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Found 124 results

  1. Hey guys, new to nissan silvia and just looking for a bit of advice.. ive been on here while but never really made any posts. im thinking about buying a S13(possibly r32) and doing a lot of DIY work just to learn a bit and understand how they work. Im new diy work and have never really done much with cars. im a young apprentice electrician, so im not exactly loaded with cash. but im very interested in engine/mechanical sort of work and its something id love to do as a lifelong hobby. bit of a weird question but here goes: should I look for a cheap, running S13, not exacty in top engine condition, and learn to do a bit of DIY sort of stuff myself? Or should I spend a little more in looking for a good s13 that’s more reliable and then do it up myself,? other thing is, or should I buy an R32 (Rb20), play with that and learn a little bit; and then eventually swap an SR into it? .…- doesn’t seem to be too many around and probably not experienced to that but R32’s are becoming harder to find and I just thought that would be a way to have an older/unique sort of car with an awesome setup. (car will be more a weekender and project…. But cant be an absolute lemon that it wont run and be rendered undrivaeable lol) ps, im new so don’t flame me, just looking for a bit of advice thanks guys!
  2. FUUARK my 14

    Hi NissanSilvia, I've usually been posting up a lot of stuff on JDMST, but I have now seen better light and found NissanSilvia is actually a lot more technical and better suited to me. Anyway, majority of the following will be cut and paste from the other forum, so I can keep it as detailed as possible of the process and build status I have had with my 14. Please feel free to join us aswell if you own a s14 Click me to join TEAMS14
  3. 92' Nissan 180sx 'Sienna'

    Hi Guys, Finally decided to join my fellow Nissansilvia brethren and create an account and post Just wanna introduce you all to my recently purchased & daily driven 180 'Sienna' Motor, Transmission, Exhaust & Mechanical. -1992 -Redtop - Non VCT SR20DET -182,734kms -5 Speed - Short Shifter -Pod-filter -3" to 2.5" GKtech Cooler - not return feed so a huge hole in the battery plate -Standard Cat, Removed mufflers & some cannon Interior. -Climate Control - all working condition, gets hot & cold QUICK ! only drama is I can't get half the module illuminated - changed bulbs (out of ideads) -Electric Windows -Black Nismo Gear Knob -Immobiliser, Central locking & Alarm system -Greddy Turbo timer -Drift Button -'Personal' Steering wheel -R32 GTR Front seats Steering & Suspension. -5-Stud Conversion - Not sure whether they're modified original hubs, R33 or Ford - they're a weird setup (hopefully will post pics) -R32 GTR wheels - Bunnings Warehouse Matte Black can job ;p -Standard Springs in Pedders struts - Came with 'G4 Racing' Front coilovers - never heard of the brand but were noisy as f**k Paint. -Hideous Silver Respray - Bonnet and roof sprayed black (86 panda style wannabe) It's pretty rough, not very clean an obvious backyard job. The car was originally white.. I wish the previous owner left it white Temporary plans are to throw it back on coilovers, gloss black Ford territory wheels and bump up the boost to 11/12PSI Eventual Plans. 200RWK - T28BB -16/17PSI, Z32 AFM, Full Turbo back exhaust, Upgraded exhaust manifold, S15 or nismo 555 Injectors, R32 or walbro/bosch Fuel Pump & Nistune Full type X Kit (including Spoiler) & interior Respray back to white - hopefully blue pearl in it too Sunroof Tien or BCs coilovers sitting just neat on Volk CE28n's or a set of black XD9's Feel free to throw some comments, opinions and tips etc if ya got some. cheers, xo.
  4. i have a 180sx i have upgraded to a built s15 motor and the 5 speed gearboxs arent holding up any more i am looking to swap to a rb 25 or z32 box but witch way to do is best ive seen some kits out there and im not to keen on putting a spacer between the fly wheel and motor seems dodgey is there a good spacer kit out there? ive been leaning towards the ets kit (engineered to slide) but want to know if there is better ones out there cheers
  5. Hey all i'm from melbourne and i picked up an s13 with no road worthy, the mechs say it can be done for $1,500 all up, i spending too much? It would be great to get a reply, thanks Ps. I am new

    WEll here it is what you guys rekon??
