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Found 163 results

  1. Hey guys. my S13 currently has no rear seats, and ive been hunting everywhere for them with no luck. ive been offered a set of 180SX seats for free, and have been told they will fit the S13. can anyone confirm or deny this for me please? if they fit, with i need to make any modifications to be able to bolt them in etc? or does everything line up properly? thanks everyone
  2. Hey guys, im looking to get my PS13 registered soon, and have a few questions. to have the car re registered, do i need things such as my aircon compressor and aircon gas bottle etc??? also i need to get new rear seats and parcelshelf. is it stupid to ask if i need those in to register the car? Also .. does anyone know if i can get brackets for the top of my radiator? or if i should just make them?? id prefer to get proper brackets if i can, because i have to register the car. regards cheers
  3. Hey everyone, I have recently purchased an unregistered S13 running an SR20DE, to get re-registered and fixed up for the streets. Now, if you look under the hood, there is definately a few things missing. -Looks like the air-con compressor is gone. airbox is gone and replaced with pod filter and mount. -No power steering, and upon further inspection, there are belts missing etc too. -No water overflow resevoir. -And the engine runs rough too. This is just what i can see from a casual glance. So.... my plan is to slowly start fixing all these issues and get the car running and have the engine bay looking like it should do. Does anyone know where i can get my hands on a Nissan Silvia S13 owners manual, as well as an SR20DE technical manual, so that i can start fixing all these problems??? Most i have found are on ebay or gumtree etc... instead i would like to actually walk into a shop and buy a brand new copy of each of these books. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. ~Kungfu Panda
  4. First-timer Build

    Hi guys, i have read through a few builds before so kind of understand the gist of this place. I have owned my s13 for about 6 months now. I was looking for some kind of s-chassis for a while now and finally found on that had been sitting in a guys paddock for years after he daily drove it and seized the engine. It was what i thought was an incredibly stock, ca18de, auto sil that was left for dead and i was its saving grace. After borrowing a car trailer and bringing it home and giving it a wash (removing god knows how long worth of leaves and gross off it), i took some pictures. It is still running stock rims thats how stock it is some of the main damaging being on this panel but that will be worried about down the track the infamous ca18de powerplant that from what i have heard blew a hose and seized. oh and yes they are after market cusco extractors which the old owners cousin who owned it before him sourced from japan for a exxy price and put on. after talking to him i found a rather nice list of mods that had been done to the car. so there it is. my $500 Nissan Silvia. Stock as a rock. The list of existing mods include Cusco extractors, hks lowered springs, kyb shocks, thermo, trans cooler, sr20det front brakes rotors and calipers, ferodo ds2500 pads, r200 vlsd diff and probably a few more little ones. oh may i also add that im a full time uni student living away from home (and from the car) on full centerlink and a part time job at kfc, so this build happens as money comes in. so over the past few months a fair few parts have been aquired such as; new uncracked headlight, full set of HEL braided brake and clutch lines, a working ca18de engine (for now) and manual transmission, sr exeedy clutch and sr flywheel (has been researched and is strong and will work with minor mods), full manual conversion parts, new solid gktech steering bushing, overflow bottle, and a few more little things. my biggest recent buy was rear bar and skirts of a supermade instant gentleman kit that i am in the process of installing. it look pretty sick i think. (excuse the multi colors and missing boot lid. ) these are all just siting at the moment and are ready to be drilled and fitted. this is where i currently am. ive just finished my final uni exams for the year and ive started working 5 day weeks so the money shall start to come and then so will build progress. Keep y'all posted. Hangloose, CG
  5. Big discounts on all of our ISC Nissan and Toyota wheel spacers!! http://www.isccoilovers.com.au/wheel-spacers
  6. Dirty Red S14

