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Found 64 results

  1. Hey guys, I just picked up my S15 on Saturday . I've been waiting weeks and weeks through the whole importing process but it's finally in my hands! I bought some JJR weather shields (as I read some good reviews in these forums) from Just Jap and tried to fit them on but to no avail. It seems that the double sided tape it comes with did not stick down properly for me. I have tried the following: Made sure the rubber door seal surface was cleaned prior to applying the weather shield and tape Looked in bunnings, autobahn and super cheap auto for alternative tape however there was nothing strong enough for outdoor, weatherproof and automotive mounting Went to a panel beater who told me they could try but advised me not to waste my money as the weather shields would end up coming off I ended up buying this heavy duty Tarzan's Grip mounting tape however it isn't low profile and the orange tint can be seen through the weather shield I wanted to double check some things: Is the weather shield supposed to be mounted on the rubber door seal? Should I try to exchange my part with a new one from Just Jap? Am I better off sourcing the OEM weather shields? Do they mount differently? Do they use brackets? Does anyone have any suggestions? Or has anyone experienced this issue and resolved it?
  2. Trying to diagnose whats wrong with my engine, here is a vid showing the intake noise, clicking near the manifold, and the rough sound coming out the exhaust. Also a large loss of power esp at low end http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_t6FU333nI&feature=youtu.be Stock SR20DE autech 2000 model 130k km's Any help is appreciated Thanks
  3. Hi Guys, I'm rebuilding the old blacktop SR20DET from my 180sx, which choked whilst eating the #3 cylinder bearings. Both the main and rod bearings on #3 have wear or scoring, most others look alright. Which shops would you guys recommend in NSW (Sydney region or not too far out) for machining cranks and cylinder bores? I've found plenty of shops that offer these services on Yellowpages, and searched NS, but the info is either lacking or old. Whatever option I go with, the machining will determine which bearings/rings/pistons I order, so I need to get on it. NB: I may fit a stock engine as a temporary measure whilst rebuilding this one. If you have a longblock or shortblock in good nick, please PM me with your specs and price. Not looking for a built engine costing thousands, just a basic stockie that runs and has acceptable compression. If it has a BHG that's fine, but no bottom-end damage please. If someone has a good spare crank for sale, feel free to make me an offer. So far I haven't found one that was local, or at a price that makes sense
  4. Hey all, My HKS GT-RS Turbo in my S15 SR20DET made a metal crack or break sound while changing gear after a not too vicious take off, i think it was between 2nd and 3rd that it happened. The Turbo doesnt appear all that old, theres no rust or sign of old age. From then on when it gets to its normal boost point it intermitently will boost, but more often it gets to boost point and makes a whining noise and doesnt pass 0psi and obviously doesnt boost. also when the car is turned off it isnt making the clean frictionless spin of the turbine, its now got a bit of a scrape to it. I am assuming its the bearing or a cracked turbine. Any ideas and preferably where can I take it ASAP to get repaired. Im located on the Gold Coast. Thanks for all your help in advance.
  5. Hi guys, not sure if anyone has experienced this or its all in my head. I have a s15 autech, recently just bought a catback stainless steel hurricane exhaust.. liked it for a while but it's now become very annoying. The exhaust sounds very deep at 2500-3500(drones like hell in the car) then when it gradually builds up it sounds so high pitched (very annoying) is the resonator the problem? If you guys could give me your input, would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  6. Okay well the engine is an sr20det and it has been idling pretty bad, it will drop to about 300ish then go back to 900 and just keep doing that, then will idle good for about 5mins. Also while im driving say speed limit in 4th, 2300rpm or so, it will splutter and miss if im using very light throttle, and will just run pretty bad in general... I disconnected the o2 sensor and it ran perfect, had a bit of a flat spot but thats about it. But when i replaced it, problem came back. So far ive done the basics like service, plugs, filters, clean MAF with contact cleaner, cleaned IAC valve with contact cleaner, but problem persists when O2 sensor is plugged in. What else could it be??
  7. I have a type x 180 sr20det black top, recently bought the car and its had the issues since day 1 the car is completely standard except for cat back exchaust, front mount and a boost tee. The car will run perfectly fine apart from it will jump itself into a limp mode, it will do this after the reds being on for too long before starting (a few minutes) or after its warmed up. The issue will go away for a while if you turn the car completetly off (reds off) or 5 seconds or more When in this limp mode if i have my foot flat to the floor or anywhere on the accelorator it will rev to 1500 and drop back down to 1000, in gear it will wait till it hits 1000 revs befvore giving it any life again. example, i was driving along at 80kms and car went into this limp mode, the car slowed down till about 40ks n hour then reved back to 1500 revs and then wouldnt rev again till the revs had come back down to 1000 on the tacho (40 ks n hour), i think its cutting fuel, spark or both im not sure, its like its hitting rev limiter way too early. I need all the help i can get on this one as i feel i am chasing my tail. Has anyone had this issue before???????