  7. N/A aero sileighty street car

    hey all, I've had this car for nearly 6 months but haven't done a lot to it yet as I haven't had money and school has been getting in the way but now I've saved up a bit and have started to do some things I got the car pretty much for free as my step brother owns a car yard and all I had to do was work for him for a while and I got to choose a car I haven't done a lot but here are some pictures of the car open to any questions or suggestions for the car
  8. Hey i recently purchased a set of n14 quad throttle bodies for my s13 with a sr20, i have been doing some reading and im still not sure if these are a straight bolt on, or is than an adaptor plate if so is there a thread on how it looks/made. Cheers
  9. Hey This might be a dumb question, but i figured this is the best place to ask it.. What's the difference between the suspension in an s13 and an s14? I am planning on putting the engine/suspension/front end from a silvia into my ta22, & i've been told i'm best off using the suspension from an s13 in terms of actually fitting it in fairly easily. The problem is i'm keen to run the s14 sr20 for the extra power as well as having the 5 stud wheels instead of the 4 stud (will hopefully be running r32 or r33 brakes). What i want to know is - is the front and rear suspension/steering close enough between the two that i can get away with it? Or am i going to have to buy all of that seperately? Cheers PS, I can get either car for pretty much the same price
  10. 1JZ Cefiro

    So basically I had a daily S13 which I sold mid January. Also had an R31 track only car which I was learning in and was just starting to actually set it up but then this popped up. I have always wanted a Ceffy, just something about them that I really like! There was no point in having 2 track cars so I sold the 31 in 3 days, stoked! Picked this up the weekend the 31 sold. So basic mod list at the moment. It has been dynoed at 187kw on 14psi. I have dropped it down to 8psi though. Now got 235kw on 16psi and 249kw on 22psi Engine / driveline Redtop SR SR gearbox (noisy) GTR Gearbox with custom tailshaft and crossmember T28BB turbo GT2871R Nismo 740cc injectors Tial 38mm external wastegate Z32 AFM E85 3 inch straight through HKS Oil cooler + relocation block with all braided lines FMIC Still FMIC but in the engine bay now Rocker stoppers Bosch 040 fuel pump R200 diff locked S14 set up in the front (knuckles etc), with R33 LCA's R33 rear brake set up Suspension and handling JIC coilovers in the rear and ISC front Front strut brace Hicas lock bar Extra lock spacers New steering rack Solid rear cradle bushes Interior All seam welded (also the engine bay is) Bride fixed back Velo GP90 Hydro handbrake Takata harness Full 7 point roll cage GKTech steering wheel Nardi with sparco quick release boss kit Trust gear knob Stripped except for sound deadning (JOY) Fully stripped now Water temp, oil temp, oil pressure and boost gauges Exterior Stock body Roof spoiler GTR wheels all round Plans are all the usual shite. Project Mu handbrake shoes, get new front right guard, probably another set of bumpers, decent rear wheels, TD06 with all supporting mods, all adjustable arms, proper 2 way etc etc. Basically I want 230-250kw safely and a decent suspension set up. Some pics... When I first got it Rear end Engine bay (dirty at the time) Mallala And how it finished after Tailem the other week
  11. 180sx Part Out

    Hi this is my build thread for my 1993 180sx, I brought this car in 2010 in Darwin, when i got it a fair few things had already been done but the quality of work was very poor. The car came with the following parts- 19" wheels which are just crap to use on a silvia sr20det which had a bit of work done to it garrett gt30755-56t turbo surge tank sparco seats s15 front end surge tank blabla bla it had a sunroof but the lid went pop and flew of into the horizen had some shit rear bar and thanks to someone who ran into me after onwing it for a couple of days i got all the rear end done. I tore out all the sound system and some interior when i got it regoed in QLD