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  1. N/A aero sileighty street car

    Rewiring alternator
  2. N/A aero sileighty street car

    Engine bay
  3. Currently in the process of plugging back in the RHS engine loom in my 180. Everything has gone sweet so far but I'm left with one connection which I'm not sure where it goes, it comes out of the loom at the same place as the alternator wiring and is a loop type connector and almost looks like an earth, just wondering if anyone knows exactly where to bolt it to as I'm really stuck, thanks in advance for any help
  4. N/A aero sileighty street car

    Wheels painted
  5. N/A aero sileighty street car

    Cheers mate
  6. N/A aero sileighty street car

    Figured out the problem, when extending the AFM wiring to the other side of the engine my auto electrician mate joined two of the wires together wrong so that is why it was running in limp mode. Wired it up properly and she runs as smooth as caramel, went for a quick spin today and everything seems good, can't wait to get back out on the road again http://s1296.photobucket.com/user/_curtdog/media/Mobile%20Uploads/47DAF8F9-41C4-4126-B9C8-52F2889EE29A_zpszuwltqa3.mp4.html
  7. NA 180SX BUILD

    Good to see another NA 180 on the road, keep up the good work mate
  8. N/A aero sileighty street car

    So I finally got a custom 2.25 inch exhaust made up for my car so it's nearly street legal. The main problem at the moment is that the car will not rev above 3000 rpm and cuts out when it reaches it, also blows a fair bit of black smoke and runs a bit rough. I've heard that the car may be in limp mode and the most likely cause is the AFM/wiring, this may be likely as I have shortened the intake and the AFM is no further than 20cm from the the throttle body, could this be causing the issues? Just looking for anyone who may have had a simlar problem and what they did to fix it. Cheers in advance, Curtis
  9. N/A aero sileighty street car

    She's slowly getting there, finally got it running again on Monday night so I went for a spin around the block, next minute the oil filter shoots off an dumps all the oil out I read up about the Z445 filter that I was using and found that other people had the same problem, switched to a Z442 and haven't had a problem yet. Next thing is rego then I can drive it to get an exhaust made up and she's on the road!
  10. Just wondering if anyone else has ever seen the compliance plate on the rad support, on my old s13 it was next to the factory plate on the firewall but my new 180 has it right up the front. Just wondering if I'd run into any trouble if I moved it to the firewall, don't want a cop to look under the bonnet and start accusing me of plate swapping haha
  11. Hi there, I have a 1999 Toyota hiace with the 2rz-e engine, the van has done 350,000 kms and I've done 40,000 myself. The van always had a problem but I never bad enough to look into it further but I wish I had now. Anyway what the van used to do was kind of cut out/misfire/bog down when the tank would be less than a quarter and I'd be giving it a bit of throttle. Unfortunately yesterday it was a lot worse and was doing it a lot further down the rev range almost to the point where I could drive it. I was at work going from one job to another when all of a sudden i lost all power and couldn't even maintain my speed as the slightest touch on the throttle would cause it to misfire. I can to a stop at the side of the road, engine still running but not too smooth, I tried revving it up to see if I could nurse it home but wouldn't even go over about 1000rpm. When I have it full throttle the engine would chug and splutter and shake violently, it would rev up for a second or two but then drop straight back down and even backfire quite loudly. I changed my spark plugs, leads, and air filter about 15,000 kms ago and I didn't use the cheap crap either. My guess is the engine is being starved of something so I'm thinking: - fuel pump has given up - crap in the tank has been sucked up and blockage (unlikely) - fuel filter (ice never changed it as its in quite a hard spot to get to -distributor My question is, has anyone else ever had trouble like this and what exactly did you do to fix it, any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Curtis
  12. Thank heaps for the info guys, those pictures have given me a much better understanding of the DE exhaust, I reckon I'll get a small flex pipe to prevent any damage to my manifold and then I'll get a shop to fill in the rest of the gap. Also here is another photo of my manifold, it definitely says Tomei on top and the outlet is 2.25 inch diameter. Thanks again for all the help, I'll post on here later to finalise what I do
  13. Thanks guys I think a flex pipe is definitely the way to go. Heres some photos of the manifold while I had the engine out, they came with the Silvia I originall had so I don't know much info on them other than they say Tomei on the top
  14. Hey there, I've got a 180sx running a non turbo SR20DE and as the title states I'm looking for some info on the stock exhaust particularly the front pipe. So far I've got a set of Tomei extractors which come all the way back to here... This leaves a gap about a foot long between the end of the manifold and the cat, I assume I need some sort of a front pipe to go in there but I can't seem to find one anywhere and everyone I've spoken to only seems to know about front pipes for a turbo which obviously won't fit. Other than cutting and welding up a custom piece, does anyone have any suggestions on where to go from here? Any info would be greatly appreciated