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  1. Massive garage clean out random parts

    Received and replied
  2. Hey guys, moving soon so wanting to move some parts, PM for pics, can either text or email. Volk GTC top secret gold pair 17x9 +34... $800 Set Yokohama AVS white 17x8 + 32...$600 Starcorp Equip Black pair18x9.5+38...$200 S chassis Kakimoto diff back cannon...$150 New Raceworks top feed rail kit SR 13/180...$100 Apexi rev and speed meter Black...$200 AUtometer C2 monster tach....$150 Autometer c2 air/fuel...$50 Autometer sport comp fuel press...$100 Sard 740cc top feeds x6 suit RB...$250 S chassis Cusco brake master stopper...$50 Greddy profec B2 boost controller...$200 Full set Apexi el 1 electronic gauges, crazy hard to find as a working full set, includes all wiring and sensors, 7 gauges in total.. boost, 2x temp, 2x press, ext temp and monster tach with shift light...$1200 Spare Apexi el 1 electric gauges, no wiring or sensors, 5x temp and 2x boost...$100 each Spare Apexi el 1 monster tach...$350 Plazmaman 2L surge tank with all fittings plus Bosch 04 series pump bracket...$250 Black Nardi BC768....$250 Polished Nardi 2665...$250 Momo course...$150 S chassis Cusco caster arms...$80 TypeX window weather shields...$300 Adjustable C-WEST 2 foot wing...$350 R32 GTR boot wing...$350 S13 aero CA boot wing...$150 Greddy TD06/T67 RB dump...$80 S15 SR complete intake mani minus rail...$150 S13/180 set of mud flaps...$150 Stock SR NON VCT coil packs and loom...$150 R32 GTR stock suspension...$250 S15 SR coil pack cover...$50 S13 SR coil pack covers x2...$50 each 4 bolt hat, 6 bolt shaft R200 locked 4.1...$200 2x pairs 6 bolt shafts... $200 pair SR20 5 speed reco with snapped output...$300 SR 5 speed bell housing...$100 600km old competition twin plate solid hat twin plate with bearing and carrier...$750 Z32 ETS shifter mount with short shifter...$150 S chassis z32 to r200 one piece custom tail shaft with 1 inch splicer unis...$350 S13 wiper motors..$50 each S chassis 3x pedals for 5 speed...$150 S chassis hand brake with drift button and cable..$50 S chassis bonnet cable...$50 S chassis excel cable..$50 S chassis boot latch and cable..$50 S chassis 5 speed clusters, some 85k upto 150k... from $50-$150 depends on kms. 180sx body harness with boxes...$150 Uncut s chassis SR engine looms, uncut and spliced, from $100-$150 R32 GTR Apexi twin pods...$150 HKS SSQV x 5... $100each S chassis seat belts, full sets x2...$300 each 180/13 Vertex rear bar.... $50 180/13 Vertex side skirts.... $50 Garage is full of s chassis parts, switches, window regs, wiring and random parts, all ad as I find and if you can’t see what you need above shoot me a message and I’ll list it if I have it. Pick up is always welcome as is postage, all items located in Maroubra Sydney. Cheers Ross
  3. Custom Bobber, Pro Street Cycles

    That's fuckin sweet man. I would put a 21 up front and drag bars but fuckin sweet ride.
  4. 1997 180sx type x sydney

    Selling my type x , location is metro Sydney. Way to much to list so if you are interested hit me up for further details. 1997 white 5speed. Tomei 2.2L Advance built Vg box PTE 6262 twin scroll Power is 478kw@w on 32psi on pump 85 with only 10deg timing. Potential to be a mid 9 second car and will go 140+ mph. On road rego disguised race car, genuine inquiries please. Price $30,000 Ono . Vids.. Link to scabtree for pics https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/sydney-city/cars-vans-utes/1997-nissan-silvia/1138894618
  5. Let's Talk Brake Pads!

    Sounds like my mates Petrol
  6. If you already changed the plugs and gapped them to 0.7 and it's still going it then as I mentioned before change your pump it's obviously lazy..
  7. N12 EXA turbo

    And SEXY.. there was the cordia in 84... starion? Year? Close to 84ish?? Don't know why but I'm getting excited.. many good memories. Where it all started for me.. white Jap kit delta 3 star rims sp20 seats... good fuckin times. RTR696.. still have the plates in the garage.
  8. N12 EXA turbo

    I know FKN crazy... 3rd would winde like a bitch. When I was trying to sell it I had for sale on the rear window and lebbos and rexxys where more common then a Arab with a machine gun.. would pull up next to me talkin shit like they do sayin errrr bro I'll give ya 500. I'd scream out run me ya dirty cunt and chop them everytime.. next lights was errrr bro that things sik what u want for it... reply... fuck offffff. Likeyiu said thou I Havnt seen a mobile driving one in a long time, there out there but damb hard to find a runna
  9. N12 EXA turbo

    Back then the shit do do was a ca.. does make it a lot heavier in the front and and toque steer like a bitch but excellent quick lite weight little set up. Have seen a few n12 exa/et's on eBay cheap to buy all the same sitting for years with the same old story not running in years possible head gasket.. wouldn't expect to more the 500 for a project. Maybe 4kish for a good runna if you can find one
  10. N12 EXA turbo

    I had a et back in 98ish. Cool little car, had a t28 on a high mount Jap spec mani I got the intake pipe and the grinder and chopped the intake mani just so I had the section for the sensor and mounted the airflow meter with the intake straight of the side of the turbo with the filter hanging down so it got direct air.. GEARBOX!! Went through 4 and just like 13s third isn't your friend. Best thing I did was the Jap spec lsd box, running 14psi with the 28 and a old school supra front fount it would do 120 in second gear.. good little car but I'm guessing parts few are far and few...
  11. If wheels come down to 1700osh I'll take them
  12. How to id what diff is in my s15 / speedo prob

    And when you do your speedo will read true.
  13. How to id what diff is in my s15 / speedo prob

    Yea take the 19s off and put wheels that fit on