it turns out the chassis rails were not welded down, must of had an accident and was never reapaired properly, so when that got fixed it handled alot better and could brake without one wheel locking up. There are just to many dissonest people people that i have dealt with when doing stuff with this car it pisses me off so much, but im slowly learning whats what when dealing with car building. When i was stil in the Northern Territory i was put onto a guy who was importing a full Tomei engine form Japan, this guy knew all his specs and knew silvias well so i thought it was going to work out well. Wrong- when engine arived it had a few tomei internals i had to buy the rods because it only came with some shit nissan or nismo shot peened ones. With my current engine setup and tune it made 268kw at the wheels, dam small turbo (note to self dont listen to other people when they say thats the right turbo I will be leaving the engine alone until something brakes then i might have to go the Ve way My goal for the car is to get it up to a high standard so that it wil be competitive for time attack and the odd tarmac rally I live in Townsville and there is only a go kart track for a circuit, first race is 24th march and im hopeing that diff and wheels have arived from japan by then so i can fit all the brakes,arms ect These are the parts which i have brought and parts that im waiting for delivery and fitment. ENGINE Head work Inlet cam- Tomei type r pon 256 11.5 mm lift Exhaust cam- Tomei type r pon 256 11.5 mm lift Tomei adjustable cam gears, inlet and exhaust Tomei type A valve springs Tomei rocker arm stoppers Inlet port diameter 56mm Outlet port diameter 60mm ARP head studs Standard inlet, exhaust valves, rocker arms, pivots and guides Bottom end Tomei 87mm forged pistons Tomei forged h beam conrods Nippon denso chrome moly rings Nismo main bearings set to .035 oil clearance Acl race series big end bearings set to .040 oil clearance Acl race series mls head gasket 1mm Arp conrod bolts Front mount intercooler Alloy radiator with twin thermos Nismo 1.3 bar radiator cap Tomei oversized oil pan Greddy style plenum Greddy oil cooler Turbosmart BOV Spitfire ignition HKS s30i super fire racing spark plugs AEM universal high volume fuel filter Engine isolation/ kill pull cable WHEELS/ BRAKES Gramlight 57d 18x9.5 +12 offset all round Toyo proxes R888 245/40/r18 tyres Rays Engineering wheel nuts R33 GTR Brembo front and rear calipers Project Mu scr pro two piece rotors front Project Mu scr one piece rotors rear Project Mu rc09 club racer brake pads APP braided brake lines 5 stud conversion SUSPENSION Billstein adjustable coillovers Cusco front sway bar Cusco Rear sway bar Kazama castor arms Kazama traction rods Kazama toe arms Kazama rear upper arms Driftworks lower control arms front/rear Whiteline adjustable anti roll link kit Whiteline sway bar link bushes Driftworks solid subframe bushes DRIVELINE Jim berry 5 plate button clutch INTERIOR EPAS, ratio quickner pedal box bride seat Keys racing semicone steering wheel Keys racing shift knob Works Bell quick release hub Works Bell short hub Hks evc6 Fire extinguisher Battery behind passanger seat pics when i first got it, went to a motorkhana and and you could imagine how bad it understeered with those wheels and a chassis that wasnt welded down new rods going in pic of chassis rail after being re-aligned and welded (it was out 2cm or something) current turbo setup When i moved my intercooler back i found this rag inside the intercooler intake side, big thanks goes out to the guy who put my new engine in! doing a bit of wiring clean up rear calipers from Hong Kong getting cleaned some of my new parts waiting to be fitted how the car is now front calipers turned up today- thanks import monster ill take them to get checked out tomorow. Oh another dodgy story, when i brought the car i was told it had r33gtr brembos on the front, back then i didnt know what they looked like exactly so i thought sweet. But as i have recently learned they are shity z32/r32gtst with a brembo sticker, now i have the real items it should brake very nice.
