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  1. FUUARK my 14

    At the moment, it's a show pony with intentions of grip racing.
  2. FUUARK my 14

  3. The Who's Who of Team S14

    Who: Troy Seven What I drive: Kouki What I do: Hard-parker turning (or wanting to turn) Grip-King
  4. Well, after establishing the wild-fire spread group on FB with such high demand, and over 680 members, Loz Glen has been happy for Team S14 to migrate to join NissanSilvia.com. We are very proud to jump on board with NS.com as this will help us: Reach a lot more S14 owners Have an abundance of archived and organised Technical information, galleries, build threads and meet ups So, rather than ramble on, simply tell us who you are, what you drive and why! Who: John Smith What I drive: Zenki or Kouki What I do: Concrete-Dancer, Grip-King, Hard-parker or Church St happy laps kgothnxbye!
  5. S15 Climate control conversion wiring

    Anyone here, I'm also seeking response
  6. FUUARK my 14

    I ended up getting a morosso sump. Engine is almost ready for assembly. Got a S15 dash now in the car. Bought some Defi Advance BF oil temp water temp and boost guages And bonnet and guards getting sprayed
  7. FUUARK my 14

  8. Mazda 1000 Sr20VET The chase for 8's

  9. 6Boost manifolds

    You should also check out some of the manifolds "Rex Kelway" makes. Very good on pricing!
  10. TEAMS14 - Member's Rides

  11. TEAMS14 - Member's Rides

    A few friends and I have finally created a group among mainly Sydney S14 owners from the Stance, Drift and Drag scene about a month and a half ago and it has exploded with a lot of quality friends joining in and sharing their love in the group. With currently 200+ S14 owners in the group, we are still kicking off in a bang. Below are some of the members rides that are in our group, and some photos of our recent First Meet in Auburn, Sydney. I will continue to post some of our updates on our rides to keep it in one thread. :D Hope you enjoy! ! !
  12. This needs to be updated .
  13. Team s14 meet

    Andy, you gotta come, Pete is coming even in the v-tec
  14. Team s14 meet

    Here is some information guys!! Stick to the typical etiquette. -No revving -No burnouts -No skids -No loud music -AND ENSURE YOU MEET EVERYONE AND GREET EVERYONE.. this is a friendly meet. Everyone is welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. FUUARK my 14

    Anytime George, when it is eventually built I'll take you for a spin. I honestly thought your 35/40 would have been laggier. Very very clean 15. Thanks guys. A lot of hard work from Anthony (Dahtone Racing), Garry (Gazspeed) and myself have been put into this build. The tubs were pre fabbed from Rex Kelway, however a lot of fab work was needed to ensure they fit right. They aren't a quick job to do. I'm either going to be using a GK Tech alloy sump, or a Moroso, still debating over the two