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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, first time posting, sorry if im doing it wrong! Anyways, here’s my issue, I want to run 18 x 9.5 with 0 offset all round on my 14 and want to know if there’s any issues I might have with clearance. im running stock brakes, MCA coilovers, I don’t mind running slightly stretched tires, how well would this fit and or how much work to make them fit?! Thanks
  2. Hey guys, I am new around here and need some help with tyre fitment! I am a complete noob with offsets. I am going to buy these RPF1s. 18X8.5 +30 | 18X9 +35 Does anybody here run them on an s14 and have pictures of the fitment? Or just have any idea about how well they will fit? I am currently running 245/45/18. 9" I think? on my rears. No idea what offset though. My guards are rolled and have plenty of space still. My other options are to drop down to 17s with a way lower offset, Some people that I asked say to try get my offset around +18? But like I said, I am completely new to offsets haha. Hope someone can help Thanks guys! [Edit] I forgot to mention! I am only running king springs No coilovers are fitted.
  3. Hey guys, regarding this post here: http://hardtuned.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=472481 The fitment is pretty much spot on to what I'm after; He states he's running rota grids with the following; Front: 18x8 +28 (with 10mm spacer) Rear: 18x9 +28 (with 8mm spacer) Now I've read with spacers you take it off the original offset to get the new offset amount? Correct? So it'll become +18 front and +20 rear? Although searching i cannot find wheels in those exact sizes. Closest i've found is "18x8.5 ET20 or 25 or 30" and "18x9.5 ET20 or ET30" Does what i did above work? As in changing the offset and not running the spacers? Also punching those numbers into an offset calculator returns saying I guess the second half of my question is looking at the RimTuck website here, this car with similar offsets at 18x9.5 +30 the rear wheels' outside edge will extend an extra 57m which seems like a crazy amount and wouldn't look like the images he posted. It's 4am and I'm nodding off, I'll edit this to make more sense tomorrow. Cheers.
  4. Would it be worth going with an aggressive offset on a daily? 18x10+15 all round stock height (350z)
  5. ok guys need your help please new to this site and forums in general ... need to know what size and offset rim will suit my s15 best ... i would love to buy ssr professor sp3 in spectrum silver but all the sizes and offset and other numbers mean nothing to me as i dont understand what it all means lol... basically i have hks coilovers brembo brakes and a lot of suspension aftermarket arms that are all adjustable ... so i need to know what size and offset will clear my brakes and ill get a nice tuck look under the guards but still very functional with out scrubbing on anything ... btw i have stock guards all round any help would be fantastic thatnks a bunch in advance!!!!!
  6. Hey guys, I am wondering what is the max width I can go for a 180sx on stock guards with no mods, rolling etc. Will these rims fit nicely? Front - 17x9 +22 Rear - 17x9.5 +18 or 17x10 +18 Thanks.
  7. Question is. What is safer.. If using a smaller slip on spacer, is having longer lug bolts needed? Would you recommend a 10mm bolt on hub centric spacer over say, using a 10mm slip on hub centric with longer lug bolts installed? I’ve been having a hard time deciding on offsets for wheels, been sitting in front of the offset calculator for days now and scanning through manufacture spec sheets. I have a few wheels in mind and I have a base line car with a set of Meisters to go by and compare wheel specs/fitment too. I have been using a s15 with Meister 18x9 +22A front and 18x10 +30O rear to reference offset from, on this car the rear pokes a bit (about 4-5mm and has about -2 camber) and the front has about 2mm clearance between coils and wheel but fits ok in the guard (I would probably take off 2mm from the guard just for a bit more room) So, all the other wheels I have been comparing to these by using the offset calculator I seem to get one side to fit perfectly (rears mostly) whereas the front always results in poke or coil interference. My only option really is to use spacers in the front which I’m not too keen on.. I wouldn’t use anything less than a hub centric slip on but I’m looking at maybe a 10-12mm spacer in the front which is too big for slip on which leaves me with only the option of a 10mm hub centric bolt on... not happy but will have to do. Wheels I’m looking at are Work CR Kai/ultimate (new ones) front: 18x8.5 +30 (this is what needs spacer, sits about 14mm from inside of guard, and 2mm into the coilover) rear 18x9.5 +30 (perfect, fits just how I want it, inside the guard about 1mm short of flush)
