths ago so i'v been dealing with that.. On the plus side for you though gaz, you haven't had to put up with me constantly barraging you about how terrible united is, how funny it was that you were so terrible, how good it is that united are terrible now, all sorts of things like that So yeah, im back, final day shenanigans might happen, but i highly doubt it.. imagine if carrol scores the winner against city, and liverpool win their game, and its the long con by king kenny himself.. So yeah, whatup slutties???
  8. Good Lord, its been a long time between updates.. As mentioned earlier i'v had some mild health dramas, it's been getting under control but im still not flawless.. Much much better than i was though, at least now I can comfortably race and do normal shit without massive issues.. NOW TO THE CAR So after I binned it I had to track down parts, scored a front bar for cheap cheap and wide front guards for cheap cheap and they were off for paint.. then they were painted, and sitting on the floor of the living room with my missus being angry at me.. However, whilst the parts were of being painted, some other dude locally popped up a for sale ad with front guards and a front bar, and they were already painted blue.. So obviously i purchased those as well, and fitted them to the car, so those freshly painted parts are still sitting in the living room, waiting for me to bin my car again or whatever else terrible things can happen.. So I fitted up the second set of parts and got the car back on the road, here it is on its inaugural drive to the servo once i got it sorted.. You can see how much wider the front is now, its a little lopsided not being widebody at the back, but i'll cross that river when i come to it.. So the next big thing that happened was one of my dearest friends went to Japan for matsuri, drifted a 180sx with type x lights, and i instantly told him to swap them out for stockies so I could have them when he got home.. Sreiously looks a million times better than the stockies.. Technical dramas though with the fact that the lights didnt come with the bulb holders, so thats been a fark around for me to get sorted.. I fitted them up, saw they looked good, and then realised i had to take them back out again until i get the looms from Nissan.. 2 months on, still havent received the loom.. gay.. Next up i got a legit type x wing from some chowderhead locally that didnt know what it was.. 50 bucks!!!! Paid my mate $50 to paint it and here i am fitting it up.. It was the first time drilling a hole in my car like this so i spent 2 hours measuring and whatnot making sure it was right, finally i got some balls and drilled.. All finished, i reckon the car looks way better now.. Mad props to the daily corolla in the background.. So I did all that stuff in the off season whilst waiting for the new one to start, finally the day came and I was excited.. 2 run of the day, car started being terrible, idling terribly, misfiring coming onto boost, and being a general dog.. I couldnt work out what was going on so that was it for me.. Went home and pulled the car apart, found the culprit fairly quickly.. So that was an easy fix, got it all sorted out, cheap as chips to fix, stoked that it wasn't something major and i got the car ready for round 2. 3rd run of the day, had just done a personal best, and last lap of the run car started stinking like cooking coolant.. I immediately pulled in and popped the bonnet, and there was coolant spraying out from somewhere under the intake manifold.. gay.. So that was it for me, again i had to end the round early.. Still got 3rd in class due to my PB, so that was pretty good.. I got the car home and pulled intake mani and whatnot off and found the hose with the split.. Honestly, it took me longer to get the actual hoses off there than it took to take the manifold off.. So i have spent the last week dealing with this disaster, fitted up new hoses, fancy new clamps, and putting the car back together.. Here's the engine with mani runners off.. So finally got it all sorted, was fitting it all up and making sure nothing leaked.. when i was tightening up the bolts from the runners to the block, i guess super strong arms me tightened it too much and I stripped the thread from the hole in one of the holes.. So pretty dissapointed over all, i need to pull that shit off and helicoil it so i can make it all good again.. I ran the car though and it doesnt seem to be leaking from the mani, and the hoses I dealt with didnt leak any coolant so I guess thats a win.. Oh, also at some stage I fitted up some super advans.. Everyone knows how much i love them.. And Finally, a photo of me launching the car at the sprints last year.. I believe this is the actual run where I binned it, so technically its the last photo of the car in its previous guise.. Check out the mild tyre smoke!!! Alright thats it peeps, i hope everyone that cares is doing ok.. Nissansilvia seems to have died out recently due to facey and whatnot, so for those members that are still here, stay strong.. Peace out and drive safe guys..
  9. The Football Thread Continued

    yep, we did awesome.. went down one nil, on came Podolski and we won 3-1 with pod scoring one.. we looked so much better with pod on it was amazing.. Rambo has done something to his thigh though so we'll see what happens there..
  10. Alright guys, so i had to move my car out of the driveway the other day and when i was reversing out it popped out of reverse but i used the momentum and just rolled into the spot and turned the car off not thinking anything of it. So i went to move it back in yesterday and the clutch pedal was completely soft. Like, it went straight to the floor and obviously i can't select any gears to get it back in the driveway or whatever.. So i had a look and the clutch master cylinder was completely dry (no idea why) but i filled it up again and clutch is still completely soft.. So have i just got air in the system most likely or is the clutch master cylinder gone or what? I don't really know much about the clutch part of the car so im kind of stumped.. Thanks guys!!!
  11. The Football Thread Continued

