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  1. S15 battery relocation help

    i had exactly the same issue as you. what i ended up doing is buy a optima. they arnt cheap but they r the best. relocated it to the boot. You dont really need a kit cause the battery boxes are too small. Just run some 2 guage battery cable and an isolation switch if u want. make sure u have a good earth. i ran the cables inside the car
  2. s15 Top feed fuel rail

    yeh I bought them already, I take it most ppl running a top feed fuel rail also run a different plenmum also
  3. Hey guys I have an s15 with sr20 im looking at changing the fuel rail to a top feed rail with the bosch 1000cc injectors. Although I do want to keep running the standard intake manifold. I do have a BMI rail at the moment but even with a spacer im going have fitment issues.I know the Alpha Omega rails can bolt straight in but they wont split their kit separately. What Fuel Rail is good to use? has anyone used an aeroflow one ?
  4. SR20 temp on track

    so is everyone adising to stick to the factoy or gk tech fan and shroud? how effective are thermo fans or do use have overheating problems with thermos?
  5. Aus spec VS jap spec s15

    a few small things on the jap spec, u get the oil pressure guage on the a pillar, which aussie one u dont, comes with an ugly rear wiper in the window, normally the front headlights are faded and dull, does come with a better turbo and different tune, and nicer badges, and it would actually b called a silvia not a 200sx. but being in the midified car scence more than likely u would change turbo and computer anyway so no real difference there, and u know the history of the car, and more than likely the kms havnt been wound back. thats my opinion anyways
  6. engine light on?

    thanks heaps for ur help guys i really appreciate it. il keep u informed c how i go
  7. engine light on?

    i have the engine light on, on my s15, nissan said its got something to do with the immobliser, but they are unsure of what the cause is, they recommended change the surround around the ignittion barrel.(which didnt fix the problem) i have tried a few aftermarket scan tools, and they both pick up the vehicle details, but dont pick up any codes. if u clear all codes the light will go away but as soon as i start the car again the light will b back on straight away. any help guys would b greatly apreciated thanks
  8. Wax

    autoglym, its awesome, then maguires
  9. HID ballast

    if the plugs for the harness are the same it should b ok, make sure the wattage etc are all the same