    Kouki S14 was always a favourite car of mine as a kid, so April 2013 I bought my dream car (lol, idiot). Owning this car has definitely been an eye opener, and a massive learning curve but if I could go back and do it again, I probably wouldn't change it. I thought I was buying a bargain, a kouki with all the good gear at a great price, what could go wrong?! I had a mate in the know come check it out before I put down any money and he confirmed, good stuffs. A few weeks later, this fine automobile was in my front yard. Mods were: Rebuilt SR20 with 50,000kms Garrett 3071 T2 internal gate Tomei 256/256 with VCT Nismo 2 way LSD Greddy Intercooler 800cc injectors Twin Plate clutch Haltech PS1000 Tein coilovers with cusco adjustable arms ORC Twin Plate probably more but I forget... Sounded like a great combination for a nice street car. Plans were, ditch the rota's get a nice aggressive set of work equips, lower it a bit more and more or less keep it clean and straight while being a fun daily drifter. After having it sit like this for a while I started getting curious and pulling bits off which is when I discovered the jibbery. 800cc injectors - nope, Nismo 555's/550's (yellow, would have known earlier if I researched); Nismo 2 way - nah jokes bro, locked r200 (I had no idea what a genuine 2 way felt like, but I knew this was tight as ferk and would rip skids); At least it still has cams though... no idea what kind, good chance they're not tomei but having cams is a plus; Ended up ditching the twin plate because it was so difficult to get up the gutter into my yard. Polished the intercooler Ripped out the dash, got rid of the gauges and took off the turbo timer in an attempt to make it that little bit less defectable. Will probably all go back in once I see some serious track time. Also added in heater box etc, so that I'd have a functioning demister during the winter fog. No aircon though, because racecar. Acquired some budget skid rims, the more the merrier? Installed some front indicators, with additional bulbs because they are 5w and blinked fast Dummied up some 3" pig pipes Bit longer than expected, but that's cool if you aren't the police, right? Somewhere about here, it started running on 3 cylinders and after a bit of help from some members here, discovered it was the coilpack transistor/ignitor chip. After a week of having it registered, the 3071 decided it wanted to die a noisy death, like nails on a chalkboard, some front to back shaft movement was causing the turbine wheel to scrub on the housing It was time for a more responsive turbo anyway. After much umming and ahhhing and wanting to stick to a low budget, my Hypergear ss1pu came a few weeks ago. No pics of the fun time I had swapping turbo's, and getting 3 sets of coolant lines made up, and drilling out the holes in the dump pipe which changed position after dumping the chinese stainless manifold. While this was going on, I also installed GKtech RAS, which it was supposed to already have, a GKtech clutch fan and a billet pulley kit, however the alternator pulley needed modifying and the night before it's tune aintnobodygottimefodat so the factory pulley went back on. Something about this pic that I really dig And as of last Thursday I'm here... To say I'm disappointed would be a mega understatement, ECC did the tuning and he cleaned up the maps heaps because they looked shite before. The timing was 'out', but it seems that correcting that has taken ALL of my turbo's response. First install the turbo was nuts, positive pressure around 1,800rpm and 18psi before 4,000rpm, loved it. Now I'm not starting boost til about 3,000rpm and 18psi is after 5,000; as well as some other issues that need discussing. I'm going to call him after my exam on Wednesday and see what's up. So I'm on the hunt for a bigger exhaust 3"-3.5" if anyone finds a cheapie, let me know! So as it stands, mods are: Hypergear SS1pu T2 internal gate, sort've equivalent to a GT-RS I think Unknown lumpy cams Broken VCT China split dump P.O.S mix and match exhaust Greddy intercooler Standard intake manifold Standard exhaust manifold Alloy 3" intake pipe by ECC GKtech RAS GKtech clutch fan Haltech PS1000 Exedy HD organic Cusco adjustable rear arms Tein HR coilovers Rota D2ex - F: 18x9.5+13 (effectively), - R: 18x10+12 This thread is not as exciting as some on here, but it's going to be long, and hopefully marginally entertaining, by thriving in my misfortune if nothing else. Plan is still to keep it a daily, and attend drift events whenever possible, hoping to learn even more along the way, as there is an exciting/daunting world of LCAs, knuckles, members, racks, rods, and other mechanical goodness awaiting.
  7. Okay I've got myself a 1991 nissan silvia, it was orignally Sr20de, but has had a sr20det (91') engine swap.. The fuse box wiring loom was a complete mess, but it was running fine when i got it, me and a mate moved it around to make it look neater and the car didnt start after that.. we replaced that whole loom and plugged in everything, the car started and then turned off instantly, we messed around a bit more, and after we got it running, it was running quite rich, seemed like it was missing sometimes around 4 - 5k revs also, and it wouldn't idle properly on its own, you had to keep giving it gas for it to stay on Then today i went outside to see how it was going, i started it and it just nosedived and stalled, i unplugged the MAF and it would idle but as soon as it hits 2k revs it leaned out, which i know is what happens without the MAF theres plenty of fuel pressure, the fuel pump works fine, no vacuum leaks that i know of, the engine is factory, turbos plumbed back standard etc So basically my problem is, the car will start, but it won't stay on unless i give it some revs, still runs rough and the wideband gauge is telling me im running quite rich (and so does the exhaust smell) Any ideas guys! appreciate all the help I can get
  8. Hey there, So to everyone in SA, where are the best places to get my suspension, camber and toe etc etc adjusted for my S15?? Cheers!!
  9. Hey there guys and girls, So I've bought myself a JDM S15 Spec R and the wheels on it have a decent amount of poke. About 3cm on the rear and 1-1.5cm on the front. Wheels are Buddy Club P1s 17x9 +17 all round, front tyres are 245/40ZR17 (95Y) and rears are 245/40R17 (91W). I'm not sure on what my camber etc etc is set to.... If there are any tips of making them poke less I would love to hear them before I get defected haha.
  10. Hey guys I want to increase the power of my ca18de in my s13, I know I can put a turbo on but can't because of p plates and when I'm off my p plates ill have a sr20det to go in. Does anyone have a list of upgrades to get more power and ideas for better cooling and so on. Thanks
  11. Sr20 hp help

