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  1. Clearly stuck my head out with this one lol, hahaha thought it would be hilarious to see what happened, though... if a supra can do 1000rwhp, why couldnt a modified silvia do 800rwhp?
  2. You guys can think I'm trolling about the build, I've always wanted a mean s13 streeter (even my little bro "s15 fan" thinks im crazy) and thats what I am going to build. I havnt listed everything I have thought about because the post will be to long, Im mearly wondering how you guys would go about getting it done, Also wasnt trolling about the money or bragging, its just so you guys know money isnt an object for me, so you can be as crazy as you want. Whats wrong with having dreams and setting out to get things done? Im not trying to step on anyones toes, just want help is all. To the veilside haters didn't realise that I was building this car for you?
  3. Allright as nooby as this sounds I have owned my s13 for a couple of years now and have worked a similar amount of time in the WA mining industry (Fair bit of cash to blow jealous hey?). So after much happy lurking on this forum and others I have decided to be like the rest of you and build a wicked car. Now this is what I wish to achieve and I need your advice on getting there. 1. A full interior retrim (allready planned) 2. Full exterior do-over including respray, smoked lights and fitment of veilside kit. (allready planned) 3. Permitted 2JZ engine swap built to run 800RWHP with supporting mods. 4. Permitted modifications to ride height as well as brake conversion. I have given the idea some thought and here is what is on my mind. 1. I have been told that a 2JZ can be boosted to run 800RWHP without forging internals (correct me if wrong) a. Will an R154 gearbox support that amount of power and what mods will I be looking at for the rear drivline, diff etc... b. Will I be looking at a single turbo set up, or enlarging the power of the bi-turbo set up? 2. 800RWHP sounds dangerous for normal road use, and well it definatly is... so what kind of power fluctuations could I expect by useing an electronic boost controller to vary my boost pressure and therfore RWHP? 3. Running an engine like this is going to require quite a lot of supporting mods so here are the ones that I can think of a. Hi-Flow fuel pump b. Front mount intercooler and larger radiator... Set up in such a way that the intercooler feeds as little as possible heated air to radiator c. Electronic boost controller d. Oil cooler e. After market battery and thermo fans f. Move battery to the rear etc. to clear up space g. R33 GTR Brembo brake conversion h. Heavy duty clutch with short shift (not a problem used to have both in work 4WD) i. Cold air intake Now before I get flamed for being a noob for even thinking this is possible let alone legal... I know for one it is not. However I have an engineer mate who can sign all the paperwork and get everything permitted and a workshop with experience in this area to do the job for me. What I require is everyones help in developing a build plan so I can have saved myself the trouble of inumerable headaches by drawing on everyones no doubt vast experience. Cheers guys, I off to have a beer. Look foward to hearing from ya!
  4. I think it looks like a smoother version of the GTR, which a lot of the silvias did with there compatible model GTR, remembering the Silvia is the Skylines little brother....
  5. Dream car and dream engine conversion

    S13, with a 2JZ built to run 1000rwhp, I want to f**k shit up ahahah , lets just say im actually doing this build and its gonna be expensive.
  6. How about this for a S16? Mouthwatering i think I dont know why know one is looking at this, this design would be a BRUTAL replacement for the s15. Im a hard s13 fan but I would KILL for this car.
  7. id go with chassi man, but then again panels are pretty strong...
  8. ooo that is pretty hard to beat man.
  9. oi guys stop bashin his manhood. obviously his girlfriend like some other women (not all!!!) like cars for thier looks, so whats to say she cant gift him some parts... rather than him being a douche, it shows how wicked she is, I just bet all you guys are jealous that you dont have a missus like her. P.S. I do!!! Tehehehe
  10. Wow, lol Its all good guys, my mate andrew gave me a walbro pump (brand new) that he didnt need and and his mate chucked it in the sil for me. Despite being toyota fans (Mach 2) and much trolling about nissans to me, they were more than helpful. Definatly something a kid like me is grateful for. On the car side of things, she be running fine and accelerating hard, and best bit is shes not pinging more than a 4 year old on a V...
  11. Aus spec VS jap spec s15

    haha you guys should balls up and chuck a s15 front on a s13 along with the s15 6spd box and SRDET, or chuck an rb25 or 26 in it, much nicer car, its oldschool and dosnt look like every other car on the road, that be my 2c worth now watch you adm and jdms come and destroy me for being stupid...
  12. So the guys at the shop saying I could f&$^ it up in a million different ways be trolling?
  13. nah man leave the battery on, shibby right ;D
  14. HI all! Sorry to be a newb to the import scene but it seems I have a major problem with my sil. Heres the specs in case you need em... 1991 Silvia K SR20DET I've recently had the engine rebuilt by my local mechanic, but noticed sluggish acceleration and a bad fuel smell, After a chat with a mate I decided to let the boys at XSpeed performance centre have a look at the problem, long story short, my mechanic is an idiot and hadnt thought to check if the fuel pump had failed. After a bit of a closer look XSpeed reckons the failed pump was the cause of the first engine failure. They want to charge me $600+ to change the fuel pump, to a new still stock pump. After talking to another mate, he has hooked me up with a Walbro gss342 255LPH. Now I'm not sure but I think fitting a larger aftermarket fuel pump for cheaper would be a good idea if I decided to do power mods in the future! Im asking if anyone on these forums has any experience with these fuel pumps in particular and could write me a how to guide on installation and tell me some things to watch for. I really appreciate you useing your time to help me, Thankyou, Justin.