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  1. Hi guys I have my brand new bride vios seats for sale. Brand new, but have taken them out and test fitted them to my 86, and then put back into their bags. Have all paper work that came with it, and still have the box. Also have the rails to suit ae86. Driver + Passenger Willing to separate rails and seats. Seats - $1000 Rails - $200 Would prefer local pickup for seats. Any questions please message me 0406422084 Justin http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/eastw...ax-/1051048611
  2. evo 3

    Evo 3 - 310kw http://forum.jdmstyletuning.com/showthread.php?39749-NSW-Genuine-Queens-Silver-Evolution-III-GSR-310kw-22psi-11.2-129MPH
  3. Skyline R34 GT-R Z-Tune Photos

    last photo at omori factory
  4. single turbo kit for 350z

    aye rabbit is that for johnny? http://www.topsecretjpn.com/turbokits.shtml tell him to buy that...
  5. hey all, nice fotos u got there. out of all the cars there i still reckon that this 180sx is still one of the best, even though it was there last year. justin
  6. JDM MEETUP : 20 NOV 07

    aye rabbit, ill see u down there. i think chooks goin as well with all the other boys.
  7. S15 Matte Black

    haha cheers mate. when i read that post on a matt s15 i remember that i seen the exact one in the car park... stood out between all these other silvias, rx7s, skylines u name it...
  8. S15 Matte Black

    I saw this car earlier this year at the tokyo autosalon carpark. f*rken awesome in real life
  9. aye rabbit nice car...and colour, when u stop being a show pony come for a drift. haha. and u to nghi...
  10. Aye tony u going 180 now...haha. Cant wait to see it. see ya soon mate
  11. aye tony, its justin. i heard that u got into an accident. that was the first time i saw the fotos of your car. Hope ur alrite.
  12. nice fotos. I jes came backa from Japan. I went to the autosalon over there...crazy.... one car in particular was this top secret 180sx that looked like a skyline 35
  13. Out with the old.... In with the older.

    hey man I saw u on the day u bought it. I was driving the red 180...at the service station. I was with the other sprinter...nice ride mate.
  14. ignition wire

    thanks mate for the help...oh yeah it was a sr20
  15. hey, i'm wondering if anyone here knows on a 180sx what colour wore the ignition wire is and if they could give me ne help in finding it. i'm putting in the defi boost gauge and need to connect one of the wires up. if u guys could help it will be really great thanks saru