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  1. Help me choose my race/sport/road bike =)

    Triumph Daytona?
  2. GOOD First person shooters for PS3

    Give Battlefield: Bad Company 2 a crack mate
  3. General chit chat thread!

    Certainly is, mate
  4. General chit chat thread!

  5. General chit chat thread!

    Just got a bike three weeks ago or so, I was starting to doubt if it was a good idea, but the fact that I've not ridden straight home from work in the last two weeks is a fair indication that it was a good move. I love it !
  6. The Home Theatre Thread

    Alright, now no-one hate on me for my low end set up. I have a Sony Muteki HTDDW7500, with my PS3 outputting Linear PCM, and then HDMI into my 42" LG LCD. Lately, I have been experiencing an issue, where my sound is being output to the speakers of the system just fine, no dramas there. But it is also outputting the sound to the TV's speakers. I am certain it doesn't normally, for now I have muted the TV's speakers, but it really irks me that it's not working like it used to. Any ideas?
  7. Defects and you

    I recently had an encounter with a new officer in my small country town ( Naracoorte ), he is basically going around making an ass of himself ( and even the other cops admit this. ). Also had another unpleasant about 18 months ago. So 2/3 experiences with a police officer have been negative, for me. Both time I was idling home after work or for lunch. The time I got pulled over on the Great Ocean Road, after pulling out from a lookout, and thrashing the pants off my rig ( R33 with full stainless exhaust, 3 inch dump into 4 inch exhaust, no mufflers, one resonator...read: F*cking loud )so that I didn't obstruct traffic, I got let off with a warning. This was at Easter aswell, mind you. I did come across an interesting part of the road traffic act, pertaining to defects the other day. CBF'd copy and pasting now, but basically it says that a cop should only issue a major defect when it presents an imminent safety risk to yourself or the public, after the alloted time you are given to drive it. Not sure my window tint, boost gauge or wheels being slightly out of track, are dangerous.
  8. Australian Motorcycle Expo

    Most of the stuff would have already been launched at the Milan bike show yeah? Would be nice to see the Diavel up close. Was going to go for a look but going to buy a bike instead
  9. What gear do you wear while riding?

    When are you looking at buying? I know a few sales staff in shops (yep, even Peter Stevens) and can usually haggle a good deal. Ended up getting the Shoei on Monday mate, looking at a bike next weekend so wanted to make sure I had the gear ready to go Got the matt black XR-1100 and a tinted visor for $830. Retail for helmet was $780 I think, and visor was $110 seperately, so didn't do too badly, I don't think.
  10. What gear do you wear while riding?

    Ive heard one good report to dozens of terrible ones regarding Peter Stevens. I will admit last time I was in there ( before Monday ) was a pleasant experience. This time, not so much. Had to hunt down a sales clerk and then the supervisor basically had a crack at the one guy who DID help me.
  11. What gear do you wear while riding?

    Didn't end up trying on any Arai ones... Got the XR-1100 in Matt Black, happy as a clam. Peter Stevens should be shot for their shithouse customer service though. I had a friend with me at the time who works in retail, and she was disgusted.
  12. What gear do you wear while riding?

    Went and tried on some helmets for the last time before I buy one, as I will be getting a bike in a few weeks... Tried the AGV K4, didn't mind it, nice and cheap. Couldn't get the ICON one over my head, regardless of size. Nolan was shit. Annnnd of course the only one that felt nice was the $800 Shoei XR-1100. Now I have to shell out a heap more money, but totally worth it for how comfy this thing was EDIT: Decided I should buy one while I'm in Adelaide, as I'd rather buy a helmet in a store, then over the net. Anyone got the hookups on Shoei helmets in Adelaide?
  13. Would have to be running a spacer of some description I'd imagine. 20MM or so I'd guess? Only a guess though.
  14. noise limits.

    i reckon it is, bikes are already dangerous and annoying the way they are, no safety and always weaving between traffic. What you just said, describes a dangerous rider, not a dangerous vehicle. No need to tar everyone with the same brush, most riders are like to be a better road user then the average Toorak tractor pilot.