    Yeah, i was going to write in here last night but i was sulking.. So as noobis said, City are gods.. seriously, Aguero is a beast, but he went off just after halftime or whatever and city didnt even slow down.. Negredo is so effen good as well, Toure was amazing as usual.. We just were not able to run with them.. Um, as far as our performance, there were quite a few positives to take out of the game.. walcott looked pretty good for his first start since his injury.. And we didn't really give up at all, so I suppose thats a good thing.. Negatives - Big Kosh getting a nasty gash on his knee.. He will probs be out for a few weeks at best, but it might be a blessing in disguise so that vermaelean can get some starts.. TV5 looked really good out there, so it's good to know that we have a spare centre back sitting there on the bench in the event of injuries.. Wilshere/ramsey/ozil just didnt show up last night.. Was it because we played everton/Napoli/City in 6 days? Maybe.. But city are really good, as noobis said, you would have to assume that they are faves for the title currently.. So yeah, not the best result last night obviously, but city are amazeballs, So united/villa tonight, then the spurs/scum game.. Hopefully everyone draws as that will be best for us, but it will all depend on what spurs can do with suarez.. Shut him down, you've got a chance to win. But let him run free, he'll score 4 and it will be a whitewash..
  12. The Football Thread Continued

    So we're playing City tonight in the early game guys.. hopefully we can get a point from there.. City have scored 44 goals in their 11 home games or something crazy this year, so if we can keep them to a low score we are in with a chance.. Aguero and Negredo have been absolute beasts for them this year though, so we'll see what happens..
  13. The Football Thread Continued

    yeah it was gay.. we were looking so good in the first half, but you could see that napoli just pressed in the second half and ended up getting their second goal in like the 92nd minute, sl i knew we were through, but as usual, 2nd place again.. It means we are going to face Madrid, barca, bayern, Athletico or PSG in the next round.. great..
  14. Gran Turismo 6 announced

    man your totally missing the point. a good DRIVING simulator, is going to be a good DRIFITNG simulator. look at LFS for instance. theres no change in physics settings or anything when people want to drift in the game.. and thats what makes it awesome. I just never use the 'drift' part of the game.. If you have a 400hp 180sx with sport hard rears you will drift, easily.. Just go to freemode or whatever its called and have all your driving aids off and you can link basically every course fairly easily.. I hope you guys that are comparing the drifting to real life are using a force feedback steering wheel of some sort? Like, the game is gay as aids if you are using a controller.. Buy a driving force gt or up (g25, g27) and you will have the greatest time ever..
  15. The Football Thread Continued

    yeah midweek games.. most of the games are pretty gay, but united/everton and newcastle/swansea will be the ones to watch.. We're playing Hull, who will be on a high from their win over Loserpool on the weekend, and im fairly sure that Sagna is injured, so it looks like TV5 will get a start, and will play out on the right side where sagna usually is..
  16. The Football Thread Continued

    Awesome result for the gunners.. And yeah noobis, sandro's goal was an absolute rocket.. One of the best this year for sure.. It was awesome how de gea sort of just stood there and watched it dip into the top corner, we'll definitely be seeing replays of that one for the rest of the year!!!
  17. The Football Thread Continued

    a draw would be perfect to be honest, scoreless draw as well because i have Dawson in my fantasy team.. Also on the fantasy thing, i am currently 1700th in the WORLD out of about 3 million people, and am sitting in 29th in Australia.. I am a god.. Also no bets on this game boys, so neither of you can blame me for putting the jinx on you hahahahaha
  18. The Football Thread Continued

    I like Flamini more now. Flamini is a GOD! Did i tell you guys that sometime during a match this season, someone was chopping Wilshere heaps, so during the match Flamini chopped the guy and then as he was down flamini said something like 'You do it again and i'll cut out your eyes" or something of that nature.. He got a severe talking to from the FA for that
  19. The Football Thread Continued

    yes boys.. i was furious.. hahahaha
  20. The Football Thread Continued

    i need united to win for a $220 multi.. come on boys!!!
  21. The Football Thread Continued

    So i was at my mates the last few hours.. a few notes 1. Suarez is a GOD.. seriously, he's a proper cockhead, but he is AMAZING 2. Worst tackle ever on Suarez.. Can't believe that wasn't a red.. 3. Intense Derby.. 3 all was a fair result.. 4. Arsenal beat Soton.. 5. TOP OF THE TABLE STILL BOYS!!!
  22. The Football Thread Continued

    Lol, Unbelievable. Needs ANOTHER reality check I read the actual article, (i'll find it when im at the pc next) and it was the original Danish version.. The actual question he was asked was 'if you could decide where you wanted to play next, where would you go" Obviously any sane person would say the current powerhouses.. In saying that, im sick of bendtner and i want him to leave.. he is the WORST back up striker, as was evident against you guys the other night. But i do feel sorry for him, he's always been number two and there for not played at Arsenal for ages, and even when he was played it was when our number 1 was hurt or when we were down.. I'v seen a few interviews with him, he seems like an alright dude that just landed in the wrong place at the wrong time.. So yeah, he was misinterpreted, but still, i want him to leave..
  23. The Football Thread Continued

    Yep, good game Gaz and flyin.. we just didnt play well today, Ozil/rambo/giroud all looked tired, and merte being out was terrible for us.. Once Gnabry came on we looked far more dangerous, and as mentioned above, shitty bedtner failed at the end with that perfect cross from sagna.. ah well, better to lose to united than some shitty bottom team..