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Found 207 results

  1. Hi everyone i am trying to get opinions on coilovers and set ups for a s14 series one. Just after what brands are great value for the money and that last. Wanting to set it up as a firm ride and stiff for getting sideways when wanted but still grip and help with handling. It is not my daily only a weekend car and hoping to get into drifting on the track in the future.
  2. Nissan Silvia S14 kouki front lip Trust/Greedy Gracer $150 including free shipping Nissan Silvia S14 kouki factory rear half spoilers $110 including free shipping All parts made from plastified epoxy and structural fiberglass, unlike polyester FRP parts, quite elastically and able to withstand strike impact without crushing. Fitting no need, prepared to installation Btw, about polyurethane lip strength, I've lost 1/3 piece of it on highway, just because of small stone. With my material of course it's won't happen. Shipping by Post of Russia is free possible to any country. these links just for examples of my work Here is my group on social network http://vk.com/nissanfrp and just for example thread on russian skyline forum http://www.clubskyli...ic.php?p=347074 or MMC Galant forum http://www.vr-4.ru/f...ead.php?t=24660 (i guess chrome could translate it quite correctly) contacts email: nemetzzzz@gmail.com fb: https://www.facebook.../dmitriy.nemetz sms: +79172768212 whatsApp +79172768212 Pay possible by PayPal Kazan city, Russian Federation
  3. All parts off my RED TOP Nissan Silvia (SR20DET) Ok guys this needs to be cleared! SMS or PM me your offers. I can post at buyers expense, pickups prefered. Located in Burswood, PERTH. All items are in working order if not NEW condition. All items are labelled NEW or USED. ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED. The first item i bought a few years ago from PLATINUM MEMBER tas_180 an never got to install it, and has been sitting in shed. Opened box as it was sent to me, to take pics of all items. WOULD PREFER TO SELL TURBO KIT AS WHOLE, BUT IF I GET ENOUGH INTEREST ON INDIVIDUAL PARTS I WILL SELL. USED Trust T518z 8cm Kit. Includes Turbo, manifold (tune agent), dump (tomei), front (GP Sports), Induction pipe (Greddy), hot pipe (Greddy), Inlet Snout and all plugs, gaskets, joiners, clamps etc. THIS TURBO IS THE SHIT!! 10,000km done ALL TOP OF THE LINE. This with all the supports mods including ( HKS Step 1 264/264 cams) has made an easy 270rwkw at 1.3bar (no ghetto dyno figures here). Peak power from about 4000rpm. Blades have little Chips on it but spins easily and no signs of rubbing housing. Only a little Shaft play Turbo removed working fine no smoke or oil. You can inspect if needed. The whole kit cost $4070. I paid $2400 Make me an offer. NEW GK TECK 3.0mm S/S SR20det manifold. NEW GK TECK Rocker arm stoppers. NEW GK TECK Cam gears adjustable. USED Trust Turbo timer. USED Razo shift light. USED HKS Electronic White face, 60mm Boost and oil temp gauges plus twin pillar and oil relocator kit sandwich addaptor with braided lines & fittings/sensors all included. NEW Bonnet vents. NEW Razo pedals. Front & Rear strut Brace. NEW Manual boost controller. Drivers side front fender black good condition. Aftermarket GTR grill. Standard grill. Standard Engine Mounts. Standard Glovebox. LH Sunvisor with Mirror. Standard SR20det Airflow Meter. Standard SR20Det Intercooler with piping. USED Digital Climate control with loom. USED Standard Engine Mounts. USED Kenwood DSP. USED Silvia S13 Speedo 101693Kms odometer. 2 Sets Mag Lock Nuts with Lock key. Inside Door Handle Trim Painted in light Blue. Standard SR20Det Fuel Pump working order. PLUS a whole lot of misc. parts for the car like door seals,lights etc etc If you have any quires or need more photos sms me on 0439 977 546 or pm me. THANKS
  4. After Coilover Springs and lower seat locking collars Springs need to 6kg/mm, 250mm, 65mm I.D. locking collars are for 53mm thread 2mm pitch off old school tein coilovers If anyone has any blown tein coilovers and can measure the thread than the collars may work well, thanks in advance
  5. As above, looking at getting a S14 JDM Kouki Rear Bar + Valences. Seen them come up every so often cheapish but as usual get snapped up quick! Message me what you have with a price. Brisbane preferred but will pay freight if affordable. Thanks
  6. SR20/S13/S14/S15/R33 Parts --- New and Used Assorted new silicone bends and reducers $15ea or cheaper the lot Gktech billet gearbox mount (New) $45 180SX Type X ECU $120 Hybrid intercooler 600x300x76 $100 S15 480cc Injectors $130 S15 wheels set $180 S14a AFM $50 Radiator locaters (New genuine Nissan) $20 Gearbox front and rear seals (New genuine Nissan) $20 Oil block seals pair (New genuine Nissan) $20 Fuel tank lock ring (New genuine Nissan) $20 S14 speaker pod (pair) $10 S14a stock bov $20 Apex intake pipe (SR) $75 4” Stainless custom intake pipe with pod filter (SR) $80 45 deg alloy bend 600mm long (New) $20 Assorted S14/15 body looms $60 S14 hand brake cables (pair) $30 S14 Power steering reservoir & lines $20 S14 Washer bottle $20 SR20/S14 engine fan $25 SR20/S14 Engine mounts $20 SR20/S14 Sump with bolts $40 S14 AC compressor $50 S13/180 Intake snout $20 Garrett turbo BNR32 & R33 (14411-24U00) $100 R33 driver seat with rail VGC $80 Single 2” gauge pillar holder (New) $20 Z32 brake anchor bolts for s chassis hand brake conversion $30 WTB/Swap S14a tail lights Bride brix on super low rail Holland Park 0412 810 644
  7. I've been reading some of the past forums and people keep recommending the blitz intercoolers, so I thought ide trust the majority opinion and go with that brand. But my question is would the blitz Se intercooler kit with a core size of 620 x 266 x 76mm support approx 350rwkw? Also would you suggest just buying the cooler and getting custom pipes done up to install as I see you should be matching your piping to your setup. I have a 3076 and na 60 mm throttle body so would the pipes that come in the kit likely be usable? )
  8. gaskets questions

