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  1. S15 Autech Troubles

  2. Price : $100 Condition : Used I need some pocket moneys S13/180sx OEM PLASTIC AERO SKIRTS (RED) perfect condition - $300 S13/180sx OEM CA Lips 2x. May need little repair - $200 each S13 White passenger guard - $100 ono 180sx Veil side side skirts - $100 180sx Veil Side rear pods - $100 180sx xenon lip replica for SR bar - $300 ono S13/180sx centre console - $80 ROTA Slip Streams 16x8 unknown offset (gunmetal colour) 5x114.3 Stud pattern wrapped with tyres - $550 S13/180sx doors - $100 ono each (comes with glass and motor and some with trim) S13/180sx carpet (black) - $100 S13 trims just drop a comment or PM S14 Interior bits and pieces just PM or drop a comment CALL ME ON 0416539545
  3. Impressing a girl.

    +1 Your the one with the power mate +1
  4. PHOTO SHOOT ..?

    i hope i finish my s15 ready for this
  5. who's got big dogs?

    my boy when he was a puppy now his been growing out in width rather height. love a little staunchy dog
  6. Swap meet #1

    I'll look around and see what i have .. but no rocker covers, sorry !
  7. Swap meet #1

    tell me what u guys are after and ill see if i have it ... i dont wanna be loading up and no one even bother looking hahah
  8. 1996 Nissan 180sx - $9,000

    Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Automatic Kilometres : 200000 Price : $9,000 Condition : Used Nissan Silvia S13 [NSW] Selling my beloved S13 Silvia to move into a 180sx Silvia. Was previously full s13, but now has 180sx front end. Onevia. Can come with s13 front or 180sx front, you can decide upon that. NON TURBO VEHICLE. P PLATERS COME GRAB IT ! Comes with coilovers all around Teins and BC's Full Exhaust System from extractors back Full s15 5 stud conversion, with braided lines. Using r32 turbo BMC. 5 Speed manual with fresh clutch, only a few months old. Standard SR20DE with just Cold Air Intake feed, recently serviced. Has solid engine mounts so is abit vibraty, all though feels more structural and subtle. Full sound system and subs and amps etc. 17x9+10 rims, sit flush with car sitting pretty low. Rego until next year. Can work out a price, if i take goodies off ! Car is pretty much an EOI Alot more shiett, I just cant think top off my head, best to come and inspect. No low ballers. no test pilots. Will only deal with reasonable buyers. Car is not on revs, your paying for a good and babied vehicle. Call : 0416539545 .. if you text i will most likely wont reply. Asking for: 9,000 as its reasonable .. I see standard s13s go up for around 8
  9. S13 Learner

    i didnt straight swap lol .. sold the 2 way for a cheap 450 and picked up a diff from Millz on here for about 100
  10. S13 Learner

    I ended up selling the 2 way and getting a LSD diff out of a CA auto s13.. its pretty good, on load it does the job.. but i'd like it to be abit tighter .. Am now in process of stripping all goodies off and parting out the current s13 .. need to make way for my next vehicle
  11. S13 Learner

    AND THEN THIS HAPPENED! 1 s13 wasnt enough, so i got another
  12. S13 Learner

    then a quick onevia
  13. S13 Learner

    Dead thread is back .. ! some catch up photos
  14. Love tappp....should buff out! :)

    loving this already ! nice work man
  15. Good Wheel Alignment Shops

    i went to get my alignment done before .. guy was talking shit saying my car is bent and shit .. *milkshake* was clueless of what he was saying, saying he used to build his cars and cant even name the basics .. now i have to suffer .. car doesnt drive straight ! also keen to find some good shops that know their shit especially with s13s