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  1. 2 way LSD

    I had a KAZZ 1.5 WAY diff in my 180sx for 5 years driving it everyday, it was very noisy and would clunk/bang with tight corners...dont go KAZZ if its your everyday car it was only fun when no-one else was on the road, late at night industrial area fun.. after owning a car with a 1.5way diff for 5 years im back to a normal lsd and its crap! single spins most time, or more power to one wheel....rubbish! i would rather my clunky diff back!
  2. **Spotted Thread**

    white 180sx at the service station opposite gymea high school on the princess highway this morning at around 7.50am getting defected had hes bonnet up with two cops looking at some papperwork on the roof...poor guy, who gets done that early on the way to work on a tuesday morning at a service station!
  3. NSW Spotted Thread

    spotted FU.180 this morning on botany road, alexandria at 8.05am

    i would be quite happy if somebody stole my car 180sx's are impossible to sell..
  5. **Spotted Thread**

    you drive the orange datto man? i own FAT-18T.. nice datto...needs an SR20 though!
  6. **Spotted Thread**

    yeah i see fat18t his got like s14 stockies or something? yeah thats mine.. kiddynamite i see your black s14 all the time
  7. NSW Defect Thread

    Car: Nissan 180sx 93 model Location of Defect: Kingsway, Gymea, 22.40pm on a fri night driving home from work...undercover pulled me over List of Defects: too low, FMIC, pod filter, engine breather filter, boost controler, exhaust, air horns(lol) Reason for being stopped: "Random" breath test...yeah right... Type of defect: Full inspection (Blue Slip) at AUVIS,1 hour to drive car home, 21 days to clear, 1x $86 fine for too low and 1x $143 for pod filter
  8. **Spotted Thread**

    hey sidd spotted you too mate, as usual i heard you before i saw you haha did you drive past my house at 11.15pm last night? a car with a loud external gate came past thought it was you..
  9. **Spotted Thread**

    ^^ traffic was bad this morning sidd, when it rains..nobody can drive
  10. Big Day Out 2011

    Tool Rammstein Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 Primal Scream performing Screamadelica Live Deftones Crystal Castles M.I.A LCD Soundsystem Booka Shade Pnau Vitalic Crystal Castles thats all i will see, i think im gonna go both days to make sure i see all these guys sets !
  11. **Spotted Thread**

    sidd you wont see me anymore because i requested to start and finish earlier as the traffic from bangor to alexandria is just stupid..
  12. **Spotted Thread**

    yeah ive also seen your s14 in traffic that morning run kills my life.. not bad on school holidays though i see RI.11.CE everyday also
  13. **Spotted Thread**

    Thats me... what did i do lol
  14. Wsid on wed

    ^^ ive got 189rwkw in my 180sx and ran a 13.1@109mph on s14 rims and normal street tyres, 2.1 60" foot time yours should be able to achive a flat 13 to high 12 sec pass with some good tyres i think 1/4 times have alot to do with the driver i see high power cars get shit times all the time and not so quick cars get impresive times! experince..
  15. 2010 albums you're looking forward to

    crystal castles new album