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  1. CA18DET Breaking up and boost issue

    If it won't go any further than 3000rpm then it sounds like the ecu is in limp mode. You can google how to get diagnostic code out of ECU and see if that helps narrow it down.
  2. WTB '89 180SX Fuel Door & Clip

    I got some help from Taarks to get spares from nissan to fix my fuel door. Give him a try. https://www.efisolutions.com.au/
  3. Is the only change the turbo or were other mods made at the same time? Have you checked spark plugs to see what colour they are? Is turbo internal or external wastegate? what boost pressure you running? What is the actuator rated for?
  4. So I decided it was time to do a build thread for my project 180sx, hoping it helps motivate me to pull my finger out and get things going. Having wife and 2 young kids doesn't leave me much time though. So about 2 years ago snapped up an unregistered 1989 CA18DET powered 180sx that needed a bit of work, suits me fine as being unregistered means I can take my time to build it how I want it. Was basically ok, came with side skirts, rear bar, cat back exhaust and front mount, some delightful soul had ripped out the sunroof to steal the stereo from the previous owner. Plan for the build is to build a good weekend car, grip setup, for street and hopefully will make it to a track day as I have never done that and would really like to. Repaired some things, so far: - Replaced Sunroof - Replaced corroded as f&*! rear wiper motor - replaced melted coolant overflow bottle with new gktech one Did a bit of research and need to toss the rims, they need spacers to fit so not legal in NSW. Located some Z32 calipers for the front, rebuilt them myself, cleaned them up and reprayed them. (dirty vs clean caliper) Resprayed Purchased HEL brake lines, slotted rotors and Project Mu pads, bigger BMC (yet to be installed, got to get off my lazy ass and replace seals in BMC) Purchased some suspension goodies to go on, only fitted these so far: Got some new MCA Blue Coilovers waiting to go on (they are a sexy bit of kit). Planned to do list: - get BMC seals replaced and fit brakes and suspension - repair/get help repairing rust - clean up interior, install gauges (have boost and wideband O2 gauges), new front seats, get rear seats retrimmed, replace carpet - respray - not sure if I am going to attempt this or pay someone, probably pay someone as it will likely look rubbish if I do it considering I have zero experience in respraying a car - then fun bit - rebuild and upgrade motor, turbo, better cooling and intercooler setup. decided on most parts except turbo, looking at T28 sized but not sure between Hypergear ATR28SS1.5, Precision 5130 or Garret GTX2863R. Might change later as new models come out but that is the short list. Will try and post more soon
  5. 180sx CA Powered project - slow build

    Haven't given up on this, just not much time given family commitments. Got a daughter that gets sick easily which leads to her needing be hospitalised. Got swaybar fitted, front and rear now. NRG180 - how much did it set you back to do the 5 stud conversion? Is it a one man job or would i need help? Not sure what i want to do with brake package until i drive it so might be a later job. Decided i will set it up for hill climbs in the local area until I can afford to get all the body work done (rust repairs, respray, fit body kit). Done a battery relocation to the boot with circuit breaker installed Fitted some reclinable bucket seats (just some SAAS ones). Gonna be interesting with a helmet on, sunroof open is fine. Got a rectangle heat exchanger from ebay as the square one I got with the intercooler kit sat too low for my liking and that sits much better now. Tried to upload photos but I need to make the files smaller so might try later to do that. Need to sort out clutch pedal (pedal goes straight to the floor, no pressure). Got a new slave cylinder to fit when I get time. Then onto the wiring for the thermos fans, water pump, gauges and sort out the coolant pipes. Hopefully have it running in time to do some hillclimbs next year.
  6. CA18DET Cams options

    I was talking to a few vendors about aftermarket cams (Spool make some too) and they all said it will move the power curve and add lag and affect the turbo response. I haven't decided on cams yet for my CA and it is off the road so no experience to offer. I think with cams bigger than 256 you may need to change the lifters, can someone else confirm? For turbo chat to Hypergear, the ATR28SS1.5 with ball bearing looks like will be a very good option for response. I am chomping at the bit to get enough cash together to get the engine freshened up and buy one of those.
  7. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    Did you have any trouble getting the OEM brake lines off? I tried to do mine and couldn't get them to budge and thought i was gonna break something.
  8. I am curious on the answer to this too as I was looking at the atr28ss1.5 for the response and the answer might make me change my mind
  9. how much extra to go ball bearing in an atr28ss1.5? what would be the difference in the way the turbo behaves between bush and ball bearing in the atr28ss1.5?
  10. S13 door lock

    if taarks can't help try japanese import spares or nisswreck. I bought new door locks from one of those years ago but can't remember which one
  11. How old are u and what import you drive?

