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  1. will hydraulic e brake fit in stock 180sx

    ok will be shure to try that this sunday at the track and if that will not work what would you suggest???
  2. will hydraulic e brake fit in stock 180sx

    @bling. What do you meen by "flick"???
  3. will hydraulic e brake fit in stock 180sx

    @steven. I may have all the problems you mentioned because the brake line is a bit stretched the disks are a bit on the smooth side and I never heard of the gktech handbreak extender before will shurely be checking that out but it is sold out right now so I have to wait
  4. hey guys i'm kinda new on this site and have some questions. I have a stock 180sx with stock brake and everything and just started drifting but my e brake wont lock up i already changed the pads and adjusted the brake line but it still wont lock. I'm really getting tired of it and want to install a hydraulic e brake on my ride or just fix this problem. Everybody i know is telling me i NEED to change my stock brakes and install skyline or silvia brakes. Is this really so?? pls tell me
  5. NZ 180SX

    hey nice car man!!! was just wondering how you got the lazy eye effect???
  6. SR20DET exhaust manifold to turbo gasket broken!

    Thanks guys I just have a stock sr20det and finally got the gasket today hope to change it asap. Have you guys ever heard of enjukuracing parts??? Are they any good??
  7. I have a question my gasket between the turbo and exhaust manifold is broken is it safe to drive the car like this or do I need to change it immediately because I want to order a new exhaust manifold but it will take me almost 2 months for me to receive the new manifold.