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  1. Mandi's 180sx - Parkway drive appreciation thread

    Did see the wheels till after the 1st page. Will look now. And if I see correctly, 205/55/15?
  2. Mandi's 180sx - Parkway drive appreciation thread

    Sizes/offset of the 15" rims? the deep dish ones with stretch.
  3. Nothing special, But this is my new project.

    Cheers mate, yehh the guy who sold it i was good mates with him. Got a new steering wheel(needed for roady) and boss kit. Deposit on a new exhaust, (needed for roady) Just trying to find some 5 stud rims and tires for under 600.
  4. Will this exhaust fit?

    Indeed it is a sr s13.
  5. Will this exhaust fit?

    Thanks WPN.
  6. Will this exhaust fit?

    Hey guys, mate has a stainless exhaust off a rb s13. its got a stainless cat and stainless pipe to a cannon, will it bolt up to the standard dump/front pipe on my sr? would it be easy to cut and weld the hangers in different positions to make fit? Thanks, brandon.
  7. Post pics of your tatts

    Nahh dunno what to get it there, probably just leave it shaded.
  8. Post pics of your tatts

    New one today! Still a fair bit of shading to go.
  9. Nothing special, But this is my new project.

    Thanks guys. Havnt done much, but got a a new job and earning more dollars! Soo shouldnt be long before parts get orded.

    About time...
  11. Nothing special, But this is my new project.

    Hmmm, well if i ended up going with the flares i wouldnt keep these wheels, id go crazy offset. But im not sure. just gunna get it registered asap.
  12. Nothing special, But this is my new project.

    Woah. Forgot about this thread.. Anyways, Cant remember if iv added, but i got STD taillights instead of chrome ones, fixed the clutch master, GFB boost controller, s15 fuel pump, battery is all mounted and wired up, did a bit of a "custom switch panel" thingo, degreasing the shit out of everything. Got ALL the front/rear lights working, that was a headf**k, but ended up just being bulbs in the wrong places, and wires cut and what not.. haha. Running at about 10psi, and it goes good. Done a couple test laps around the block and all i can say is it is going to be extremly fun when finished. 1st to 3rd gear skids with ease. Plans are: Diff welded. Front seats. Front seatbelt buckles!?!?!?! Steering wheel. Paint the chromies(proffesionally). New tires. New bodykit. Bolt on flares. Cat converter so i can put the exhaust on. Get gauge cluster working. Paint inside boot. Get roady'd and registed, then start buying upgrades.. Just waiting on some coinnnn! Flares like so;
  13. nissan v8 supercar revealed

    back in the day.
  14. Rodeo

    Power figures?