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  1. --SRplenty Kay E 70----Apocalyptic Hunters

    cheap as u still got Ur old molded knuckles ect
  2. --SRplenty Kay E 70----Apocalyptic Hunters

    how much Ur front coilovers set u back?
  3. J's Beams 3sge KE70

    car looks good mate what dI'd it set u back to get Ur knuckles modded
  4. ca18ke70 blue poo

    guess I'll see how it goes haven't really tried anything on the road
  5. ca18ke70 blue poo

    has Ur ke70 got power steering? forgot how heavy these are
  6. ca18ke70 blue poo

    I hope its simple lol I git rid of the 32 it was to clean to track n gearbox had issues something I cbfed doing needs better wheels n It should b set should b out on the 11th
  7. ca18ke70 blue poo

    got another tracker but with rego this time yes it's got a ca heart but seems ok r31 shortened diff tests locked longer lcas hard suspension hydro handbrake o40 fuel pump fmic exhaust Monza bucket seat
  8. Jzz30 1jz turned Jza80 1jz build thread

    should read comments on the YouTube channel quiet a few lols
  9. 90% sure there t25s mine had a t25 on it
  10. Glynnsides rb24 180sx - Back to church duties

    totally agree rb or Sr
  11. Glynnsides rb24 180sx - Back to church duties

    I don't think you should waste Ur time with the ca18 especially if is never been abused my last ca18 from a low km auto 180 ran mint couldn't fault it as soon as I gave it shit everything broke hg bottom end turbo ect
  12. --SRplenty Kay E 70----Apocalyptic Hunters

    lol yea Asif they don't like it when people do that
  13. --SRplenty Kay E 70----Apocalyptic Hunters

    some of the ppl I saw at g1 round one Ud shit all over doesn't matter if you don't win lol
  14. --SRplenty Kay E 70----Apocalyptic Hunters

    defently Ur doing killa mate should enter sum.comps soon
  15. --SRplenty Kay E 70----Apocalyptic Hunters

    that's awesome haha you've had a pretty good run with out to much damage.