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  1. S13 Headlight wiring: Triple Projector to Brick

    Did you download the s15 manual? You should be able to find your answer in there. Probably in the EC section (electrical). I think EC is Electrical been a while since I looked at it lol. Edit: Just realized its s13. Probably similar though. You can also download the s13 manual. http://www.workshops...-1999-2002.html
  2. Wow amazing information. I always wondered about my old S15. It was an ADM March 2002 model (one of the last ever made) and it was in "lightening yellow." What I noticed about my car was my paint job used to gleam and shine and like a showcar, meanwhile many other s15 yellow cars paint job looks flat and dull. Many people even asked me about this as well. Any s15's have better paint jobs than others from factory?
  3. Yeah man. I'd be keen to see the instructions. No need write anything too lengthy though. Just keep it simple Yeah mine gives no cue either. No flash of lights or beeping sound like you get with with an s15. Its just an old an inferior system. I think i'll eventually get it replaced with a superior system and alarm which will increase the range. No idea how much it will cost though but its worth it because 'im constantly paranoid my car will get stolen when I have it parked somewhere. Its basically a sitting duck, like most cars from the 90s.
  4. Ebc help! Turbo smart v greedy?

    I went with the greddy profec OLED. Its modern, small and easy to use and most important super easy to install. Even I could follow the instructions and I'm useless with instruction manuals. Its also well priced at like $350. I got mine from RHDJapan. Very cheap there as they often have specials. Check out this thread I made earlier in the year on boost controllers. It actually has quite a few replies which on this forum is a rarity these days. http://www.nissansil...l=&fromsearch=1
  5. Why not just take it to auto electrician or central locking specialist? They will fix it in about 5 seconds flat. The remote for my type x works, but its range is incredibly chit. I have a feeling all of them are like this. Its just a poor design. To make my remote work I have to press the button over the drivers side bonnet where it meets the windshield (it has a new battery so its not that). So I suspect the receiver is somewhere near there (most likely under the hood), because that's the only place it will work.
  6. I'll be installing my gen2 gtx2860r turbo soon. Apparently these things love boost so I want to run 23-25psi on e85. I will also be installing poncams and ARP HEAD STUDS (since im removing the cams I will have access to the head bolts). Changing the head gasket is quite a bit more work. How much boost can the stock head gasket on a 180sx take? Will ARP HEAD BOLTS help? I don't really want to mess with taking the head off as im a noob and will be doing the work myself. I ran 20psi on my s15 for years on pump 98 and stock head bolts and gasket but I dont know if the 180sx is different?
  7. Wow, any idea why? I mean I can't say I'm surprised just based on my experience with them. However having said that I'm sure there has been many happy customers as well.
  8. Sounds normal to me. If l just leisurely take off at the lights in1st gear then suddenly put my foot to the floor there is a huge delay in response. The only way to take off fast with an SR20DET is to keep the revs up and let the clutch out quick. If you use the former method you will get smashed off the line by Civics and Prius taxis on the daily. I got destroyed by a taxi driver the other day who wanted to drag me and I wasnt really in the mood to be dumping my clutch off the line as it can be quite loud and draw alot of attention when you have a big 3 inch exhaust, so I took off slowly then flawed it so I had that "delay". Of course by the time I hit 2nd gear boost I flew past him but by then the race was over. tldr; Keep the revs up dump the clutch if you want a fast launch.
  9. Mercury motorsport is expensive imo. Also I had a bad experience with them a few years back which I wont talk about here. I have had much better dealings with East Coast Customs and Tuned Performance. Both in Brisbane and generally much cheaper. I had some outrageous quotes from Mercury Motorsport btw. I would never use them again unless I was desperate. Anyway each to their own.
  10. My BOV is crazy loud

    Thanks for the replies guys. Yeah I'll mess around with the softer and harder dial on the BOV. See what happens. Also I may end up removing the POD and putting my stock box on and cut the bottom out and just run a panel filter like I did with my old s15. Might soften the noise a little. But right now I'm actually liking the POD induction noise, sounds amazing when you put your foot down and you can hear the engine sucking that air in....sounds very impressive. Pity im only putting out about 200rwkw. I sound faster than I actually am right now lol.
  11. My BOV is crazy loud

