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  1. Project Ranga s14

    Little update on this build as its been awhile, mounted up the diffuser. Also down to a 58.8 around the QR sprint track aiming for the 57's come Jap Nats.
  2. Project Ranga s14

    soo after a troubled day at the track I managed a best of 59.2 with consistant laps of a min flat or in the 59's all day, still gotta do some ducting work to try and get these temps under control.
  3. NS/HT Member Pack! Only $5!

    hmmm might need a new one for the 14 for the track tomorrow, you home today mate?
  4. those rear canards look nice
  5. Project Ranga s14

    so I finally got around to putting my new wheels on the car, heres some pics
  6. S13 Silvia Race Car. 2015 season finished.

    you were doing awesome mate, sucks donkey balls about the brakes but at least your not hurt and the car isnt to badly damaged. If your still feeling shit about the car just leave i in the garage for a couple of weeks then come back to it.
  7. Project Ranga s14

    so i had the car on dyno today heres the end result, 415hp at 22pound on e85
  8. Project Ranga s14

    When I get to it Jake lol
  9. Project Ranga s14

    been making a bit more progress, finally putting in the GTX3071r low mounted with a water cooled tial external gate. also Swapping over to a Greddy Plenum with a plazaman fuel rail and I.D 1000cc injectors and a aeromotive fuel reg In the boot is a ATL well cell and a A1000 fuel pump with dash 8 braided running from the rear to the front and now on E85. I think its safe to say this car wont be going near targa may have to pick up a 32GTR for that. Ill post up some pics tomorrow as I'm putting it all back together again.
  10. Towing Capacity

    I tow with my falcon ute manual, from 06 and on they went to the 2350kg tow rating and i can drive it round town like a normal car without it chewing a million L of fuel
  11. s14/s15 chassis talk

    As a car with perfect bushes ect ect and the same mods a s14 should handle better (wider track than the s15) got to agree with the above a 20 year old car will need a massive refresh to get it feeling like new again
  12. S13 Silvia Race Car. 2015 season finished.

    Jesus man glad there was no major damage, shall be checking and re checking all my new lines
  13. S13 Silvia Race Car. 2015 season finished.

    1:06 isnt bad, pretty much the same as when i started, try turning the anti lag on for a little you will love it lol.
  14. Project Ranga s14

    So this happened today Enkei P01 EVO's 17x9 and 17x9.5 +22 these are replacing the drift tech's I have been using with the 888's and going to Bf Goodrich g-force r1's. the tecs and 888's are now on the market if anyone is interested.
  15. you coming to the dark side and getting a QLD rego mate?