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  1. Random stuff 180sx/s14/ae111

    Found a few things I don't need after cleaning up. $70 180sx 2.5" split dump. NEW (custom made by a member on here) $200 s14 stock air box GOOD $140 AE111 Levin headlights NEW (some clips have broken) $70 180sx Type X D-MAX 2-1 Front Bar Indicator Lights. NEW $20 S15 bonnet hinges GOOD $30 180sx side skirts OK Located Green Valley/Liverpool 0402 495 234 I've had some of these things for years and have not been in the car scene for awhile so not 100% of the prices. So prices are negotiable.
  2. mr2 mechanics in sydney?

    hey guys, anyone in sydney know much about mr2s? and also are there any good mr2 mechanics around in sydney or anyone that specializes in them? thanks
  3. 2000 Nissan 200sx - $6,000

    Make : NISSAN 200SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 180000 Price : $6,000 Condition : Used 181xxxkms, manual, aftermarket front mount and exhaust, rego till august 2013 need a cheaper daily or an mr2 so this needs to go soon! $6000 nego. may be interested in trades for a daily with cash my way.. Liverpool area. 0402 495 234 call or msg me if you want to come take a look. body is rough and needs work (i believe Chuck Norris may have touched the car a few times) and engine is ok besides a vct rattle. good for a project car or anyone that has time to play around with it.
  4. s14 battery problems. help!

    can you come have a look at it for me bro lol i know you know your electrical shit i can pay for your petrol =P ive been to your place before but ive forgot what for. pm me if you can
  5. so my s14s battery was drained earlier so i bought a new one. but it was only rated 300 cca hoping its enough.. after connecting the battery i got no power at all not even my immobilizer. the previous owner had all screws and shit in the terminals to hold the old battery in but my new batterys terminal was big enough to fit.. afaik the car should still receive some power at least right? could my terminal plugs be damaged or could it be something else? how easy is it to change the terminal connectors ? any help would be great!
  6. thanks ill pm bloke. and yeah ive heard coat hanger was easy and i tried it but wouldnt work.. so even though the lock is near the front end i need to pull at the rear corner?
  7. Hey guy, I know this is a Nissan forum but I'm sure some of you have 2nd cars =P Just wondering if anyone has a VW or other euro cars and knows any good mechanics that specialize in these type of cars? Also my s14 battery has died and I left the keys inside so pretty much locked myself out. Looking for someone who knows how to coat hanger their way into these cars lol
  8. Price : $400 Condition : Used I have a pair of genuine Levin headlights. They are brand new except the clips on the corner lights are broken, should be an easy fix. $160 Also GKTech 3" SS S13/180sx Mandrel bent catback exhaust (brand new, discontinued) + Custom made Dump Pipe (made by str8e180) $500 Prices are slightly negotiable. Call or SMS if interested.
  9. Need to borrow a 180sx front bar

    i can lend you my one if you take it off and put my vertex bar on for me =P, you can keep it as well. i been too lazy to take it off lol
  10. DOTA 2

    Got a key off my mate recently as well. The game is so hard to get useto.. Im pissed off at it cause im so hopeless at it atm. Im not a shit dota player either i was ranked top 20 back when IDHL first started on boredausssies. Its a good game, very detailed but i still prefer the original wc3 atm. I havto always play support and be a ward bitch because i cant get useto timing creeps n farming yet. But back when i was playing tournaments for cash i always played carry.. Only thing im very annoyed at. But i guess practice makes perfect.. =\ Actually its still pretty unbalanced atm if u have played any CM modes the same heroes will always be banned/picked eg; furion/darkseer etc.. but yeh seeing as its a beta still theres no point complaining
  11. how much can i get for it

    conversion guards, headlights, s15 radiator support, bonnet hinges, front bar and bonnet. its not cheap.
  12. Replica type X Lights

    I got mine complete 4 piece for only $550 delivered from a wrecker in Melb on Ebay. I think thats a decent price.. It is well worth the money imo. If you dont want to spend the money dont bother looking for replicas.
  13. why boost wont increase?

    maybe the OP is talking about just power as in kws and not boost =/ lol.. surely no one can think mods (besides boost control) can up boost right?
  14. things that annoy you

    was... his a pretty big tool now... What about his 'a pretty big tool now'? THIS. f**kIN HE IS or HE'S f**k *milkshakes* f**king ENGLISH f**king SPEAKING COUNTRY AND YOU CANT TELL THE f**king DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HIS AND HE IS f**k YOU f**kS i agree.. it fuks with my head even though i get what he means.. its just so annoying ( i think u mean His or He's?)
  15. 419 Eater, Scam baiters.

    yeah thats not the only time hes done it as well lol.. theres plenty more stories but they are all massive long reads zzz