  12. So I missed out on winton and was just looking on ebay and came across this. You had me at hello Wanted a C33 for a while, love the wackiness of it all. They are rare in aus and seem to be near non existant in NSW, think I've seen 1 or 2 ever. the only one I've seen for sale in NSW in the last 2 years was RB20E (yes they came out single cam) auto, hail damaged, no rego and was still 4k Anyway this was a roller up about 30min north of Brisbane. With it being a bit out of the way (12.5 hours ) had a bit of a think about it, got myself way to gee'ed up, put a conservitive bid on it, buying site unseen and with it going to take $500 of petrol to get it back down here didnt go too high. Ended up winning it for what I was happy for (paid more for a thrashed 13 shell with less in it) the auction ended a bit after 6pm and by mid day the next day me and 2 mates were in the car and on the way up with a trailer on the back. We got up to Coffs and crashed there then got up to Brissy the next day. Have to say the infrestructure in QLD kills SYD, 6 lane wide freeway was pretty boss. Met up with the guy after he finished work. The car was rough, interior is filth, but I was almost expecting worse. So loaded it up, paid the man and left about 7pm. Got out of brissy and back over the boarder, mates decided we were going to go rambo and get home in one hit Random servo doing a fuel stop and driver swap After a while, mates got dropped off and was driving the last of the 1500km in the 22hours, it was 8:30am and was kinda cool seeing Reaper and Juzzo on the way down to winton on the M5 just before campbelltown. In the arvo unloaded it and had a better look at it No front bar, But already got on on the way from japan Boxy yet awesome "Laurel since 1968" love these little touches Came with s14 gear on the front, cheering For some retarded reason the guy cut the brake lines, will have to see if I can fix these or i will have to try and replace them Looked like the guys backyard was a swamp as there is light surface rust all over the floorpan and the subframe is rusted.... got the tailshaft as well which is good The interior is rough. Looks like the fabric was srtipped off bottom of dash and door trims Its filthy though Looks like it was left with the windows down for a while, how the hell does it get macidamia nuts on the parcel tray GTR passanger seat was a nice bonus.....Pillarlessness is boss So already bought a front bar off YJP Pretty much want to turn this into a decent streeter So short term plan is to strip out all the interior, clean it all out see what I have to work with, then get all the stuff retrimmed. Then get drop all the running gear out and clean out the surface rust on the underside of the car and hit it with some chassis black. Put a Skyline/Silvia subframe in to replace the rusted one, that way its an easy way to get a R200 and 5 stud in one hit. Paint engine bay . Then look at getting it painted, probly just a modern gunmetal with a bit of mica through it. Maybe series 2 taillights Then in 9 months when my daily sil runs out of rego drop the S15 SR20 in there, get it wired up, regoed Run a inbay intercooler, quite exhaust So will hopefully end up in a nice streeter with some go Get your hipster on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiwcUdX7XMw&ob=av2e
  13. my so to be 1480sx

    Hi guys, Thought I would start a build thread, so let me know what you think. For starters the car is a 96' 180sx that at some point in its life was an auto, it's pretty much standard. Not looking for big power just reliable and good handling/braking. While I was out of the country, bored and having only internet/ebay to keep me company, I went a little crazy. These are the parts I bought. more parts turn up every day List of parts. Exterior. Carbon Hatch Type 3 side skirts URAS rear bar s14a drift front bar s14a carbon top sercret bonnet s14a HID headlights s14a smoked indicators s14a bumper lights tinted tail lights Enkei RPF1 17x8 +35 f 17x9 +35 r muteki open wheel nuts varex muffler carbon side mirrors Full set of adjustable arms* coilovers* Brakes. R33 gtst front and rear TRW pads RDA slotted rotors CNC front hubs BM50* eagle adaptor HEL braided lines tilton proportioning valve Curcuit sport hydraulic hand brake Interior. Bride seats* bride fabric for trimming Autometer sport comp II water, oil temp, pressure, fuel pressure, fuel level, tacho momo drifting steering wheel momo atomik pedal, hand brake, gear knob set NRG quick release B&M short shifter circuit sport soild shifter bushes HKS EVC 6 HKS turbo timer push button start Half cage* Engine bay. Garrett GTX 3071R ram horn style manifold tial gate braided water+feed lines GFB deceptor pro V mount intercooler Freddy sump accusump oil cooler tomei oil relocation adaptor tomei oil cap tomei fuel reg tomei fual adaptor sard 555cc injectors walbro fuel pump fuel cooler power steering cooler alloy rad alum over flow bottle coolant adapter z32 AFM w/ tomei plug spit fire coils engine damper CAS clear cover * yet to buy So far I got the car on stands and the front brakes on and just got the adapter for the handbrake today so the rears will be on tomorrow along with new diff and gearbox oil change..... side skirts just turned up along with my new carbon hatch that is almost fitted Have a good one Simon
  14. crate engines

    ive got a feeling my sr is going to let go in the nearish future and was wondering what people thought about getting crate engines in instead of trying to build off a new standard sr, also what companys do these engines. i.e I know tommie do one but i think it goes for 20k.
  15. Engine Block Crevis

    I have a coolant leak from the bellhousing and its coming from the welsh plug at the back of the motor, I took out the old welsh plug and then noticed a little crevis so I tried to put as much aviation glue as possible but that didn't work so im wondering if anyone has any ideas of how to get rid of this crevis and make sure no coolant is going to leak from that bitch of a place again.
