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Found 54 results

  1. Hey Silvia Gurus, need some help. The Environmental Protection Agency here in NSW Australia have seen it fit to hand me a Emissions Defect notice because my 1990 RB20DET powered 180sx's engine light or Catalitic Converter warning lamps do not light up. Thing is, I need evidence that 1990 180sx's Do not have a check engine light in the first place, and that the cat light should only light up when the cat overheats. Otherwise, they're going to make me take my pride and joy off the road for good. Also, need to show how the EGR system on the RB20det (from an R32) works if it has one, I'm under the impression that it doesn't. Need this info within 2weeks otherwise it's goodbye to my 80. So... Help a brother out! Many thanks..
  2. Hi Guys Iv got a 1999 S15/200SX and my stock eletronic boost gauge doesnt work, all it does when you trun the car on is turn to 0 and just sits there. it still lights up and stuff. Any ideas? Cheers
  3. I live in Trinidad, which is in the Caribbean. I have a 180sx recently swapped my non vvt sr20det with the vvt out of the s15. I am only now, by force getting familliar with auto electrical (it is easier to find a gold rolex in the street than a good electrician down here). I found a decent guy to wire in my engine but as usual he took a few shortcuts. I have an apexi power fc installed and on the hand controller and the cars stock temp guage do not seem to be in sync. The needle does not start to move untill the hand controller(PFC) reaches around 95C Both senders are on the thermostat housing!! Aother problem is my fan is wired directly into the ignition wireing, i would like to put it back to the correct setup, does the ECU have anything to do with the fan opperation in s15 motors or do i need to instal a temp switch in the system to turn on and off my fans?
  4. Hi Guys, I recently took in my S15 to get a nistune and a Z32 afm installed and noticed that the car is running both rich and also that during breaking the idle drops alot to almost the stage of stalling... the mechanic told me its due to the fact that i dont have a BOV which is causing the air flow back into the z32 AFM and it is asking for more fuel which it doesnt get and idles low. Has anyone seen this issue before?
  5. Hey guys! Okay so I have a s15 spec S so it came standard with a open wheel diff. I brought a shimmed viscous lsd diff, but now obviously my speedo doesnt work because s15 speedos are run off the ABS sensor in the diff. Any ideas how i am supposed to get my speedo running? Cheers!
  6. Hey guys. So my car has heated side mirrors and one has a crack in the mirror. Now ive pulled it off and taken it apart, and in the process destroyed the mirror. Now my question is where would i get a replacement for it? Would nissan be able to provide the mirror only with the heater pad? Ive managed to scrape the heater pad off the old mirror and its in fine condition, could i just get a non-heated mirror and stick the pad to the back of it? If so what type of glue would people recommend? Would prefer to keep the heated option instead of replace it with a standard side mirror.
  7. I just bought a Nissan Silvia s13 and I was driving back from Brisbane and the auto gearbox shit itself so I'm looking at making it a manual.so I was wonderin if anyone on here has done one before or who knows anyone who would be intrested In doing a manual conversion and how much I'm looking at for parts + labour If close to Maroubra would be good
  8. Hi all, im having some instrument cluster problems in my type x and am hoping someone might have a solution. It started randomly one morning; when I turn my keys to acc power the fuel and temp guages max, and the clock doesnt work.When I turn the car on the speedometer doesnt work, the tacho ossolates up and down and the kms reading is maxed to 9999999. If i turn the car off and then turn the car back on nothing changes unless I have been driving for about 10 mins, where if i turn it off and then on again the instruments all go back to working. Its driving me crazy, I have checked that the harness is connected securley into the cluster, the fuse has been replaced and have also checked that the ground is secure. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks
  9. S13 Flasher Relay

    Need to go get a new S13 flasher relay, anyone know the part number and also what other compatible relays are out there, i hear i can use a Navara relay. Cheers in advance
  10. hey guys.. i had my car in limp mode for almost 6 months. Tried everything to get rid of it such as changing 3 AFMs, ecu etc.. But few days ago i happend to drive over a big water puddle and all of a sudden check engine light went off and car wasnt in the limp mode anymore for few days. Then i sat the car in the driveway for a week and started it on last friday and the check engine light was on again and car was in limp mode too. So i deliberatley drove the car over another water puddle and the check engine light went off. can somebody tell me if there are any sensors under the sr20det motor? or something that could cause this issue?? SR20DET gurus pleas shed some light on this issue.. thanks in advance Car details 180sx type x 1997 sr20det
  11. So for the past month my heater and front demister has been out of action, I've recently been trying to tackle the problem. I've found out that there is a manual arm in the drivers side footwell which is meant to be able to manual adjust the vents to the upper demister vents but that didn't work all it does is alternate between footwell vents and front vents. Another really annoying factor is that some mornings there will be a high pitched whining noise coming from the dash and the only way to fix is it press random a/c buttons and toggle the fan on and off and hot to cold until it stops. A/C fuse in drivers footwell is all good. Thought I'd ask on here before taking it to an auto electrician. Cheers, - Juliannnn
  12. s15 abs light on dash is always on, anyone else had this problem before, has tein monoflex coilovers, they have little electrical plugs in them down bottom i believe for abs, checked diff sensor and cleaned, light still on. could it be exsessive heat from the exhaust manifold? any suggestions please all help appreciated.
