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  1. Big Bird RB25 Neo S15

    heaps off topic but what size and offset are those wheels you have in the photo of your intake plenum, concept concaves right
  2. S15 Rear end moving

    Sounds like the bushes are shot I'm guessing you don't have much knowledge with that but I'm with rb>sr, go to a suspension shop for a inspection
  3. Price : $600 Condition : Used SOLD
  4. Enkei rpf1 sizing

    end up getting these wheels?
  5. What Offset? - The Complete Wheel Guide

    Rpf1's on a s15 help?? sizes + photos Thanks
  6. sr20de 1via build thread, streeter.

    wtf is with this man,we all have to start somwere Yeh what the hell man, dont be a douche bag
  7. S15 with DC2 Front lip

    screw driver ( drill works even better ) and some self tappers, align it up. Bobs your uncle
  8. S15 issues..

    id be going for the alt, as rusty1 said battery is really only for starting up the car, alternator takes over once it's started
  9. Cool gear shifters

    Was it hard to get this on?
  10. S15 gearbox no longer smooth?

    im with lcd, try to inspect the clutch, bled the line then id say syncro's
  11. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    I'd throw a new water pump/gasket, t-belt kit and crank seal at it just to save a bullsh*t amount of hassle later down the track
  12. Aftermarket unit

    try these ones, always used em. http://bit.ly/SMww1x
  13. n/a 180sx

    did you get the gearbox fixed in it?
  14. why? if you dont mind me asking