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Found 39 results

  1. Like new ,I should still have the horn button.If not you can get them from ebay Pickups from Mt.Gravatt Brisbane.Make an offer if you need it Asking $150
  2. Updated, more pics, more items, more prices. Can't take very good photos atm, smashed my phone's lens. Yay! SR20 GKtech 3" stainless dump pipe $70 PE1420 turbo on S13 SR manifold $500 Momo dished steering wheel with boss kit $80 Prodrive GC-05A 17x8, 17x9. Brand new 215/45 and 225/45 $650 S13 SR20 gearbox, good condition, $350 S13 SR20DE, with intake, front half of exhaust. Bought for a conversion but really CBF with non-turbos. ECU and loom included. $500 S13 Tein rear coilovers $100 S13 GAB shocks with HKS lowering springs, rears are sweet, fronts are blown $100 S13 rear driver side LCA $40 S14 3" catback $50 S14 driver side mirror $20 S14 rear LCA $50 each S14 BM44 $50 S14 veilside rear pods $50 Bare S14/R33 rear subframe, non-hicas, $50 R32 GTR front brakes $300 S1 RB25DET - complete engine. Leaking oil from rocker covers, has blown exhaust manifold gasket. Unsure of KM's, was a replacement motor in this car. Previous owner had done timing belt, water pump. Complete with loom, afm, Tomei remapped ECU $1200 R33 mirrors $20 each R33 tein super street coilovers $600 R33 GReddy fmic and piping kit, $350 Falcon thermos $60
  3. So I'm thinking of rebuilding a set of 33 brakes before I put them on my car, because they have been sitting around for a million years and who knows what life they have lived.. My question is about the bolts that are used to hold the calipers together.. I know that I can just buy a rebuild kit for the piston seals and whatnot, http://www.kudosmotorsports.com/catalog/nissan-brake-caliper-rebuild-seal-kit-front-complete-end-genuine-nissan-350z-z33-skyline-r32-gtr-r33-gtr-r34-gtr-v35-350gt-brembo-p-399.html But none of the rebuild kits i can find have the bolts included as well.. Do i just reuse the bolts or do I have to track down some new ones? thanks boys..
  4. Hey guys, I've been searching around many forums and haven't really found a very definitive answer on this specific topic especially since it seems everyone has a different name for each part and it's hard to understand. So I've attached a photo to be more specific. Sorry but I'm still a noob with this kinda stuff, but just want to do the job right first time. Currently looking at parts to buy to do 5 lug conversion on my S13 (just the front for now), there's a few people selling some R32/33 front axle assemblies including the lines, rotors, callipers, hubs and knuckles... I know from the guide that most of the R32/R33 brakes (rotors and callipers) will fit after putting on S14/15 5 stud hubs, but I'm wondering if the R32/33 wheel hubs themselves would fit onto the S13 knuckle spindles after removing them by taking out the wheel bearing lock nuts. That way I can just buy the one part without screwing around with S14/15 hubs and LCAs, or getting aftermarket ichiba hubs and the like. Has anyone ever specifically tried this before? Cheers
  5. Hey everyone. I need help, tips and pointers from people who have done this before or know information on it. So I don't want people saying "go rb20 it's easy" or asking how much power I want. I'm just getting it together and running standard not going massive power now. I have a r32 skyline rolling shell and putting a series 2 rb25det into it. I have gearbox n the custom mounts to fit the 32, the motor and other bits and pieces. 1st, question would be, is a rb20det radiator the same as a rb25det? If not will a rb25det radiator fit in the standard brackets in the r32? 2nd, the loom and ecu I still need to buy but want to know will it all plug and go or do I need to customize the loom to fit the r32 and if so is it a small easy job or do I need it professionally done? Does someone have a step by step instructions for it? 3rd, when I got the car it came with the exhaust from the cat back but no cat, the bolt pattern is 3 bolts and seems to be 4", now I have looked up r32 and r33 cars and they are 2 bolt does anyone have a idea what the 3 bolt goes to? 4th, can someone tag the how to thread for installing a forward facing plenum on a rb25, I have been searching and can't find it. Thanks everyone in advance, I'm sure I'll have more and more questions but a lot of help would be great thanks Mark
