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  1. finally got some time to post these
  2. now that timming issues have been addressed have been able to finaaly put some decent power in it. Now making 570hp @ 28psi pretty stocked for a still untouched head
  3. havnt got any vids of yet will try to get some up soon
  4. twins are no more............. gone, moved to bigger things id 1000s, 2x 044s, twin feed rail, fuel lab reg, 4' dump- full 4' exhaust, all to come in next month.
  5. kit for sale http://www.hardtuned.net/forums/index.php?app=classifieds&module=core&do=view_item&item_id=4547
  6. RWD + lighter weight = MORE fun
  7. Kit is going as we speak and now going single setup as well if anyone is interested in the kit or the entire twins setup hit me up
  8. its making 440hp on 19psi atm on pump fuel. should have Cams, springs, E85 and fuel system to suit by eairly next year.
  9. Thought i would put up my car so far....... slowly building her up, as much as the old hip pocket will allow. trying to go for a bit of an allrounder but mainly built for street and drag....... so far: Specs: - R33 block • JE pistons & ring set • Shot peened conrods • Race series ACL main & conrod bearings • ARP rod bolts • Acid bathed block - Modified rb25 sump - Std r34 head - stock cams with Tomei cam gears - Precision 6266cea - Custom steam pipe manifold with egt's ports - Precision 46mm gate - 4" dump pipe, 5" cat, full 4' exhaust into varex - ID 1000 injectors - Aeroflow twin feed rail - Fuel lab regulator (running e-flex) - walbro 255 lift pump with 2x bosch 044 and custom surge tank in boot - wolf v550 - 2j2 wideband controller unit - apexi avcr - splitfire coilpacks - 600x300x100 thick cooler, with custom 3'' cooler piping - custom catchcan, powersteering resivour etc - 52mm alloy radiator - 14' and 12' electric thermos - modified gtr box (transfercase and gears removed) - hks twinplate, - greddy type r coilovers - tein front castor rods - cusco camber arms (front and rear) - work meisters sp1 18x8.5 -4 front 18x9.5+26 - genuine blitz bonnet - carbon N1 boot lip There'll be some stuff ive forgot but still alot more to come thats for sure