    Its a turbosmart plumb back. Holy chittt it sounds awesome but its crazyy loud. I just got my car tuned the other day and Ive already scared the hell out of a lot of pedestrians taking off at the lights. I've owned a few of these cars before, my last s15 was never this loud with the same BOV. But this one is far louder and even more loud than an atmos BOV. Also off boost there is a crazy amount of flutter. I've never used a POD filter before so maybe that has something to do with it? Also my 180 has a custom hard metal intake. Does this increase the sound? The bov is located on the hot side and recirculates back in behind the AFM in case anyone was wondering. Dont get me wrong I love the sound, but it does get alot of attention but im sort of a low key kinda guy and dont like too much attention. Nearly every second person at the lights wants to drag me now just coz they hear the flutter and BOV....gets annoying after a while seeing some P plater YARIS come flying up behind you.
  12. Found an American company that makes the new gen 2 GTX turbos with S15 bolt pattern. Plug and play boys! No mucking around with intercoolers or silcone joiners or v-bands. Need to save us for this now. I wonder how the GTX 2871r would go? My theory is to run the gen 2 GTX 2867r on e85 on my 180sx without having to install cams or springs (saving a lot of money) and should net me a nice 260rwkw on my stock unopened engine. How you ask? There is a type x 180sx in the turbo reference guide (most recent page) with this turbo installed on BP98 getting 230rwkw without cams so I'm guessing on e85 its good for another 30rwkw. What you think? http://www.atpturbo....egory_Code=VSR2 http://www.atpturbo....egory_Code=VSR2 APPLICABLE GARRETT PART NUMBERS: * 849894-5002S The GTX2871R features an ultra high flow compressor wheel and Garrett 11-Blade technology. 560HP potential flow. The Garrett GEN2 GTX2867R features an advanced ultra high flow compressor wheel which supports up to 550HP potential flow.
  13. Make and model: 1997 180sx type x Size of engine: SR20DET Modifications to the car:3 Inch exhaust with high flow metal CAT,. greddy profec oled EBC, pod filter, z32 AFM, Nismo 740cc, solid metal intake, turbo smart plumb back BOV, Turnflow intercooler, Nistune. Type of turbo: T28BB (from s15) When does vehicle begin boost:3000rpm When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI: 4000rpm Does the vehicle have Cams? if so; NO What brand: What lift/duration etc: Max power achieve at what boost:196rwkw or 263rwhp Very happy with the result, but will likely upgrade to bigger turbo soon then e85. Didn't buy those nismo 740cc for nothing
  14. Oh yeah the turbo definitely won't last as long on 16-17psi. You will get about 2 years out your T28BB on that boost level. But they are cheap to replace anyway. Second hand ones go for as little as $200 now. Btw I just got my 180sx tuned today and I hit 196rwkw on 16psi with all the said mods above. Very happy with the result Check out details in the turbo reference guide if you are interested. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=192957&st=450#entry2088648386
  15. No the stock s15 T28BB runs brilliantly on 17psi in my experience. That is the sweet spot for this turbo. 12 psi is way too low. I'd definitely go 740s. Brand new they are the same price. Can't say for second hand. I think you mean a z32 here. No you don't need cams to hit 200rwkw with a s15 stock turbo on an s15. Cams with the stock turbo will actually yield a poor result. You need a bigger turbo to take advantage of them imo. Everything else I agree with. The only point you missed is induction. Depend on what state you live definitely hook up a pod filter (QLD) or in stricter states like Victoria cut the bottom out of your on air filter box with an angle grinder and buy a high flow panel filter for it such as K&N (very lightly oiled). Did this with my old S15 and it looks completely stock from the top and yielded about 15 extra rwkw (tested on the day) I remember it well. Do all this with your s15 and you will hit 190rwkw - 200rwkw. A very fun street car. But you will get sick of it quick lol. I know I did. Good news is you already have all the mods so buying a bigger turbo is easy. Then you just need a retune.