    I have changed my turbo setup to a hks t3 stainless manifold onto a garret 3076 v band rear. I was wondering what is the preferable gaskets that will not leak on me eg 7 layer exhaust gasket ect... and for example I've been told to use copper max turbo side because it holds tight in heat? Any suggestions or personal experience would be greatly appreciated and suggestions from quality sellers
  9. NISSAN V35

  10. Hey enthusiasts. I have question for you regarding surge tank setups. I'm wanting to run e85 system. does the in tank pump that feeds the surge tank need to be e85 compatible? Or can I run the Walbro 255Lph pump I already have and just get a hight output e85 compatible external pump that actually runs the fuel to the engine? And what size external pump should I be using when im looking at making 360rwkw with injector dynamics id2000? Ide appreciate any information on this as all I have at the moment is the injectors and 255Lph Walbro which I'm happy to sell if needed.
  11. I have just become aware that the S14 (not sure if all or some) had OEM brake ducts attached to the caster rods. It would seem like a simple retro-fit to an S15 to get some additional cooling. However I am surprised that this is not mentioned much, and after-market rods don't have anything like this. Which brings me to the million dollar question, are these effective or just a waste of time?
  12. Selling Brand New Splitfire Coil Packs Model: SF DIS 004 Bought for $540 Selling for $500 Contact me through here or 0466 537 302
  13. WTB: Bride Rail for S Chassis

    Need drivers side and passengers side Bride rail to suit Bride Gias II in a 180sx so any rail that suits S chassis Needs to be LR type preferable but will take RO, RB and RK Reference from here: http://www.nengun.com/bride/gias-ii-low-max Cash waiting Thanks!
  14. Hey can someone identify the body kit on this silvia along with any other body mods? Thanks in advance.
  15. This is probably a really weird question, but I'm wanting to know the load capacity of an S14 IRS. I am aware of how little S chassis owners would care about such things (you probably don't haul much weight around in your boot), but I'm planning to put one in the back of a 1 tonne truck (holden rodeo) and I need the figures for engineering purposes. I've been given dispensation from Queensland Transport to reduce the load rating of the Rodeo, but the amount of reduction will depend on what kind of weight the Nissan rear end is engineered to carry. If I was to err on the side of caution I'd just use the load rating on the stock tyre placard, which I am told is not less than 545kg per tyre or 1090kg across the back 2 wheels. A better way I would imagine would be to weigh the back of the car fully laden with the maximum amount of rear seat passengers/fuel/boot luggage, but that'd be a lot of mucking around. TL;DR Does anyone have any load rating figures for this, or a similar (s13, skyline) IRS, or practical ways of obtaining these specs? Thanks heaps, Archie
  16. ##### RB25 FRONTPIPE HAS BEEN SOLD ##### All serious offers will be considered.. S13 3" stainless catback exhaust in good condish.Catco cat still has mesh inside.Has a small dent & scrape marks on bottom of mid muffler but no cracks. Quality custom job.Can dropoff locally or send with Courier.Pickups from Runcorn South Brisbane. Might fit 180/s14/s15...I'm no sure Asking $400
  17. Hey guys, Sorting through some of the stuff we've accumulated from our trips to Japan. Everything is new unless stated. $3 freight for small items Australia wide - unless you live in woop woop or somewhere really expensive to post to. Pick up available from Brisbane southside (anywhere near Sunnybank to Underwood). Hang Rings - $20ea Jap Learner Signs - Available as a magnet or with a suction cap - $15ea Jap Elderly Driver Signs - Available as a magnet or with a suction cap - $15ea JDM placement: Rare Fabric Learner Signs, only saw these once across 4 trips and manyyy visits to Up Garages and Yellow Hat stores - $35ea Universal LED Windscreen Washers - $5 to move it along S14/R33 Boss Kit (Part number ON-175) - $60 SOLD!! Any questions please PM. Thanks!
  18. NOTE: its from an s13 but has a r25det dump/front pipe...all serous offers will be considered I'm asking $550 ono for the lot! 3" stainless turbo back exhaust in good condition.It Has some scrape marks on bottom of mid muffler. I can send It with a courier or pickup Is from Runcorn,Brisbane.
  19. Just looking for a quick clarification as to stock S14a injector size, have read various things on different forums. Please only comment if you are 100% sure. Background info: I have a s14a with s15 (440/480cc) injectors currently installed. Want to use the stock s2 ecu for now so need to know if i have to revert back to smaller 370cc injectors if that's what was originally fitted stock from Nissan. Previous setup ran an Apexi Power FC, Z32 AFM and disco potato which i no longer have hence reverting back to stock ecu, stock afm and t28bb.
  20. s chassis parts