  6. Used Spare Parts Imported From Japan ( We Cannot take Enquiries Or Reply Via PM) Enquiries must be via phone (03) 9311-9966 Mobile 0402 379 919 (Lee) Or Email https://www.advancedjapautoimports.com.au/help.php?section=contactus&mode=update Current Stock - Prices Starting From $20 Subaru WRX GDB 6 Speed Sti 2003-2006 & 1999 - 2000 GC8 ( All Parts Available) Mitsubishi Evo 4-9 Lancer ( All Parts Available) Legnum Galant EC5A / W Twin Turbo (Most Parts Available) JZA80 MKIV Supra TT 6 SP Manual & Auto - N/A 5 SP & Auto (Most Parts Available) Skylines R33 R34 V35 , All Guises Including 6 Sp Manual S1 V35 With Brembos (Most Parts Available) 200sx , Silvia 180sx , S14 S15 (Most Parts Available) Mazda RX7 Series 4 - 7 (Most Parts Available) Toyota SW20 AW11 NR2 & Starlet ( Glanza ( EP82 - EP91) 4EFTE Turbo 1.3 (Most Parts Available) Pulsar RNN14 GTIR AWD SR20DET (Most Parts Available) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 1 - 3 (Some Parts Available) Z32 300zx VG30DETT & VG30DE & M35 Stagea (Some Parts Available) Toyota Soarer 1JZ & 1UZ V8 (Some Parts Available) We Try To Stock The Most Sought After Parts Engines , Gearboxes , Turbo's , Superchargers, Coilovers , Recaro Seats Manual Conversion Kits, Stock & Afternarket Mechanical LSD For S & R chassis Nisssanss ECU'S , AFM , Engine Conversion Packages, sr20, 4g63, 4efte, rb25,rb26, 2jz, 1jz, 13b turbo, 4age supercharged, 4age black top 20 Valve VG30DETT, VG30DE, 6A13 Legnum , VQ35, VQ25 Plus More ............. Location Fact 4/31-39 West Circuit Sunshine West , Vic 3020 (03)9314-7776 - (03) 9311-9966 0402 379 919 (Lee)
  7. Hi guys, my name is Emilano. My drift car got stolen on Saturday 21/12/13 from my house in butler W.A in between the hours of 3pm and 5pm. The car is a White Nissan skyline r33 gtst with a widebody, carbon bonnet, green wheels and stripped interior with cage. it was last seen in balga heading south at around 5:30pm and was spotted on a tow truck later on. if anyone has seen it or knows anything please contact me on: 0435 046 564. any information would be much appreciated. Thanks guys
  8. Teenage R33 4door and more

    It has been a experience owning imports! A couple of years back I purchased a 33 4door to do something a little different, back then know one really owned 33 4doors and i had never really seen any nice ones not even on google. I thought I could build something pretty cool seeing as I had a relatively blank canvas with not influence from other builds. I found my inspiration from any car that appealed to myself and tried to see if could apply it to the 4door. The thing is, my taste was always evolving.. Before I dedicate this thread to my 4doors THE 180SX Purchased this car with with no import knowledge and no friends into imports. I new what I wanted and did the whole impulse buy, I really wanted a s13.. oh well. Motor cracked a bore in the first 2 weeks, after letting it sit for a while I decided to do full forged build cams blah blah blah. Paid AVO turboworld 10k cash upfront just for the built motor and cams alone. They were bed wetters promising the world and then taking 1year to build an sr20det LOL (laughing at my own stupidity; in my defense friends of friends type of thing) and i the end refusing to give receipts for anything. Whilst waiting for a year for the motor to be finished, I purchased heaps of shit, new gearboxes, new wheels, 3071, braided line, sump, suspension components etc. etc. Once I got the car back I hated it because of AVO. I did some more mods to it then sold it on run in, having never drifted it. 3 years bye bye... BRING IN THE GIMP (lesson learnt- build smart) For the aforementioned reasons I ended up with this My first mod was 