  13. Do we have a complete list of reasons the engine light comes on with an engine that has a power fc installed? 1. AFM max out 2. Inj max out 3. Knocking 4. Low engine oil level Thats all I know so far. Questions. 1. Does it go on for -all- sensors? 2. Can it light up for misfiring? 3. Can O2 sensor cause this? 4. Is it true that power steering fluid level can cause this light to come on? Reason I am asking is because the first 4 reasons are fine in my car and the engine light comes up and flickers on randomly... and I want to know if we have a list of reasons that can cause it.
  14. Hey guys, I am strongly looking into getting a set of quad throttles for my S13 (SR20DE Redtop). I think I have all the logistics worked out for the installation, but what I need to know is what to do about the lack of an AFM. I will be running sock filters, rather than going for a custom throttle body. I know that the Tomei Reytec allows you run without an AFM, but getting the software/finding a tuner seems to be almost impossible. It is also my understanding that these ECUs loose their tune if the battery is disconnected, which is retarded. So, what other options do I have? Nistune? Power FC? E-Manage? F-Con? More importantly, what are you other guys (all 3 or so of you ) running as an ECU? Or, is there a way to fake the AFM signal from the TPS or something similar? As I would love to just use my standard ECU in the short term if at all possible. Thanks guys, Lachlan
  15. i recently reshelled my sr20det into a shell which had an sr20de in it, im not at the finnal stages of the reshell and i cannot get it to start, it will turn over but it does not sound like it has spark. ii noticed that there was one plug not conected from the loom and also a plug not connected from the fuse box under the bonnet, both the plugs do not match, i have a felling this may have something to do with the plugs. im lost with this problem its done my head in.
  16. i have a top feed fuel rail with a spacer to fit some new injectors to my silvia. i have the injector harness out of the car and its confusing me. i have worked out that there is continuity between the thick red wire that goes to each plug, and im assuming that its the earth and that the smaller wires with the black trace must be the positive wires that energise the injector and make it work. what i cant work out is which is which on my new injectors. they are 2000cc bosch/injector dynamics ones. http://www.billet.net.au/billet_performance_products_025.htm what i would like to find out is A: am i correct in my postive/negative assumtions? B: which way do my injectors wire up?
  17. Hi all, Tried googling the issue but came up with nothing but 'low brake fluid' (which I have already ruled out). Just completed the manual conversion on my S13, now trying to iron out small issues. Firstly, the handbrake light does not turn off. I've checked the wiring to it (never touched it, but checked just in case), all wiring is fine. this light worked perfectly till the conversion. Any ideas? Does the auto loom somehow register it as handbrake on when it's in park? Another issue is the gear shifter I bought has the wrong size snap ring to hold it in - anyone know of the size of these? Its just an s13 sr20 gearbox, thought they'd all be the same but apparently not. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hey everyone, as my user name suggests I’m new to all things Nissan and I’m very very keen on all things Nissan, in particular the s15! I’m looking at buying an s15 spec r with low ks, near enough to stock. I have come across a perfect car, all original, all log books, serviced at Nissan, one owner since new, ONLY 57,000ks!!!!!!!!!!!! Selling for $12,500. It’s the perfect s15 in my opinion only problem is it’s a damn automatic which I DONT want, really want a manual. Anyway what I’m asking everyone here is what would you do with this car? Would you walk away because it an auto? Or would you snap it up because the engine is perfect and pretty much new and do the full manual conversion with say an s14 gearbox/rb25 gearbox? What would you do? I was always going to eventually swap the box if I bought a manual car because my goal is 250Kw at the rears, but is it worth the time and money to swap the box in an auto car? Too much time, effort, fiddling with, money, loss of reliability? The auto car could be mine for around the 13000 mark, would the cost of the conversion be beneficial or would it be better to spend more (say 18-19000) for a good s15 spec r that is manual from factory and start modding that? Reason I asked here is because you all own Nissan’s and s15's, and many of you have a great mechanical knowledge of the cars you own, so you all have the knowledge to help me out I hope this can turn into a discussion that will help make up my mind. Thank you all!