    Hi guys, i need some help with my SR20 i was looking at punching the 300+ hp mark so i did a fair bit of research about achieving it and only made 240hp on 14psi the mods i did include fmic 3' turbo back s15bb t28 on slide industries stainless manifold running 14psi rising rate FPR greddy copy plenum walbro 255, upgrading to a 351 555cc jegs injectors haltech e11v2 ecu turbosmart boost T If anyone has any information for on achieving my target that would be appreciated
  12. Click the link http://www.isccoilovers.com.au/spacers and use the coupon code "iscspacer" to receive a massive 20% off our range of ISC spacers for the month of September!!!
  13. ISC N1 S13/180SX coilovers on sale for $999 with FREE thrust kit worth $100!! This week only so get in quick or miss out (click the link to order) http://www.isccoilov...180sx-coilovers
  14. Hey guys, I want to get a S15 rolling shell to build into a competitive drift car, just wondering, how much do S15 rolling shells usually cost? Thanks Myles.
  15. Hi Guy’s… Because we stock so many parts now and to make it easier to find what your after we have split everything up into categories for you. Just follow the link to the parts your after below, there is a return link to this page at the top of every category page. Please post in this thread if you have any parts requests or questions as the other threads have been locked. Enjoy… Taarks Parts Nismo Parts SR20ve Parts SR20 Parts CA18 Parts RB Parts Drivetrain Parts Body Parts Interior Parts Kind Regards, Taark PS. Don’t forget yo check out the website at: www.taarks.com an our face book page at: www.facebook.com/taarksparts
  16. Nissan Silvia s15 purple/blue pearl

    Hey guys, just thought I'd share my car with you guys, It's a spec R s15, jdm spec. I recently bought it after selling my r34. I'm in vic. -car was featured in melbourne 2010 autosalon. was sorta badly taken care off by last owner, so I'm working on it now to bring it back to awesome. -car is a drift car/street car... hasn't been drifted with much though... just has the looks hah. anyways mods are: - HKS Cams 256 intake,264 exhaust. - HKS valve springs. - Rocker arm stoppers. - 660cc injectors. - Garret GT2871R turbo. - NISTUNE Ecu. - Genuine Gready intercooler. - Exedy HD clutch. - Fuel pump. - Catch can. - turbosmart E-Boost 2 controller. - BOV. - Sway bar. - Strut brace. - Half roll cage. - Full 3"exhaust. - Varex variable muffler.(Volume adjustable.) - BRIDE brix racing bucket seats. - Genuine VOLK GT-C18" with good tyres. - ISC adjustable coilovers - Kenwood DVD head unit. - ALPINE amps. -colour is blue from close, but purple from far 246 Kw(342hp)@1.2 bar and currently 206 Kw(281hp)@1.0 bar for safe tune after I finish cleaning and fixing up the little problems it has will have it up for sale soon cheers )
  17. hey ppl i'm new