100,000km service and roof racks for the snow season! mint! After a while of daily enjoyment I started with the mods to build the car my way. mods list that took place before my first drift day Summert Matsuri 2012, some cosmetic for daily life some for drift. -Shimmed diff -loom over strut tower -power fc -highflow turbo -strut brace -rear camber arms -castor rods -BC coils -replaced front mount with return flow front mount -shimmed diff -bought some xxr for skids rims -relined with black carpet and also did parcel shelf -dashmat -bucket seat -wool seat covers to hide said bucket seat -Fuel pump -Exhaust -blitz I colour -side skirts -JDI knuckles and longer tierods (only because got offered them really really cheap) -raise bonnet -Frush gaskets! Not the most impressive list but for a daily/drift car the balance of both worlds was perfect. Fake wheels so I didnt care about damaging them, stock engine bay, wool seat covers to hide the bucket seat from the Police. No defect in over 2 years of driving daily.f**k yeah This brings back memories, driving to Matsuri. Barney had 100k plus work tow rig with Tins car on the trailer. Very happy This is about the only real picture I got when I was on the track...f**k yeah
  9. tranmissions

    Ok so I went into my genral fish shop that sell fish, outside I seen a r33 skyline with a semi auto transmission, I didn't even know you could change your car to semi out, can someone give me info on it, don't want to here just get a manual tho please
  10. Hey people, haven't been on in a while and want to get back to sorting some stuff out for my silvia. Semester is coming to an end soon (it couldn't come any damn sooner....ugh engineering problems) and I can finally get around to modding. I have in stall a new intercooler from a S15 specR. New and better fuel pump and hopefully a new tune set up done by a friend of mine and some software i need to buy. BUT when i bought the car the previous owner threw in a set of 300zx calipers and told me that it was already running the discs (yet to fully verify). Was just wondering, are there any difficulties with throwing on the 300zx calipers, i only have the front two, will it cause any imbalance or anything like that? (rim clearance should be fine, im on r32 gtr rims). Thanks in advance!
  11. Hey, Thought I might post up my 33. One of the cleaner skylines I've seen. All stock atm though, except the rims and exhaust.
  12. R33 build thread

    Hi guys. A mate told me to start this build thread so i did Make: Nissan Model: Skyline R33 S2 Year: 1996 Manual: yes Engine: RB25DE i have had my R33 for about 12 months now. i got it stock as a rock noting done to it and it was clean as. jsut what i wanted I'm slowly building it up adding new mods making it how I want it to be. So far these things have been done: Xtream heavy duty cluth Walbro Fule pump 255L Front end resprayed + new bonnet. as i hit a kangaroo on the frist week of getting it got some cheep Lenzos of a mate not the best but where only $400 New head unit and spekers installed Front and back strut braces new brake pads High flow cat HIDS blue dash lights Nardi steering wheel Hurricance Extractors coilovers HSD Nistune ecu front camber kit camtech cams 260* timming belt water pump rocker cover gasket new plugs and a dyno tuned. before all work was done it had. 110KW im still waiting for the cams to be finished. so it hasent had a final dyno but will let yous no. still have more i want to do but as listed below 17x9 D1rs or drift techs not sure. (mattblack) rear camber kit bride bucket seats brake/rotor upgrade kit maybe a new body kit and black bonnet to match rims. sway bars (whiteline) turbo when i get my blacks. so yeah guys tell me what yous think ill keep it updated and try get some photos up today
  13. just wondering if a ca power steering pump will fit in an rb20 power steering bracket ????? cheers
  14. hey guys i really need to know as soon as possible, can i fit a non turbo r33 factory airbox into a non turbo r32? thanks your feedbacks will be very greatful.