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  1. The Football Thread Continued

    nah girls only.. also tongue punch her fart box is like the funniest saying ever.. i use it when talking about all disgracefully hot girls..
  2. The Football Thread Continued

    farken gay as aids.. we looked good for the draw the entire second half.. santi rocketed a shot off the corner of the crossbar but we just couldnt get it done.. arsenal, dortmund and napoli are all on 6 points now at the top of the table.. gay gay gay..
  3. The Football Thread Continued

    yep gay, and now jack looks like he has done something to his ankle.. santi on as super sub.. gunners to win 2-1..
  4. The Football Thread Continued

    Cheers gaz, going to be a terribly difficult game at the emirates.. hopefully we see some football like we played against norwich and we should be ok..
  5. The Football Thread Continued

    Also Fergies book is out, definitely something im going to buy.. I EFFEN hate books, but biographies of interesting people are awesome.. this would defs be one of them.. http://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2013/oct/22/sir-alex-ferguson-autobiography-10-things-we-learned-manchester-united
  6. The Football Thread Continued

    yep gay, bad luck man.. i just checked, gunners on both espn and sbs and barca/milan on the other espn.. that sucks man, i could probably find you a stream if you want..
  7. The Football Thread Continued

    So we play dortmund tomoz morning, and chelski play schalke.. Apparently flamini is out due to the concussion rule so looks like we will start arteta/ramsey/ozil in the centre, or jack instead of arteta.. Honestly i would be happy with a draw at home against dortmund.. they are an amazingly difficult team to get points from, so anything is better than nothing..
  8. The New Silvia

    yeah i'll do something loz.. pm sent..
  9. The Football Thread Continued

    yep hope solo, would tongue punch her fart box for sure..
  10. The Football Thread Continued

    She was trying to impress some cute boys on the sidelines undoubtedly..
  11. The Football Thread Continued

    benteke is scary.. seriously, he had that open header straight up.. i reckon you guys can hold on though, Loris is a god afterall..
  12. The Football Thread Continued

    yeah im watching, need to see what our competition is upto!!! That townsend lad scoring again.. he's having a pretty blinder of a month or so.. also awesome about the barca game.. were the tickets exxy??
  13. The Football Thread Continued

    yeah flyin, its awesome once the flicks start happening the norwich defenders sort of just stand there as the ball gets passed around them.. and to you eges
  14. The Football Thread Continued

    best angle for for jacks goal.. you can see the two flicks by jack and then giroud here..
  15. The Football Thread Continued

    yeah i loved it man, brilliant goal.. the british media are frothing over it this morning, 'best team goal of the year, Arsenal's best goal' shit like that.. i don't know it was that good, but it as very nice piece of football..
  16. The Football Thread Continued

    just found this.. don't know if its true or not.. FollowChef‏@champ_ian .@Arsenal have been top of the Premier League more weeks this season than @SpursOfficial have in their history. #MindTheGap
  17. The Football Thread Continued

  18. The Football Thread Continued

    Also, thats a poor angle, but when you guys see a real replay, it was all perfect, all little back heels and whatnot, all arsenal, no flukes.. proper amazeballs..
  19. The Football Thread Continued

    harris is beside himself.. please tell me you guys saw our first goal?? it was brilliant football... Also, bad luck gaz and flyin..
  20. The Football Thread Continued

    Did anyonr see that arsenal goal? We are gods..
  21. The Football Thread Continued

    yeah chelski game is press red, i wigged out earlier, but adam peacock confirmed it on his twitter..
  22. The Football Thread Continued

    sydney are getting schooled proper.. can't believe how terrible sydney started to look the moment ADP went off injured.. On a side note, toon v pool start soon, then norwich/gunners, and then city whoever.. big night ahead!!!
  23. The Football Thread Continued

    yeah ozil isnt 100%, but to be honest we probably wouldnt have played him anyways.. we've got dortmund midweek and this game is only against norwich, so we probably would have rested him anyways..