    I'm 37 and own an 89 180sx (CA FTW ) had it about 5 or 6 years, only drove it on and off the trailer when i bought it, work in progress. Was relatively stock but had a hard life so i got it cheap.....not stock anymore. Previous import was an SW20 MR2 Turbo, nice car to drive if setup right, real mongrel to work on.
  12. Help with engine cutting out

    Do you have the haltech software? If so could one person drive and other use laptop watching haltech info? (e.g. check sensors working, check for knock, fuel pressure etc) See if you can get some info out of haltech when it craps itself.
  13. Thanks for the FPR setup Johnny, arrived nice and quick
  14. I'm in the market for an FPR setup, PM sent
  15. Thanks pmod, Stao I will have to pull my finger out and get another Hypergear powered CA going then
  16. Stao are the results you see from the ATR28SS turbo's any more consistent on CA18? I am saving/working away towards an ATR28SS1.5 for my CA18 for a responsive setup. Coastie did you look into getting someone to fab up full custom exhaust/manifold vs off the shelf? If so was it price or build quality that lead you to off the shelf gear? After reading a lot about different people saying various brands/models are restrictive I was thinking of getting a custom full exhaust (dump all the way to tip), my theory is if it is custom you get full control over the piping size and if I ask for free flowing as possible it should be achievable with the right fabricator. I was also looking to use factory manifold as I am going for response vs outright horsepower....but may rethink that. Either of you know how to tell if the manifold is restrictive other than try a different one when it comes time to tune?
  17. s14 running rich as f**k

    Have you checked o2 sensor? I have had cars run rich as hell before when the o2 sensor stuffed
  18. 180sx CA Powered project - slow build

    Better shot of suspension and components. MCA Blue and hard race gear looks good together
  19. 180sx CA Powered project - slow build

    I think me and this motor are going to have a love hate relationship.every step i go forward i hit a new "challenge". Removed coolant pipes from behind themostat to back of motor and removed coolant hoses so I can replace them while i have intake manifold off and there are a couple of rusted ends, surprised one spot had not sprung a leak it was that badly rusted. No luck so far finding second hand ones in good condition so might get someone to fab replacements as my welding skills are pretty crap. People are not kidding when they say a car this age is more restoration than modification. Got around to fitting suspension and components to rear passenger side and doing pad and rotor, just need to do rear driver side then get my hands on rear adjustable whiteline sway bar and suspension complete.
  20. Ca18det misfiring/ not boosting

    well if fuel good check spark (plugs, coils, igniter). Have you done anything that may have put the timing out? (new belts, removed and reinstalled CAS etc)?
  21. Ca18det misfiring/ not boosting

    try fresh fuel first
  22. Ca18det misfiring/ not boosting

    How long since it has been started? Could be quite a few things, bad fuel, plugs, coilpacks.
  23. Hi All, I am running heater hose for my water to air intercooler setup and got some hose running through the hole in the battery tray where the FMIC pipe used to run. I am a bit worried about the hose rubbing/cutting on the edges of the hole. What would you recommend i cover the hose with to protect it? Do I use the plastic flex pipe like you do for looms/electrical or is there something better? (links would be great too) Appreciate any help Thanks.
  24. Thanks Big Fist, any particular place to get that? or just google it?
  25. 180sx CA Powered project - slow build

    Thanks for the support Sorting out some piping issues and making sure I do a proper job then getting the coolant hoses/pipes and manifold sorted as I have let it drag on a bit too long. Powered up the 2nd hand power fc I got a while back and was chuffed it powered up. Does anyone have an FC Datalogit? Should I get one or the hand controller enough for tuning?