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  1. Kinugawa turbo's (kando) comparison.

    How big is the intake. Is it the 3 inch
  2. Kinugawa turbo's (kando) comparison.

    Does the s15 mani hold it out a bit further than the s13 one though.. I'm not entirely sure. Biggest turbs I had on my eighty back in the day was a 2871r. What power are you putting out nick.. And did you get the 2 bolt front or the 3inch
  3. Kinugawa turbo's (kando) comparison.

    I really want to keep it all low mounted this time. It said in the product description you need an aftermarketanifold or it won't fit but I don't know if that's just for the ca. I'm guessing the engine mount might just need some love massaging at worst. I'm a big fan of the stock cast manifold. I would end up tacking the flap shut and welding a gate to the stock mani anyway
  4. Kinugawa turbo's (kando) comparison.

    Hey guys sold my silver a while ago and about to buy another. Had an s15 for 7 years and ended up with a kowabunga td06sl2 20g 10cm. Loved it. Only ran 19 psi and made 250 on a conservative tune. I've found a really mint s13 and am going to out the same turbo but low mount it. I'm tossing up between the 2bolt s15 style comp cover or the 3inch cover. I'm just wondering if the s15 style cover really limits the turbo at all considering the standard gredy version has the 3inch cover. Also I'm wondering how much of the standard sort of t28 pipework can be swapped over if the 2bolt t28 style version is used. Below is the link of both models http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/291154801428?nav=SEARCH http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/281346271678?nav=SEARCH
  5. I've searched and I am just after confirmation I guess before I order. I have done 9.5 allround +20 brotas and I'm tired of stretching my wheels and or getting a shop to fit them. Guards have all been lipped. The idea is I want to run legal tyre sizes or very minimal stretch. I like camber on the front but I want only a degree on the rear. My choice is xd9 18x9 in +20 or 30. I'm inclined to.go 30 cause I want 235s all round and the fronts might cambet in with the 30. What you think guys
  6. i got mine in a t2 - it doesn't actually matter though man as the turbos are different to garretts - the t3 or t2 model will virtually make the same power. mitsubishi turbos are different in there housings trims and wheels as they don't correlate to the actual flange so whether it's t2 or t3 it's the same turbo unlike the 3071 etc turbos which have t2 and t3 models
  7. who said i was using an ebc? im just using gate pressure
  8. you will probably be alright - see i have a feeling the 10cm housing is partly to play as well - much like how most people even use the 3071's with .63's. i was going to try buying the smaller housing but it's really not that laggy at all... in fact i think it's perect and i will get more top end punch from it as well
  9. ordered a 44mm so i will just see how it goes i guess
  10. Price : $250 Condition : Used Virutally brand new GENUINE 38mm blue tial MVS gate and stainless weld made screamer pipe. These things can go for up to 500 dollars brand new, the hardest part is getting a genuine one and this one was purchased from Street Forced performance on this forum who everybody knows. If your interested let me know as it's a good price and a good gate, I just need a larger gate for my setup - did not research enough into it. Cheers.
  11. just bought a 44mm.. if anyone wants a brand new tial 38mm gate and screamer for a couple hundred bux it's yours lol
  12. well i dont' know i that would help though... when we first dynoed it the gate had 1.2 bar springs in it which is around 18psi and it would shoot up to 1.2 bar then immedietely fly up to 1.5 bar... then creep past that. it is a 10cm rear housing on it so im almost beginning to think maybe a 44ml gate would be a solution, there has been quite a lot of people on sau with the same sort of dramas. that dvs jez guy i think had the same issue with the same turbo and gate
  13. im confused.. cause it did creep up top. i had it on the dyno doing consecutive pulls with both a .6 bar spring and combination springs of 1.2 bar. just keep climbing until redline
  14. haha yeah man there marked h20 the water ones and have two little holes in the bottom
  15. as in try another gate because my gate could have an issue you think