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  1. Hey All, Not too sure if this is the right section to post this but any who. Just wondering if anyone knows someone in Brisbane that does good quality wheel repairs..i have a set of 3 piece rims i want pulled apart, lips polished up and centres painted black. Thanks in advance everyone. Matt
  2. s13/180sx Aerial Pinouts

    thanks for that helped alot. but seems to be something with the controller unit that is impeding the controller if got from controlling up or down manual activation of the aerial. guess ill just have to live with the 6 foot high aerial till i hit it on something and buy a smaller one. thanks agaain
  3. HKS EVC 4 Electronic Boost Controller.

    thanks bling, i had trouble even finding what model it was so i thought being a hks unit someone on here would have a link handy. i will google a little harder when i need some help next time Matty
  4. Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, Just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction as to a wiring diagram/ installation guide for a HKS EVC 4 ebc. Sorry bout the size of the picture but i dont know how to resize it. Looks like this >
  5. hey guys and gals, tried googling without any luck, trying to find what wires on the power antenna are 12v constant and 12v accessory that control the motor as im trying to install a device that will control the height of the antenna, if anyone can shed some light would be awesome. i also tried using a nultineter to test it but seems i am looking at the wrong wires. matty
  6. hey all, Keep seeing every now and again some people have full orange corner lights. was just wondering if these can be bought or as i read somewhere they are just clear corner lights painted orange,,? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Matty
  7. sr20det clutch and flywheel, Torque

    before i go putting the box back in are you sure 32 ft lb is right for the clutch to flywheel.. seems a lot lower than flywheel to crank. just wanna make sure is right before i go putting the box back in today.
  8. sr20det clutch and flywheel, Torque

    thanks alot guys. now i know what range of torque wrench i have to buy. Cheers again all
  9. hey all. just wondering if anyone knows the torque setting of the clutch to flywheel bolts and flywheel to engine bolts. need to put my car back together, but wanna get it done right so nothing bad happens/fail epicly. matty
  10. Removing s13 sr20det Gearbox

    thanks guys. got most of the bolts out. all the bigger ones left and the gearbox mount to get it out. might try again tomorrow to get the exhaust off definitely appears like it will be easier to get it out with the entire exhaust out of the way. as for the shifter. there seems to be 2 bolts at the front i cant seem to access. is there a way to get these out from under the car (haven't actually looked at it as i ran out of light/motivation) would appear that removing that would make the whole process easier but either way the box is coming out so i guess it dont matter.
  11. hey all technical peeps. Just wondering i need to change the clutch in my car and thought id do it myself as i enjoy working on my own cars, but before iv even really started i have ran into a problem. 1 of the nuts on the bottom of my dump pipe will not budge. and now iv kinda rounded it trying, what was i wondering is is it necessary to remove the exhaust to remove the gearbox or is it just easier. And also seeing as iv never pulled the box out of my car before is there any tips/tricks for getting it out relatively easily. thanks in advance guys and girls. Matty.
  12. oil pressure + oil temp gauges

    the one iv installed does actually have them,,but in regard to the sensor on the side of the motor, the way i had to mount the sandwich plate to make it work and the altinator or starter motor..there was physically no room. i wanna know if there is somewhere else on the motor to mount these sensor's' matty
  13. hey all peeps, i recently installed a oil cooler on my sr20det s13 and when i tried installing the oil pressure sender on the sandwich plate i found that it didnt matter which way i tried to mount it it just wouldnt fit. so my question to you all where have you installed a oil pressure sender and a oil temp sensor (like the one that gets mounted inline in the rad hose for water temp). any pics and information would be greatly appreciated. matty
  14. Help i broked something

    thanks for all the replies guys. wass the sensor in the side of the motor, i worked out how i broke it..is the fact thaat my oilcooler sandwich plate is like less thata mil from the sensor that wire came from. but in saying that it is all fixed and the oil cooler even doesnt leak. matty