    ARC Side Mount Intercooler suit s13 SR20DET great upgrade from factory, capable of around 180rwkw, was running on my daily and felt great, very responsive $200 s13 rear 5 stud conversion hubs/calipers/gktech handbrake extenders/rotors/handbrake lines $150 locked up well Enkei Wheels 16x7.5 +32 & 16x8 +38 5x114.3 One pair 30% tread left, other pair tyres no good $500ono Work E Wing Fins 16x7+10 5x114.3 need a clean $700ono omori boost/vac guage/ Ks oil pressure(no light) the gauges are scratched up but do work, mechanical includes tripple din holder $50 r33 clock spring $40ono 2 gearknobs suit s13 possibly s14 and others $20 (dont have all black one) just drift and razo garrett t25 turbo very good condition $100 s15 sr20det manifold/dump pipe $60ono 180sx factory wing has been distorted from age $40ono photos coming soon Melbourne North Suburbs inbox
  21. Forsale 1995 Nissan 200sx s14 engine has done about 10,000km since rebuild Chassis has done 88,000km Full rebuild on engine Bottom end is forged over sized pistions BC stage 2 cams valve springs and to suit 1mm over sized valves brand new oil pump and water pump gktech rocker stoppers TD06 turbo on a low mount manifold running 24psi throttle body has been bored out AVO intercooler and piping 1000cc JECS injectors Haltech wideband sensor Haltech PS1000 computer brand new wiring loom and connectors plus a bulk head at the firewall Engine was tuned at Powertune made 274KW Twin plate custom made clutch made by Direct clutches 4:11 diff gears The body and paint on the car is very tidy well looked after always garaged interior is very clean no cracks or rips custom made seat covers spoiler removed holes welded sunroof 18inch wheels with heaps of rubber on the tyres slotted rotors and QFM pads BM45 brake booster and master cylinder Gktech billet adjustable rear arms Killabee coilovers front and rear Whiteline adjustable front swaybar Most bushes replaced with whitline bushes I'm Located in Griffith NSW 2680 $14,500Firm rego till March
  22. Various SR20 200sx Parts

    SR20DET 750cc Bosch Injectors+big bore fuel rail kit BRAND NEW $360.00 Ono SR20DET 850cc Bosch Injectors+big bore fuel rail kit BRAND NEW $390.00 Ono Apexi Power FC for 200sx for s15 Comes with hand controler $600 Ono S15 Interior $200 Ono Brian Crower BC0201 to suit S13 Brand$ New still in packaging $300 Ono If you have aby questions please call or txt 0410809915
  23. S13 S14 and R33 parts! In Wollongong. S13 SR20DE, unknown km's. Will come with ecu/loom, and boltons. Was weeping oil from rocker covers, will come with new rocker cover gasket. $400. ~~~~ D1 catch can $30 S13 corner light with blue overspray, main mount is intact, rear mount broken, $20 S13 SR20DET 3" stainless dump pipe $60 S13 3" stainless decat pipe $40 S13 driver side OO[] headlight, glass is perfect, has broken inner mounts. $40 S13 castor rods with nolathane bushes $20/pair S13 SR clutch, exedy stock replacement, heaps of meat, $50 S13 SR20DET stock radiator, held water fine. $30 S13 oldmate's custom fender braces, no idea on fitment. $50 S13 rear driver side LCA, $40 S14 rear seats, perfect condition, $50 S14 3" catback, $50 S14 bare rear subframe, non-hicas, $50 S14 BM44 BMC $50 S14 veilside rear pods $50 S14 complete URAS body kit, drift condition, $50 S14 widebody front guards $150 S14 vented frp bonnet, holes for bonnet pins, $150 R33 cusco front strut brace $80 R33 mirrors, white driver side, black passenger side, $20 each Falcon thermos $50 Saber FMIC with angled piping/piping to suit non-vct SR, and tial blow off valve. $250
  24. S14 Exhaust

    In need of an s14 exhaust, prefefferably from the turbo back. Let me know what you have either way.