    Hey guys, name's Hasan. I'm new I used to have a r34 skyline coupe was white... got bored so sold it, now i bought an s15 so i'm with u guys. hah plates are JDM15 - car has had like 3 previous owners before me. if u see me around say hi some pics of car uploaded below. car came with a shit load of mods including .246 Kw(342hp)@1.2 bar and currently 206 Kw(281hp)@1.0 bar for safe tune \ - HKS Cams 256 intake,264 exhaust. - HKS valve springs. - Rocker arm stoppers. - 660cc injectors. - Garret GT2871R turbo. - NISTUNE Ecu. - Genuine Gready intercooler. - Exedy HD clutch. - Fuel pump. - Catch can. - turbosmart E-Boost 2 controller. - BOV. - Sway bar. - Strut brace. - Half roll cage. - Full 3"exhaust. - Varex variable muffler.(Volume adjustable.) - BRIDE brix racing bucket seats. - Genuine VOLK GT-C18" with good tyres. - ISC adjustable coilovers - Kenwood DVD head unit. - ALPINE amps. -6x9 rear speakers cheers
  18. Red Racing's r32 drift piggy

    We have just started the build on our R32 gtst drift piggy. I'm Going to try and keep this thread up dated as we go through it. First jobs off the bat were putting the front bar back together properly (no cable ties here) sanding all the rattle can off it ready for full re spray. sanding back rear bar installing N1 oil pump Z32 AFM New Front coilovers Theres lots more to come so heres some pics.
  19. hey guys, so i own a 1990 Nissan 180sx with a s13 front end on it and i am looking at removing the s13 front end to put on a series 2 s14 front end on her. basically, i was wondering if anyone has done one or knows of someone who has done one and can give me a few words of wisdom such as, did you use fiberglass gaurds or did you cut and shut a pair of 180 and s14 guards to fit? and how much of a struggle was the headlight brackets?
  20. S13 manufactured date

    Hey guys the rta is asking for the date of manufactured for my s13 silvia In order to get it registered. Can I just make up the month Or is there a way to get the month that it was made in? And would my local nissan dealer be able to tell me or no?
  21. Well, after establishing the wild-fire spread group on FB with such high demand, and over 680 members, Loz Glen has been happy for Team S14 to migrate to join NissanSilvia.com. We are very proud to jump on board with NS.com as this will help us: Reach a lot more S14 owners Have an abundance of archived and organised Technical information, galleries, build threads and meet ups So, rather than ramble on, simply tell us who you are, what you drive and why! Who: John Smith What I drive: Zenki or Kouki What I do: Concrete-Dancer, Grip-King, Hard-parker or Church St happy laps kgothnxbye!
  22. vk56

    Just wondering if anyone has had much to do with the VK56's yet? toying with an idea for the next project car.
  23. Project Ranga s14

