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  1. Ecopias Vs RE002s

    I haven't tried both but I can tell you the RE002's are pretty quiet on the highway. I've got 245/40/18 and in the rain, it handles roundabouts in my ute like it was dry.
  2. R35 Accident - NSW

    The bloodstained thing is the side airbag.
  3. Epic car fail thread

    Somebody must had a mad spend on the Camaro... Gotta be a pimp
  4. People don't really give a crap. They know they can get away with it cause the cops are out pulling people over for doing 2kms over the limit or have a pod air filter. I drive in the Sydney CBD a lot for work and its guaranteed to have at least a couple close calls from pedestrians and other drivers. Sometimes gets to the stage where you're driving in 2 lanes cause there are cars and pedestrians taking up the sides of the lanes.
  5. Is Australia a racist country?

    There are elements of racism in all of us. Most of us just don't voice it out loud. If you look further into the details of the video... I believe the bus was on it's way to Frankston. I don't live in Melbourne but do work there enough to know that Frankston is similar to Leumea/ Campbelltown here in Sydney and Logan/ Ipswich in Brisbane where the demographic is of lower income. I tend to find white Australians of the lower income tend to voice their racism more, especially after a few drinks.
  6. Epic car fail thread

    there were vt suprecharged 6cyl SS's They only made them in the Series 1 and were almost as quick as the V8. Holden even made VN and VP SS with the standard 6cyl.
  7. We buy any car scam

    i think it was called national car connections
  8. moving to sydney

    Mate for just under $700 pw... consider Wentworth Point. Right next to Sydney Olympic Park. About 30mins to Liverpool in moderate traffic and 25mins to City. It's considered the geographical center of Sydney. Heaps of parklands and a nice community with resturants and gym. It's considered as the inner west. This is where I ended up after moving from Brisbane. I lived in Pyrmont, Camperdown and in the CDB itself but nothing beats being in a quite area thats still close to everything.
  9. Epic car fail thread

    that's not a galant... it's a early 90s lancer i'm sure that 180 is from edward lees. i remember driving past and thinking wtf
  10. Site looks awesome. I am gonna be in contact when I need new business cards
  11. Epic car fail thread

    fast and furious
  12. things that annoy you

    Gets worse. In sa that just announed some multi million dollar deal for more bike lanes paths etc f**k THE CYCLIST. Fix our f**king roads which we actually pay to drive on u greedy cuntys if you think that's bad... you should move to sydney. dumb b**ch of a mayor removed parking spots in the cbd to build bike lanes then doubled the price for parking... so now... you have to waste time driving laps of the block to find a spot then get slugged double ($7.00 per hour).
  13. Holden SS ute

    external temp is only available on the ssv in the series 1 through the screen
  14. awesome idea. i'm definately keen