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  1. Hi All I have done a search but to no avail. I have an auto s14a and the transmission packed up the other day. i was wondering if an s15 auto transmission would be a direct swap or will it require much modification? Any help/suggestions would be good. I'm not going down the path of a manual conversion as it would be too costly. i would prefer to just buy a manual s14 (im questioning why i didnt do this in the beginning) Don't want a reco'ed rebuilt auto trans as this will also be too costly so i was thinking of putting in a second hand auto trans. Thanks in advance for the help. Craig
  2. Hi Guys, So i have a 1999 Automatic S14a. While cruising at 80 km/ph, the revs usually sit at around 1.5 - 2K. when the overdrive button is turned off, (depressed) and still cruising at 80, the revs sit around the 4K range. The problem i am now having is that the overdrive button is on (pressed in) and while cruising at 80, the revs will be at around the 4K range, then drop to 1.5-2K then back to 4K. It seems the Over-drive is turning itself off but is not showing on the cluster display. Has anyone else experiences this or know what the problem may be? Thanks in advance.
  3. S13 handbrake light stuck on

    Has the same problem on my s14. Turns out my rear passengers side brake calliper had sharted itself. got it replaced with a second hand one and it fixed the issue. was cheaper than getting the original brake calliper fixed.
  4. spark plugs/gap for sr20det

    What if you are running stock boost? does it still need to be gapped down to 0.8mm? or leave it at 1.1mm?
  5. Snapped Rear Caliper Bolt

    If both were not budging and you managed to snap onne, my guess is you could have been turning it the wrong way. (talking from past experience) Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty
  6. i sikaflexed a set of factory side skirts on mine at the start of the year. Still going strong and not showing signgs of coming off. only had it clamped on for an hour. Get ready with the turps and a shyte load of rags. That sikaflex stuff gets really messy.
  7. Got a GK-Teck no holes cooler. Works a treat. Also got the 3" front pipe and looking at the bell-mouth dump pipe too.
  8. 180SX running issues

    had a similar problem on my 200sx. it was the IACV. am i right in saying it sits on the intake plenum? i took it off, gave it a good clean out with some carby cleaner and used cotton buds to really clean the inside and the bad idle + stalling went away.
  9. Jecs plug

    it looks something similar to the anti-purge solenoid. However there are no vac lines going into it so i guess that can be ruled out
  10. Is it shifting hard between gears too? on my falcon it was doing this, got the transmission serviced and still shifted hard. mechanic changed some selector solenoid and that did the trick.
  11. Stock s14 really laggy?

    interested to see what the problem is. i have the same problem too but its only after i went on a cruise and really pushed it. Now under normal acceleration it seems to be a bit slugish as if a vac hose has come loose. Maybe you could check that.
  12. Hey Mate. i had a similar issue as you did. cant remember loosing boost but car felt very sluggish and was loosing coolant. A cooling line to my turbo had cracked and coolant was leaking out from there. You will only notice once the car is running.