  16. Sup yall, in a nut shell im sick of my POS ^%#* ($^&@ stainless manifold and wish to repalce it with somthing chunky , and get some more steam pipe in my life. my only issue is im low mount and external gate whitch is not a really off the shelf kinda set up. I only run a HKS GTRS so im not keen to go high mount, so far ive got powertune who can make me one for $950.00 but for 2000 i can buy a high mount kando set up with new turbo and sell off my old sh*t So basically im asking for any reccomendations for a low mount ex gate mani or if you can build me one for a decent price? rock/
  17. Will start this off with a bit of back story... Bought my silvia a few years back, first import first turbo etc. When i bought it i barely knew how to change a wheel, learnt alot with that car, quickly learned how to waste cash changing plans every two seconds, hopefully i avoid that this time around... Took it off the road near the start of the year with intentions for it to see a few track days. 5 stud, wider wheels adjustable sus arms and a solid cradle went in along with other bits. Got it defected within ten minutes of driving after months off the road, let it sit in the driveway, cleared in a few months after. During this time i picked up a daily for a measly 500 clams off a mate of a mate. It was an ex nanna ke70 with 360,xxx kms on the clock, cleaned it up, got it running flawlessly. Then proceeded to have the most fun in a winter i have ever had in a car. This only made more apathetic to the siliva, and i let it grow layer upon layer of dust while i spent my time attempting to kill a 4k Soooo about a month back i made the decision to sell the sill and purchase something more suited to my needs... Wanted something i really didnt give a f**k about panel damage and paint, the sil was clean, and i wanted something not-so. Looked around at a few more s-chassis cars, but couldnt decide on one whilst trying to sell my own was difficult Spotted this KE on gumtree, had been setup with an SR previously, and it caught my eye instantly Went down for a look and the owner was perfectly honest about everything, and for the price the setup was something that came well within my budget and suited my needs perfectly. A deposit went down on mine that next morning and it went straight onto the KE The previous owner being a f**king champ dropped the car off today, specs list from FS add below Ohlins coil overs front R31 Skline diff with mini spool front mount cooler Helps 3/4 roll cage Full exhaust RB20 gear box S13 silvia front brakes Full s13 gear upfront, crossmember, rack, LCA's Bolt on Flares Adjustable rear traction arms New rear springs (5kg) and shockers for drifting helps knuckles 15 by 8 Rota rb's (queue haters) Big fuel pump with lifter pump and surge tank Hydro HB Also came with some other bits and pieces, for the price i was happy with it and it should serve my needs much better than the silvia The Plans? Looking around for an SR atm, still tossing up whether to get something stock first, or to look for something with a bit more fruit... To get it going it just needs the SR and ecu, cooler piping and will have to re-do the exhaust. After that will look at pintara diff gears (4.11) as this still has standard 31 gears, unsure if auto or manual Will be planning to hit up as many possible drift pracs and events as cash permits next year, so hopefully should be updating this thread with some horrible attempts at drifting, and giving a million and one reasons why i should stick to a streeter haha But il give it a crack! Cosmetic wise, my first impressions were that i wanted to go back to big flared metal guards, but the flares have grown on me Got a chrome rear bar that needs some work and a front one coming, so they will go on along with some fender mirrors. cosmetic wise that will be all that changes bar some tyre stack love Excuse the shit pics, rolled it into the carport and rolling it out while i have 4 cars here is kinda difficult Next update should include a tractor motor and me complaining i cant even afford mi-goreng for a week :/
  18. Could someone please help me identify what N/A SR20 engine i have and what it came out of. Ive been told by some some it is an AUTECH from S15 others from an S14. It does not have the AUTECH ECU and extractors but i know for a fact that it does have variable valve timing. Im just unsure because ive got so many opinions. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance. Engine number: 231200W