  19. Car sometimes will idle below 900, car won't start on the first key turn but second or third, so I'm guessing it my be throttle cable needs adjusting, and my neutral position sensor is not plugged in and I want to clarify if the cable runs next to the fuse box? (The middle one?) I will add a photo later sorry can't take one atm. I want to appoligise if this has already been covered but I couldn't find a clear answer while searching.
  20. Hi Guys, My LH head light stopped working today, went to change the globe and the new globe didnt work either. Found little to no power getting to the H4 connector, traced it back a bit but still no power. Is there a common fault? I have looked at the wiring diagram but it's not the best and its a bit inaccurate. The Car is a 1991 180sx. Any help appreciated. Thanks Grey180
  21. Heya I bought this 180sx 3 weeks ago. I saw the car running and I drove it before I took delivery, everything was good, car held boost and was pretty responsive and smooth. As a part of the sale the previous owner took out his turbo and manifold. So last week I put in a new manifold, turbo and braided lines. I finished piping up the intake and intercooler yesterday. The car is running really rough. The car has a slightly weak idle and occassionally stalls when in drive (its auto for now). When I apply throttle nothing really happens, it doesnt gain revs but seems to hesitate badly. When I pump the throttle it gains revs and holds the revs only if I keep pumping the throttle. from what I can gather there is no boost, I dont have a boost guage yet but will later this week. The turbo I bought (t28) had an internal wastegate set to 14psi so I adjusted the actuater before I put the turbo in and planned to raise pressure with a boost controller. I added about 40mm to the actuater arm, was this too much? or could there be other reasons it wont boost? I have the boost controller now, it has 3 nipples with the adjuster knob and im not too sure how to install it. Another thing is that the lights, wipers, windows, dash, pretty much anything electrical doesnt work unless the car is running. For this reason the fuel pump is hard wired. So far all the work I have done is new turbo, manifold, turbo lines. I checked for error codes but all it threw was 55 (no problems). The MAF is connected and working (was taken from running s13), o2 sensor is wired, all vac lines seem ok, all intake hoses are secure and clamped. I'm kinda at a loss here. this is my 1st turbo car as I've normally had na v6's. I just dont see what could have changed in those 3 weeks. I've searched this and other forums for a while but nothing has really helped so far. Any help would be appreciated. (below is a pic of my engine bay, I highlighted in green my vac line that goes to the actuater, is this right? It comes from behind the intake plenum. Does everything else look right?)
  22. Hey guys, a simple question as many forums have confused me. The fuel cut off when hitting the rev limiter on the stock ECU i do believe can be stopped, without stopping the limiter itself. I heard there is a device out there that does both the speed limiter and fuel cut off in one. Mind you I could be just dreaming here and am hoping someone can shed some light on this topic. I understand the best way around this is to go a new ECU from the stock one, however on a budget im taking in all sugestions.
  23. Looking for help on what's required to do the wiring for an s14 manual conversion? I've done all the mechanical side but stuck until I work out how to do the wiring. Thanks
  24. I've just purchased an S15 silvia but the indicators don't work 95% of the time (same goes for hazards), occassionally they will work for a couple of minutes then stop working completely again. I've done a bit of research and it seems to be that my flasher unit is failing and apparenetely it should be straight forward to replace. So far I've taken the 3 screws off below the steering wheel but I don't really know what I'm trying to look for and where to look. Can someone please help! Thanks in advance.
  25. Looking at getting a power FC tuned on my s14 and wondering what 550cc injectors people use and suggest? Also any idea on power to expect with t28bb, turbo back exhaust, alloy intake, fmic, z32, Bosch 040 fuel pump and splitfire coilpacks and 550cc injectors?