  8. So I just got my s15 the other week and I’m keen to do some body work but before I do that I need to sort out my wheels/suspension/guard rolling. I have spent months researching what wheels and offsets I want and I have decided on...... Work sp1 3p F: 18x9 +22A R: 18x10 +30O I have even gone as far as contacting the owner of the car that I have used as my inspiration haha. He said he isn’t using spacers which is good, and that he is running BC BR coils. Now, the problem is this. He says the rear is fine with clearance between the coil and the inside of the wheel and that he only gets scrubbing on the guards when he goes really low and drives on bumpy roads. The front is more difficult because he says the clearance is ok but there is "only 2mm of clearance between the wheel and the collar" and that "this is not ideal, however I have mates running the same wheels with Tein and Cusco coils and they have more clearance which is more ideal" Because I’m new to the scene and don’t really know my way around a coilover when he says collar is he referring to the adjusting collars that lock the coilover spring and height in place?? Is this minimal clearance going to cause issues, can the wheel ever make contact with the collar or is the 2mm clearance fixed in place?? Why is it that the BC BR coilover has less clearance than other coilovers, is it wider (I think I read that somewhere, the BC BR has a larger diameter?) I have researched and the BC BR coilover seems to be rated as a good quality product for mostly street use and some minor track fun for what you pay so should I go with them or another brand? Also the last option of course is just to go smaller in rim width but I can’t wrap my head around working the offset out, no matter how much I read I just get more confused. If I want to keep the same fitment up against the guards but with a smaller widths rim what would the offset adjustment be F: 18x8.5 +??A R: 18x9.5 +??O Any help would be great, I need to hear from experienced members that are knowledgeable and have plenty of experience with coilovers and wheel fitment clearance/issues. Cheers everyone! here is a pic of the car i have used for the original wheels specs but has 2mm clearance between front collar and wheel:
  9. Hi guys im looking at buying 16X7 inch rims to fit my s13 silvia non turbo that has s14 brakes and 5 stud conversion. i would like to know if 16x7 +40 is going to fit ? im just not sure on the offset so any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hey guys I'm looking to fit some new kicks for my s15 in the next week or two. I'm interested in a set of Rota Grid2r's but not sure if I'll be able to fit them under the arches. My car has +25mm wide fronts and the rear has been pumped and flaired. + I have fully adjustable BC coilovers and rear camber arms. The pics of my car attached are of 18 x 10 (+15 I think) rim on a 265 with no camber. The wheel specs are 19 x 9.5 +15, 19 x 10.5 + 15 Would this setup be feasible with some tweaking/stretch or just too much? Any help is appreciated.
  11. Hey peeps, Not sure if its been covered or not but where do people buy their rims from and what brand do you use ? What sizes, offsets do you use and why ? Current setup on Cats car is Sil80 with flared std rear guards with 25mm wide front guards. Rear LCA is std S13 with -1deg camber. Front LCA is std S15 with -2.5deg camber. Height isnt too low. Current wheels are : Front, Lenso D1R, 17 x 9, ET-4 Rear, Lenso D1R, 17 x 10, ET+15 The rears im not too worried about as i can always get say a 17 x 9.5 +12 or a 18 x 10 +15 or whatever, that width/offset is pretty common. What I'm a bit worried about is the front, got the car sitting perfect and working really well with with 9" width with -4 offset, where do ppl go if they want aggressive offset wheels ? As the likelyhood if these wheels getting damaged is inevitable and just want to make sure I have replacements ready to go if needed. I've seen that the Volk TE37 comes in a 17x9, ET +0, but worried about inner wheel clearance. Guess extending the lower control arms would help with that but then may run into binding issues with the tierods. I always use the below link to work out my inner clearance and also fitment: http://www.1010tires.com/WheelOffsetCalculator.asp So in summary, what wheels offer aggressive/custom offsets and where do you buy them from ?