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  1. Hey guys Just having some trouble with a noise, when I'm reversing my car and I push the clutch in my car starts making a weird whirring noise but only in reverse with the clutch in, its an sr20de s13 Any help would be much appreciated Regards M13
  2. Swap meet #1

    Hey mate I'll be there got plenty of 'junk' to get rid of.
  3. broken sunroof blue slip

    Thanks guys, and I might fix the sunroof just to try that...
  4. hey guys, i have a 1993 s13 silvia and my sunroof doesnt open or close, I just need to know if it will pass a blue slip inspection. Regards M13
  5. eoi, custom wiring looms

    Hey guys bloke. Thanks for the info about the connectors, ive tried googling them but iit just comes.up with ac delco stuff any links??? And i am on watercooled, but i havent been on it in ages. Mop. yeah i thought some of you would like the split loom setup And the whole interstate thing thats definetely gonna be a problem. Ill figure something out... im also having trouble tracking down wiring diagram, its just doing my head in all the ones i find are either incomplete, blurry, in japaness or over complicated, if anyone has acess to just a simple engine and fuse/relay wiring diagram WITH legend for all silvias, id appreciate any help... And if anyone has a spare loom laying around they dont want/need anymore id love to strip it and make them a new one from it, for research purposes I know its a long shot but if you dont ask you dont get...
  6. eoi, custom wiring looms

    Hey guys Mop thanks for the info, that being said, i intended to have make each loom specifically for the vehicle in question taking into account the owners needs and preferences, i will try to track down new connectors, i was thinking of doing a split loom setup so theres connectors between the engine, body, and interior looms, for examples of work im currently mocking up a engine loom from some scrap wiring i got from work, obviously id be using brand new wire for any future looms, where exactly would you want you fuse/relay boxes relocated to?
  7. eoi, custom wiring looms

    Qualifications: 4th year apprentice motor mechanic for volkswagon (basically wiring is 90% of my job) Location: blacktown area nsw Examples of work: none Basically i was just putting it out there, just to see whether its worth making looms for people, i want to be able to expand my skills, i know people are constantly looking for upgrades and weight reduction, so i thought id put my skills out there, sadly i would not be able to track down connectors for each loom, so id have to use the pre-existing connectors, if anyone is willing to give me a chance im sure my work will speak for itself. Any questions or queries dont hesitate to pm me. Regards M13
  8. Hey everyone, Just wondering whether anyone on here would be interested in having a custom wiring loom made up for their car, id like to start up a small business to earn more money for my ride, id like to make concealed wiring kits and stuff like that, so if anyones interested let me know via pm. Regards M13
  9. Garage Clean Out - $100

    Price : $100 Condition : Used hey guys its time for a garage clean out all s13 stuff, i have: widebody fibreglass front gaurds for s13 (black) will require touch up:sold FMIC piping to suit sr20: $sold fibreglass "veilside" body kit (front bumper + skirts) needs respray :$50 cooling fan + shroud:sold 2x surfboard spoilers blue- decent condition, black- requires respray $10 each front bumper (bad condition) i just want it gone. Sold rear tail lights :$40 pair inner wheel arches :solD instrument cluster 18xxxx i think ill check this weekend :sold various interior trims. ask and ill see if i have what your looking for. EDIT: I also now have a slightly damages bonnet (blue). $60 2 front fenders 1 is undercoated and has had all the lines filled in (requires painting and light sanding).:$sold And the other is black with abit of surface rust. sold
  10. Price : $10 Condition : Used
  11. need a towie

    Sorry guys forgot to mention it's from doonside to Artarmon and the car does drive. Regards and apologises M13
  12. need a towie

    Hey all So I need to get my s13 towed from my mates house to my work, so I can have some repairs done before I can register and insure it. Anyone with their own trailer, truck or whatever. It is slightly lowered but the bumpers aren't likely to be fitted for transport. Willing to pay in beer or cash pm me or message me on 0433702971 with beer brand or $$$ Regards M13
  13. Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $0 Condition : Used hey aIl Im looking to buy a bonnet, front fenders and front bar for my s13 silvia I live in western Sydney. I can pick up from most parts of the Sydney area. Please feel free to call or message me if I don't answer I'll get back to you asap. Regards M13