  19. GKTECH Stainless steel 7 layer SR20 exhaust manifold gaskets @ $26 This multi layer stainless steel exhaust manifold gasket is a direct replacement of the standard unit and is an upgrade from your general carbon composite manifold gaskets which are prone to blowing out. - Race tested and a proven performer - Replacement for Nissan part 14036-75F00 - Fits all SR20 applications $26 introductory price - HUNDREDS IN STOCK NOW ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HOW TO ORDER: Click the link here and add the item to your cart: http://www.gktech.co...uctID=SR20-gskt cheers, Greg Kruse - GKTECH www.gktech.com.au
  20. GKTECH Stainless steel 7 layer SR20 exhaust manifold gaskets @ $26 This multi layer stainless steel exhaust manifold gasket is a direct replacement of the standard unit and is an upgrade from your general carbon composite manifold gaskets which are prone to blowing out. - Race tested and a proven performer - Replacement for Nissan part 14036-75F00 - Fits all SR20 applications $26 introductory price - HUNDREDS IN STOCK NOW ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HOW TO ORDER: Click the link here and add the item to your cart: http://www.gktech.co...uctID=SR20-gskt cheers, Greg Kruse - GKTECH www.gktech.com.au
  21. GKTECH - SR20DET Clear CAS covers - Direct replacement of the standard item - Light weight - Durable design for the roughest conditions - Designed for race use - CAS not included $18 and in stock now! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HOW TO ORDER: Click the link here and add the item to your cart: http://www.gktech.com.au/front.asp?pid=11&ProductID=SR20-casx cheers, Greg Kruse - GKTECH www.gktech.com.au
  22. hey, i hope someone can help me with my problem. i have a 1992 Nissan Silvia Coupe SR version, okay lets start.. i brought a fairly new s13 sr20de *120***km.. (i hope) and fitted up a 5spd manual gearbox to it.. the car was auto in the beginning, ive been doing researching and more researching, wish i paid this amount of attention in school..... but i finally got the engine and gearbox in mounted it all up, hooked up all the looms apart from the body loom since i cut it from the auto gearbox that was in the car, fairly close to the gearbox so i gave myself alot of room to cut and mess up on the looms... i am unsure of which wires to cut and solder together to bypass the park lock so that the car will start.. theres 4 clips on the side of the fuse box closest to the driver, and i cut the bottom one and soldered it together, 2 big wires that are coloured black and tan and plugged them in and tried to start the car and the car still does not start, i did some more research and found out the middle plug is the inhibitor switch, anyway im rabbling on now, i would just like some help with it the car at the moment has full function to the dash lights, head lights, brake lights, indicators, hazards, window wipers, horn and so on.... but it just doesn't want to turn over, doesn't even try to turn over, could anyone tell me why this is? Thankyou also on another note, i got the starter motor off my old auto motor and put it on the new motor since i forgot to grab the starter motor when i picked up the engine... could this have anything to do with it? any information would be greatly appreciated thanks to anyone that can help
  23. After getting defected I'm not turning this into a drift car Engine RB25DET Series 1 Yellow Jacket Coilpacks 500cc injectors Bosch 040 Nistune Apexi AX53B70 turbo soon to be replaced with a GCG 3566R Z32 Airflow meter Greddy Front mount intercooler Drivetrain 5 speed rb20 box Eagle racing 3 puck brass button cushioned clutch welded diff Suspension JIC FLT-FAS Coilovers Cusco front strutbrace lengthened R33 lower control arms 15mm rack spacers alloy subframe collars Cosmetics BN sports kit Nardi steering wheel Vanquish roof wing Bride VIOS III Takata Harness SSR Vienna DISH. Front; 18x8.5 -8 Rear; 18x9.5 +15 when i got the car: The previous owner to his knowledge, told me that the current motor in the car was a rb25det NEO. However, upon closer inspection it was only the NEO timing cover and that it was in actual fact a rb25det s1 engine. It was a confusing week trying to decipher the engine, sending engine bay pics & ecu part numbers out to workshops to help me figure wth it was. oh well you live and learn. Big thanks to Garage 7 for helping me clearing that up! Anyways, the car came with an AM Performance screamer which was nice however didn't fit my needs as a daily driver. I contacted Andrew at AM Performance and got myself a plumb back down/front pipe made up. I then called Andrew up again a week later to get my full system done. It consisted of straight through cat, varex centre muffler, and twin 3" titanium staggered tips. Very happy with the outcome! I currently have some parts ordered and am patiently waiting for them. Cheers for having read and comments are always welcomed. Solomon
  24. very clean s13, looks nice as it is, have fun building it up