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  1. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    Have you bought an sr20 yet??
  2. R33 gtst

    Yeah there's So many silver r33s out there haha Probably C again lol
  3. R33 gtst

    Awesome! Hope you get it ready & see you out there. Where you in group B for May's Matsuri? Nah group C man
  4. R33 gtst

    I'm aiming for then! Heaps of fiddly bits left to do though which are always time consuming Maybe needs $1500 or so spent on it to get it ready
  5. Parting out a r32 & r33

    Rb25 turbo, rb25 gearbox , both r32 braces, R33 front brace all sold And Fmic sold
  6. Just make sure you check pivot ball lengths. Pivot ball in my rb25 box was too long to bolt onto a rb20. And my clutch would never engage
  7. Parting out a r32 & r33

    Recaro recliner passenger seat one tiny hole but otherwise it's mint! $400 Genuine 6 point Takata harness brand new in box $150 R33 greddy front strut brace $100 r33 rear strut brace $100 r32 front strut brace $100 R32 rear strut brace $100 Rb20 complete motor minus clutch. great condition $800, ecu loom injectors alternator ps pump clutch fan, new water pump, new timing belt, new oil filter, spark plugs, new ps and alt belt, rb25 turbo, 10 psi actuator , braided turbo lines, super spark coil packs, freshly machined flywheel, new cam cover and half moon seals. When motor is sold I will have a r32 rb25 gearbox tailshaft for sale $200 FMIC kit for r32/33 $250 no leaks works awesome rb25 gearbox new thrust bearing and pivot $1250 Gktech fan with RB adaptor $50 R32 3 inch front/dump pipe $80 R32 cat back lukey exhaust great for street car $150 But will only sell above when motor is sold (hard to sell a non running motor) R32 4 door vanquish roof wing $100 Pair of random 18 inch wheels that look ok with good tread 5 stud $150 Parting the rest out of a manual turbo r33 with good fruit at a later date. Engine/box will be available. FIRM ON PRICES. Small Discounts given when buying more than 1 item No shell's available. Unless you want a banged up r33 rolling shell for a drift car. Contact via text (easier to keep tabs on what's going on) Sean - 0421549607 Don't PM me I never remember to check it
  8. Timing issue

    You'd be a fool not to
  9. Timing issue

    And u can also set base timing, check air fuel ratios in your shed
  10. Timing issue

    Timing is a tooth off/slipped belt Or the knock sensors on that motor are no good
  11. Timing issue

    What's yours doing? Do you have power in first gear then on boost in 2nd just all spool?
  12. Timing issue

    I'll never take it to a shop to fix it because I'll end up refusing to pay the $100000 bill
  13. Timing issue

    It's an rb20 it doesn't need any sensors haha
  14. Timing issue

    Haha nice. Yeah you can trick the ecu into thinking all is ok just to narrow down what your looking for. Which I'll do soon Aswell as check all my earths Don't care if I mask it for matsuri then fix it after, just wanna skid!
  15. Timing issue

    Can bypass it with resistors to diagnose it though But your still right