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    If wheel gap is like a vagina 4X4's are the biggest sluts
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  1. Ghost-Mobile

    Loved this thing so much! Oh well time for a house insted!
  2. what is your latest purchase?

    How much didi the scope set you back???
  3. Epic car fail thread

    The hectic orange snowplow that I saw on the way to Target: And the dude that Drives it is like 40
  4. Epic car fail thread

  5. Apparently first her mum punche her, giving her the black eye then her visting grandma gave her a beating.
  6. My mates misses got busted. She came home drunk saturday and came to school with a black eye!
  7. Epic car fail thread

    2JZ on P plates in Qld? What is that guy on?
  8. Shrine of KEMP

    I know that for sure. Except I know more about cars than he did when he asked 'how do you roll your cambers?' You roll your guards and camber is adjusted by adjusting your coilovers.
  9. Shrine of KEMP

    :lol: I feel sorry for you ben! You have been on here not even a week and they have already mistaken you for me! Has anyone noticed that this is one of the only threads that we have posted together in? Ben (teddybrrrr) is here for mostly the music section and off topic but im actually here for the cars! And the pissing off of people aka uplate incerdent and 4X4 thread and others. How can we fix this? pic or somthing?
  10. O.C.D

    Also where ever I go I alway's have to have my sharpie or equivelent permant marker. For absolutly no reason.
  11. O.C.D

    +1 me to same problem but toes aswell my main problem is the toes i dont really crack the knuckles in the hands so much its mostly my feet my neck, figers (in pariticular my right index), wrist, toes and jaw. But only when im not occupied. Hint's terrable spelling online.
  12. O.C.D

    +1 me to same problem but toes aswell
  13. Shrine of KEMP

    Best. topic. ever. It just needed reinforcing Are we ever going to find out what the other 2 things on the list were?