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Found 1 result

  1. Weez's 2JZ 180SX

    Not much a forum whore, as I used to be in my younger days, but I'm always reading and scouting the for sale forums. Here is my latest purchase; Spec list as follows; ENGINE: JZS147 2JZGTE approx 110xxxkms Cast single turbo manifold T4 flange 38mm wastegate GT3582 anti surge turbo .82 ATP rear housing T4 flange Custom oil + coolant turbo braided lines JZA80 water pump Re-routed wiring looms + bonnet cable to engine bay GKtech plastic overflow bottle Walbro GSS442 high pressure fuel pump Removed throttle body traction control Light weight drive pulleys Sard radiator (S14) + custom piping Front mount intercooler 450x300x76 + custom piping HKS oil cooler core Oil filter relocation kit + custom lines + Speedflow fittings Oil catch can Modified rocker covers with Speedflow fittings Tial 38mm external wastegate Bee R rev limiter HKS FCD 3" custom exhaust turbo back 1 muffler Rein Hard Takumi Muffler 4" twin tips Custom accelerator cable Radiator shroud with 2x 12” thermos Turbo heat blanket DRIVETRAIN: R33 RB25 gearbox Cut and shut RB>2JZ bellhousing 11.5 lbs flywheel (W58) Extreme clutch disc (RB25) 850kg pressure plate (W58) Custom 1 piece 3" tailshaft Welded R200 diff + 5 bolt half shafts 4.1 ratio Powered By Max solid subframe risers R34 rear 5 stud hubs Super Now engine mounts (R32) Super Now gearbox mount Craig Helps engine block mounts Custom gearbox xmember (R32) S14 clutch master cylinder Braided + custom clutch line Uras solid shifter (R34) Enkei wheel nuts Stich mesh 17x8+8 (pair) AMG style 17x9+11 (pair) Mesh style 17x9.5+15 (pair) SUSPENSION: KTS rear strut brace JIC FLT-FAS coilovers 7k front 5k rear S14 LCA’s modified/boxed + S13 balljoints Kazama castor arms Tomei 3 point front strut brace A31 front sway bar STEERING: S14 steering rack Ikeya Formula tie rods KTS roll centre adjustment tie rod ends KTS aluminium steering rack bushes GT-1 Motorsports steering bush BRAKES: S14 front 4 piston calipers Project Mu front rotors Braided front lines S14 BM44 master cylinder Hydro h/brake installed under standard console INTERIOR: Pioneer front 6” speakers Works Bell boss kit Works Bell quick release with flipper Works Bell steering wheel 330mm Yashio Factory spin turn knob Bride Zeta III (Red with gradient) Bride seat rail Cusco D1 8 point roll cage Okuyama Carbing gear knob Blitz SBC Sard battery box Isolator switch Broadway mirror Apexi water temp + oil temp + oil pressure gauges + controller Alpine CD/MD player Type X passenger seat EXTERIOR: S13 silvia front end Aero front bar (plastic) GTR style grill (plastic) Blacked out quarter windows Flared guards Resprayed red PERFORMANCE: 272rwkw 809nm @ 15.5psi I bought the car already built, although it had a beyond fvcked clutch, so thanks to Mr Michelmore and NPC I was hooked up with a clutch package as follows. NPC custom bigger, billet flywheel to suit the larger diameter 1300kg pressure plate and a single carbotic 5 puck disk to suit. The boys at NPC had no problems putting the package together with the 2JZ/RB25 engine box combo and bolted up sweet. After taking the car for its first block strap since I've owned it, I was more stupidly keen to get this thing to lala asap Easily the most intense car I've ever driven, even cruising along in 3rd and boost comes on it instantly starts frying the tyres, given it is only running 225 17's with a bit of camber, but the car is stupidly voilent Next on the chopping block was a hydro install, because there is no way I can go back to drifting with a cable setup I want to keep this car neat, an clean as apposed to my old shit heap SRD180 which was straight business... I had my good mate, Adrian Browne come over the night before drift prac and custom fab some lines for my hydro install which went a little something like this; Very pleased with the outcome and the look. Come race day, not having drifted anything in months, I was getting pretty ancey to give this car what for, and stupidly, I went out balls to the wall from the get go, with no cool down lap what so ever on a pretty hot afternoon, I managed to get the car running quiet hot after 4 spirited laps of non stop tyre blazing. This car was the best thing I had ever driven. The front end always had the rear end covered, the power and response was there whenever I needed it, and enough power to blaze the back hairpin (before the start line of pracs at lala) in 4th gear which was always a little goal of mine.. With the car having gotten so hot, I went back into the pits and had a check over, I didnt notice anything out of place and I had received a clearance from the track officials to run no bonnet/front bar to aid in cooling. I went back out and here is where my story falls apart, as soon as the car comes on boost it dies in the ass. Starts blowing black smoke and just looses everything. Went back into the pits, checked the plugs and changed them, went back out and had no luck at all once again. Car was free revving fine at this time. Checked over the car once again make sure nothing obvious was out of place and didnt notice anything, so I threw in the towel and decided to load it up on the trailer. Frowns were everywhere at this point only getting in 4 good laps all night but hey, thats motorsport and thats the way it goes. More heartbreak then women. Whilst loading it back up on the trailer it found it harder to free rev then it did before... I limped it into the garage and I havn't touched it for weeks now. Anyone know what may be the problem here and where to start looking? I'll assume coilpacks be my first point of contact. Im hoping I havn't popped a head gasket but cant see anything that would indicate that?! It would be blowing white/blue smoke in that case would it now? Sorry for the write up, but its done its job and its killed my bordum tonight... No doubt this car has all the hardware, but its a long way from being complete, reliable, competitive, drift car. I also plan on tidying it up and streeting it - That'll be fun All criticism is welcome guys, Yours truely, Weez.