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Found 3 results

  1. my build

    So in the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to gathering general information on a 300rwkw build. Been through so many threads and but now at a point of information overload with contradicting information on different threads. The car will be used as a weekend car and will not be tracked. And yes, I’m well aware that 300rwkw is overkill on the road as it won’t be fully useable. But this is a goal that I’ve set for myself, hence the 300rwkw target. So far, this is the list I believe that I will need to get it all going to make the power. *ENGINE/LONG BLOCK* 1995 180sx sr20det non vct Tomei Poncams 256/256 Tomei RAS kit Brian Crower Single Spring/Titanium (might as well while I’m working in there) Spitfire Coil pack HKS 750cc Injectors China cooler 600x300x76 z32 AFM OEM bottom end *INTAKE/FUEL* GReddy intake manifold 60mm throttle body Fuel pump (Bosch 023) Tubo back exhaust Manifold??? *EXHAUST/TURBO* HyperGear ATR28SS2 T2 350~500HP Braided turbo lines Greddy Profec Electronic Boost controller *ECU* Vipec or Power FC How much power do you think that this setup will make? Is there anything I need to change?
  2. I first started drifting in 2012 at Winton and since then I have been hooked! In 2013 I decided after a few car issues that I would buy a dedicated track car. After looking at a few options that were available around Townsville, I finally found a car that would suit my purpose. This car had seen better days, only a few years ago it was a show car and now it was a bit of a mess, but I could see the potential. I then ran into a bloke at autobarn who told me the following story about the car and he also had a few photos! The car was purchased by a girl from Brisbane and then driven to Townsville. It had a complete custom leather interior, custom boot enclosure and sound system with an s15 SR20DE with extractors and 3" exhaust. It also had some cheap coilovers. This girl then thrashed it around Townsville creating quite a name for herself! Then she decided to cheat on her Boyfriend and because she loved the car so much he decided to take his anger out on the car It now has the word SLUT etched in the boot, the front bar was trashed and numerous dints were put into it. After that incident it was sold to a bloke who was going to fix it up who sold it to another bloke who was going to fix it up who sold it to me. SO! The plan was to build it in the second half of 2013. Which was achieved, including the build of a trailer! This first post will aim to cover off on this first build so I can get onto the more interesting current build! The first thing I did was strip out the horrible purple and black leather interior. I quickly found rust around the sunroof and dynamat everywhere. I don't know if you have removed dynamat before but it is the WORST! hours and hours of scraping that black tar off the entire interior. The rust was pretty extensive, although i quickly got to work and started replacing it with new metal! I also found that a lot of bog had been used in the original show car build! Here is me adding some more! It was easier and cheaper to just go to a two tone black and purple, so out came the spray cans. And TaDa! From there I started ordering parts and working on the mechanical side of things! MIG LSD! Cut and shut knuckles! (These were modified further from this point, but i dont have many more pictures. New parts started to turn up! Takata Belts! Bride Seats The S15 SR20DE was then removed and a newly purchased S13 SR20DET went in! Engine out New Engine in! I also fitted GKTech Rocker Stoppers, a GKtech fan and an ISC 52mm Alloy Radiator. BM50 master cylinder install s15 front brake and 5 stud install. My new weld in CAMS roll cage turned up from Bond Roll Bars. This kit required me to cut all bars to length and appropriate shape and then weld. This was my first roll cage and took me a good 2 months on and off after work to finish. Props goes out to the blokes who do this everyday! This task was made a lot harder as I made paper templates of all of the joins and then had to cut them by hand with an angle grinder. Big job. Here are the pics! Bond roll bars s13 weld in kit Cutting holes in the seat shelf to drop the main hoop down to weld it Test fitting the main hoop. I was trying to get it as close to the roof line as possible as that is how bond had designed it. Front leg fitting Floor boxes for the front legs Fisheyes Roof Cross Seat belt plates Side intrusion bars Completed cage Once the cage was welded in I had to modify the floor pan to get the seats as low as possible on the passenger side. It was similar to this as I dont have any pictures of me making it. I will add a completed one later on I has decided early on that I was going to paint the wheels and cage a fluro/kawsaki green. Thanks to Townsville Wholesale paint I was hooked up with this awesome paint! The Wheels were then primed White base coat Final colour with clear Interior getting an enamel base coat Cage getting primed Under coat Base coat That will do for tonight but here is what it was doing a couple of months later!
  3. rob's sil80 garage ornament.

    hi all, this is my sil80. bought it in August 2007 and what started as a neat 180 with a rb25 has turned into a bottomless money pit it has gone through a lot of changes over the past few years from a neat daily to "pig" daily to hard parker to very tidy daily to a flaming BBQ back to hard parker. due to my job i haven't had much time or motivation to enjoy it or fix it. the aim now is to get it all running properly take it to track days, powercruise and the odd weekend cruise. when i bought it, it had rb25, 3inch exhaust, rsr springs & jap shocks, gtr front brakes, bov, gay offset 17's and completely stock interior-it still had a factory cassette & cd player. this is how i bought it Aug '07 in late '08 fitted up a gt3076r, link g4 ecu, fmic, greddy plenum and went 5 stud. made 230kw and was petty happy how it went. also went sil80 at the same time. how it was before respray dec '09 December 09 i decided to do a quisck respray and freshen up the suspension. well that got a bit out of hand and i ended up seam welding the engine bay & inside, full colour change, replaced most suspension componets & bushes and given the car in general a freshen up(new body rubbers, seals) august '10 2012 bought a built long motor from another forum member, went 6boost high mount and bigger rear housing. how it now sits in December 2015 let us know what ya think engine: rb25 s2 mahle pistons, spool rods balanced & grub screwed crank grout filled nitto oil pump ross metal jacket balancer n1 water pump oil restricters head to sump oil drain greddy plenum with q45 TB- ceramic coated silver gt3076r ex/w .82- ceramic coated silver and black 6boost highmount manifold- ceramic coated black Turbosmart 60mm wastegate tomei poncams tomei valve springs heavily ported head rb26 engine covers- powder coated silica breath metallic mines cam cover baffles link G4 ecu xspurt 1000cc top feeds gtr fuel rail nismo fuel reg Walbro 460L e85 pump splitfire coil packs 3inch stainless exhaust 40mm radiator air/water seperator setrab oil cooler with themostat blitz fmic lots of braided hose driveline: rb25 g/box r33 master cyclinder exedy ceramic button clutch 1 piece 3inch tailshaft r33 gtr diff r33 gtr axels HEL braided clutch line suspension & brakes: MCA X-R coilovers tune agent castor arms kazama rear camber & toe arms R33 GTR Brembo brakes with modified abs bm57 dba400 front rotors, project mu pads & rear rotors Whiteline adjustable front & rear sway bars nolathane cradle bush's all bushes replaced with urethane S15 front lca and knuckles Slip on lock washers wheels: 18x8 +18 work meister s1 18x9 +22 work meister s1 17x9 +30 R33 GTR exterior: silvia front type x tail lights aero front bar and skirts gtr grill bomex bonneville rear lip hand flared guards clear indicators electric bomex/east bear mirrors respray in custom grey interior: R33 gtr seats nismo gear knob defi gauges boost, water & oil temp, oil pres performance through out the years: 156kw@14psi (sep '07) 230kw@14psi (sept 08) 13.2@107mph (nov 08) 301kw@15psi (Nov '13) 320kw@20psi (jun '14) 310kw pump98 @20psi (dec '15) 365kw e85 flex @24psi (dec '15) parts waiting to be fitted: kazama castor & traction arms, hks BOV.