    Hi all Probably time I started this build thread (yes loz you asked me to do it 6 months ago) I bought my s14 in December 2011. It had a few mods already done to it * body kit (hated that) * wheels (18" by 8.5" +35 I think they were) * FMIC * Boost bleed valve * 3" exhaust with centre muffler It had a few rough points i.e broken side skirt, rough as fark front bar. But was in otherwise good condition. My General goals for this car was to do Targa Tasmania due to spending alot of time down there and falling in love with the race. But to also have a fun streeter that I could smash out track days in. mods Since I've owned the car complete Re bushing of the car (every bush was replaced) Tien mono flex coils cusco rear strut bar nismo front strut bar DBA 3000 s14 discs NISMO power brace NISMO GT 1.5 way Pro LSD Carbon center dash surround (car came with broken ones) NISMO Extended wheel nuts (wank Factor) Nismo extended wheel studs Bride Euro max seats Z32 AFM (no longer run this) Current wheels (24/03/13) drift techs 17" by 9.5 + 20 rear with 275's 17" by 9" +15 fronts with 245's Haltech PS1000 Apexi Power Intake (don't recommend this had to do alot of work to it to make it work like it was supposed to) Oil Cooler with back mounted 6" thermo fan 52mm radiator with 2 12" thermo fans (no longer run clutch fan so much more space) GK Tech oil relocation kit Gk Tech deep dish wheel Gk Tech brake stopper R33 GTR front discs Gk Teck caliper extender Gk teck Bash Plate Gk Teck adjustable arms (all of them) Braided lines Defi water temp gauge Drift boost gauge drift oil temp gauge drift oil pressure gauge pos air fuel gauge car came with project Mu club racer pads all round (bendex ultimates while having good initial bite ended up de laminating on the track bit of an o f**k moment) behrman d1 gp pro spec full aero body kit -technora-type Full 6 point weld in cage RPM 6 point harnesses H.I.D's Parts to go on still Gk Tech extended diff cover big arse GT wing (only for track days) R33 GTR Brembo's GOD SR plates Now what about the Engine I can hear you saying. The Engine has been left to last for a reason, that being I wanted to make the car stop and turn before I screwed any power out of it. The plan for the engine is 350kw at the wheels running anti lag (yes I am very awear of what it does to valves and other bits) and generally being SIIICCCKKK. Also looking at running OS Gilken internals in my gear box. Why not go rb25 I hear people screaming. Targa do not allow you to run a different gearbox the gearbox must remain the standard casing with the internals open to be modified. Thats about it for now cant think of any other mods I've done to it theres probably a few. So here's some Pics for you all to look at
  24. Not sure where to post this, please let me know if I need to move. Car stolen at 3am this morning from Wembley Downs, Perth. They entered house and stole wallet also. The wallet was found on footpath next to Brighton dog beach, therefore they were heading North. Please note: The car has a modified body kit on it, 180 SX Vertex full body kit, which I do not have pictures of. This is what the kit looks like: Vertex Body Kit It had a Garrett GT2860rs turbo on it. Licence plate: JPEX Front bumber had been cracked on right side. Left side skirt had also been damaged. I don't have any further details about the mechanical side as its my brothers car who is currently up north in the mines Please pm me if you hear anything come up, cheers.
  25. Nismo S-Tune style S15

    hey guys, name is jace i am a big fan of S-chassis and used to own a red s14a which was my first real turbo car, but since then i tried to move on and be respectable with my money and went on to buy a corolla sportivo, didn't last long without a turbo so i sold it to my older brother, 6 months later here i am introducing my new money pit! i like to keep and modify my cars with a clean fairly subtle appearance, not a fan of big chunky bodykits big flares and the likes. this is my 02 ADM spec S GT s15! bought it basically stock with just a full exhaust and coilovers and at the time picked it up for an absolute steal! current mods; motor/fuel/exhaust; standard internals custom no-hole fmic turbotech V2 mbc k&n pod 11psi walboro 255 gktech stainless bell dump gktech stainless midpipe high flow cat custom stainless mandrel bent cat back finished with a fagnaflow cannon suspension/arms; HKS hypermax III coilovers generic camber arms generic toe arms wheels/brakes; ROTA SVN-R 18x9 +20 & 18x10 +20 finished in matte black sporting forceum d850 205/40 and forcuem hexa 225/40 respectively stock brakes/generic pads interior/audio/visual standard leather front seats pioneer headunit 6" 3-way audiolines all round calibre boost gauge in-dash duralumin gear knob various hanging ornaments exterior/body JDM DC2 integra front lip Rolled and pulled/flared 1 1/2" rear guards JDM JJR wind deflectors spec R side skirts deleted gt wing de-badged rear and blacked out front emblem blacked out rear reflectors D-max roof spoiler Nismo S-Tune side and bonnet decals courtesy of racegraphix. trying to stand out amongst the many s15's. that's about all there is, it has come a fair way from when i bought it almost 5 months ago. but there is still much more to do before i can consider it finished "cosmetically". future mods to do are; fit my innovate wideband done! fit a origin boot lip black out or clear side indicators tint windows smoke rear light indicators swaybars front & rear front strut brace nistune possibly ways down the road + various things i can't think of right now. let me know what you think!