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  1. The Football Thread Continued

    yeah ozil isnt 100%, but to be honest we probably wouldnt have played him anyways.. we've got dortmund midweek and this game is only against norwich, so we probably would have rested him anyways..
  2. The Football Thread Continued

    proper shocker.. i have money on reds so its not too concerning to me, but still.. wtf is going on??
  3. The Football Thread Continued

    put in ange, play bresh and vidosic in the centre.. and learn to hold the effen ball.. seriously, vidosic was a god at it last year for adelaide, and ange's teams are able to play like that.. we just always look under the pump when we play slightly good teams..
  4. i only have like 30 k and im level 15.. need to team up with some high level peeps to get the good missions..
  5. Whats a good daily for 5k?

    Lol! i think there abit more then 5k son they are 5k I've been looking at getting one myself get one and put an SR in the back kemp..
  6. i seem to be able to make a consistent amount of money by just doing big laps of the map, start by selling a car to los santos, then just going from store to store all the way round the map and robbing them.. i swear it makes me more money than doing missions..
  7. Is Australia Becoming Corrupt?

    it's katy farken perry you guys.. she still looks pretty decent when she has no makeup on at all.. but goddamn, when she's all made up.. them some tig ol bitties..
  8. keyhole, go into internets on your phone man, and go to finance or whatever it is and select amaze bank, deposit the cash anywhere bro
  9. Is Australia Becoming Corrupt?

    damn, i missed out on all the conspiracy theory bashing
  10. seriously though, a new E clip as mentioned above.. piece of piss to pop back in there.. i got mine from Repco..
  11. true, but now im super intrigued to see the photo he has..
  12. The Football Thread Continued

    hahahahaha hilarious.. that is definitely me to a T, i already provide plenty of insightful banter when im sitting by myself screaming at the TV at all hours of the morning..
  13. K's Silvia from England.

    good call.. all the cool cats like Arsenal
  14. K's Silvia from England.

    Very decent man, looks like you can throw it sideways pretty well!! i have to ask the question though, from England, so i suppose you follow the EPL? favourite team?
  15. yeah mate, generally they are all from dynos and we say kilowatts at the wheels.. xris didnt write at the wheels but thats what it will be, 258 kw at the wheels..
  16. The Football Thread Continued

    farken gay results all round.. spurs got pumped, did anyone watch the gunners game? we were terrible, jack was terrible, he randomly got an equalizer with a deflection then with 15 to go at 1-1 he got chopped down from behind in the box but no pen was given.. i was full raging, yes the defender got the ball but he slid right through the back of wilshere with studs up, should have been a yellow at least.. no idea why it wasnt given.. we looked flat though, for some reason we had no quick player on the field (gnabry) so it just didnt work right.. ozil was still good but jack was way way off his best, and ultimately i think that cost us all 3 points.. still on top though so not all bad, but still..
  17. The Football Thread Continued

    this is true.. alright, harris' pics for tonights games are all the favourites, and then swansea to get the points away from home.. arsenal cheslki spurs swansea.. odds should be around 15 dollary do's on the multi, so stick a 20 on there and hope for the best!!!
  18. no ideas man, i am also up to that exact part, so i will just keep doing other missions until the option pops up or something.. i visited the ammunation store thinking there might be some dive gear in there, but there wasnt..
  19. 2013 Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    very good race.. dont think korea will be on the calendar next year though, that was full shenanigans with the fire marshall jeep just being out on track before the yellows were even shown.. unlucky for webs, its amazing that one team can have amazing luck for one driver and such terrible luck for the other.. as above, hulkenberg with an amazing drive.. can't beleive he was able to hold off lewis at the end there.. doubley amazing when you think about the fact that saubers run ferrari engines, which are not known for their high end speed.. bring on my second fav race of the year.. SUZUKA!!!
  20. The Football Thread Continued

    hahahaha fairs enough.. good victory there gaz, 3 much needed points.. catch ya tomoz night brosef..
  21. The Football Thread Continued

    wow, hit rooneys arm for sure then..
  22. The Football Thread Continued

    thats even better.. this kid is amazing..
  23. The Football Thread Continued

    brilliant finish.. that lad is gooooooood..
  24. The Football Thread Continued

    yeah this will annoy me immensely if the seemingly easiest game of the multi is the one that loses me the bet.. hahahaah