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  1. Identifying lsd brand and type

    The slot next to it has the 2 way cam setting ( <> ) as well. I've only seen Cusco LSD's have the design that offers 2 settings. Hard to show a pic of because its not clearly seen through the hole.
  2. Identifying lsd brand and type

    Figured out its a Cusco by looking through the inspection holes and seeing the cusco design. Also seems to be in 1 way layout.
  3. Would anyone be able to indentify this lsd centre? Comparing it to images of other diffs I believe it may be a Cusco. Also is there a way to tell if it is 1.5 way or 2 way without opening it up? Was told it's a 1.5way when bought.
  4. Two Tone S13 Silvia Journal

    Recently took the car to get some body work done. Had the wing on the boot deleted, flared the rears in prep for some bigger wheels and some rust cut out. Happy with how it turned out. Flares should suit it more once I go 5 stud and get some 17's. Also took the car out for some more skids and tried out the dry figure 8 for the first time.
  5. Two Tone S13 Silvia Journal

    Haha, yeah it was a fun day.
  6. Thought I would finally make a build log for my s13 so here it is. Current mod list. ASI 52mm Alloy Radiator JJR 3" Dump/Front Pipe Kakimoto Exhaust Catco Highflow Cat Blitz FMIC Walbro 255 Fuel pump Nismo Engine Mounts Gktech Catch Can Gktech Eccentric Throttle Wheel GKtech Clutch Pivot Ball Gktech Solid Steering Bush SuperPro Steering Rack Bush DBA Front Slotted Rotors Intima SR Brake Pads Hel Performance Braided Brake Lines Bridgestone RE003 Tyres 205/50/16 BC BR/gold Coilovers Hardrace Rear camber arms Hardrace caster/tension rods Hardrace front tie rod ends Hicas Lock Bar Whiteline rear sway bar Nardi Deep Dish Steering Wheel S15 Front Seats Kustomkraft centre vent gauge holder Autometer Water temp gauge Turbo Smart Boost Gauge AEM AFR Guage Greddy profec B II Brick headlights Epsilon Southern Way Mesh Wheels 16x7.5 F+1 R+4 Ebay Window visors Bought this car pretty stock with just a fat ebay exhaust and some enkei wheels. Have owned this car for 3 years now taking it slow and enjoying it at every stage. Has been a learning experience for me being my first car to start modifying and trying to do as much of the work as I can my self. Has mostly been a bunch of gaskets, seals, fluids and bushes so it can be as reliable as possible. It is on its 3rd motor now with the first sr20de blowing and then throwing another in and now a sr20det. Have only been to a couple wet skid pan days with plans to get it gripping at wakefield as well. Currently have a few parts waiting to go on to update the look and will update once they are done. So far it has been a super fun car to drive and modify as well as costly
  7. Let's Talk Brake Pads!

    Can confirm the intima sr pads have been good for street/spirited drive use so far. Thanks Johny
  8. Yeah i ended up finding the two diagrams and it ends up being the same colours. Just a few extra wires on the type x loom not needed
  9. Currently doing a sr20de to sr20det non vct blacktop swap and ran into an issue were the interior plugs are different. I have tried finding wiring diagrams for this but didn't have much luck with most of it being about the vct models. is it just as simple as connecting the same colours together? or should I search harder for the wiring diagrams. I am using the engine loom and ecu that came with the motor out of a type x and putting it into an s13.
  10. Put both shafts in? because i thought you only had to have the long shaft in when you tighten it but I will give that a try
  11. Hey guys I am having trouble with the short output shaft sticking out a little and wont go all the way back in. I had just shimmed it by adding a .8mm shim in there. Rebuilt it back together on top of the long shaft to make sure it was all aligned and was sure that I didn't mix each side up. Have hammered it with all that I got and also tried putting it without the circlip but still feels like something is blocking it. Any ideas as to what could be wrong? R200 vlsd btw
  12. Fuel Pump Issues

    Thanks for all the help and info I'll try the replacing the fuel filter first and see how it goes.
  13. Hey guys, had a problem with my s13 sr20de cranking over but not starting up and figured it was the fuel pump because I couldn't hear it priming. I opened the cap and hit the top of it with a hammer a couple times and tried again. It started priming again but sounds a little different and started up the car. Tried driving it but the car starts jerking around 2k rpm when accelerating. I had just put in BP 98 a couple days ago for the first time because e10 was the only other one available. Is it possible this is the reason my fuel pump isn't working properly? I had put in some BP 95 unleaded again which is what i normally use but it is still not running right. This all happened suddenly when i tried turning the car on this afternoon, was running perfect just before this. Is it probably just the fuel pump on its way out?
  14. Just got these extractors for an sr20de and not sure what this is or what plugs into it. Would anyone know? They are 4-2-1 jasma approved extractors Thanks