  8. Hey guys, I'm sure this has been brought up at least once or twice before but I'd like discussion on my current situation. The question is: Which brands are worth the cash and whether or not I'm being fooled. About a year ago I got 18"'s for my S15 and then went and got some tyres fitted, because I didn't want to spark up the road and wanted some grip. I went to a certain 'known wheel/tyre place' here in Adelaide which sells to guys like me with imports and performance vehicles in general. I got set up with Federals, 225's front and 235's on the rear. I got under done on weight ratio with the fronts, which, at the time, I had no idea had happened. Flash forward 12 months, I am wanting to get my tyres rotated and I take it to a 'mainstream dealer' who insist I have shit tyres and refuse to touch my fronts because of the weight ratio (91 in Tyre/92 on placard?) so can't touch the backs as it's pointless. They also found a 'small puncture' in a rear tyre and didn't fix it, suggesting I 'replace my rears asap'. Throwing names such as Pirelli at me at $350 a pop etc. Now, for me, $800 for a set of 'cheap crap federals' isn't cheap but I don't take these big name places at face value and refuse to believe it's worth so much extra to pay for Pirelli's at a higher price. If anyone who reads this, who isn't a biased rep or sales person can share an honest opinion I'd love to read about it. Please note I don't skimp on anything with my car, but I do feel a bit retarded by being sold under rated tyres at the original place, because I was ignorant at the time. We all have to learn somehow.
  9. Hey guys, just wondering.. I have never really heard of anyone doing a sr20ve head with a sr20 autech bottom from an s15, has anyone done this sort of swap or anything similar? very interested to know. thanks guys
  10. I went to start my 180 today and it didnt start and it hasnt been the first timeand to fix it ive been able to reset the ecu and then it starts, today I had the key to the ON position and touched the ecu and I instantly heard a big bang which scared the crap out of me, I have no idea what the hell it couldve been but I eventually got together the balls to try and start the car and it started and ran fine, any ideas what the hell made the bang? Did I big time explode a fuse?
  11. Hey Silvia Gurus, need some help. The Environmental Protection Agency here in NSW Australia have seen it fit to hand me a Emissions Defect notice because my 1990 RB20DET powered 180sx's engine light or Catalitic Converter warning lamps do not light up. Thing is, I need evidence that 1990 180sx's Do not have a check engine light in the first place, and that the cat light should only light up when the cat overheats. Otherwise, they're going to make me take my pride and joy off the road for good. Also, need to show how the EGR system on the RB20det (from an R32) works if it has one, I'm under the impression that it doesn't. Need this info within 2weeks otherwise it's goodbye to my 80. So... Help a brother out! Many thanks..
  12. Hi Guys, I recently took in my S15 to get a nistune and a Z32 afm installed and noticed that the car is running both rich and also that during breaking the idle drops alot to almost the stage of stalling... the mechanic told me its due to the fact that i dont have a BOV which is causing the air flow back into the z32 AFM and it is asking for more fuel which it doesnt get and idles low. Has anyone seen this issue before?
  13. Hey guys I was just sitting down last night, contemplating life and its many mysteries, and an epiphany came to me. (Not really). I own an Autech s15, and to those of you who don't know what that is, its a jap delivered s15 with an sr20de (N/A). There's a fair share of beastly s15's with turbo's the size of my head. (Pretty f**king big.) But what about N/A sr20's? Do you guys know of any naturally aspirated s15's which run 240ish Kw's with the sr20 still in the hatch, and if so what mods have been done as i kind of want to take my car in a different direction in comparison to the major population of enthusiasts. (Won't be for a while though, kind of have to wait another 2 and a half years till full licence.) I know its a bit off the beaten track, but please, do not verbal gang bang me as I've seen happen in many other newbie posts. Cheers
  14. hey *milkshakes* this is first thread. i have a suziki cuntf**k with a sr20 in it. i have adjustable cam gears which are a 260 degree intake 270 exaust with a 12mm lift on intake and 12.5 on exaust. i recently bought adjustable cam gears and i have them both set at 0, the car is getting tuned next week and i need to know what to set them at. which do i advance and which do i retard. i have a gt3076r garrett turbo and will be running e85. if need any other details about it just ask. cheers *milkshakes*.
  15. Hey guys the auto diff in my s14 is slowly getting worse and worse and am just wondering if anyone on here could recommend a shop to do a rebuild for me in the Western Sydney/Sydney area? Cheers, Dave.
  16. Hey guys. Got a few questions regarding an engine/sheel swap im going to attempt to perform. Donor car is a fully set-up manual s14a with ABS - New car is a stock auto s14a without ABS. Now as the donor car has everything done to it - full suspension - diff, etc etc I was thinking it may be easier to drop out the subframes( front and rear subframes) from the donor car , do the same from the new car and bolt the donor subframes back up into the new car. My logic is that this will- For the rear- 1- save me pulling the donor cars rear suspension off, and diff. 2- bolting all the suspension into the new subframe 3- re- aligning the suspension (wheel aligning) For the Front- 1- saves me unbolting the suspension 2-can re-use the steering rack that has been modded for more lock 3- drop out the engine / gearbox/ steering rack/ front sus in one chunk and then bolt back up. and now the questions Is this a good idea or more trouble then its worth???? Will i run into dramas using the running gear (hubs, diff etc) from an ABS car into a NON-ABS car ( i wasnt planning on swapping the abs module over) I was going to re-use the engine loom from the donor car, but what about the other looms? Should I swap them too? Carbon Canister- Keep or bin? Air-Con - i read somewhere not to disconnect the pipes etc - but pull the pump/compressor off the motor and re-attach the pump from the new shell. this the way to go? ANY TIPS OR ADVICE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! =)
  17. Hey guys. So my car has heated side mirrors and one has a crack in the mirror. Now ive pulled it off and taken it apart, and in the process destroyed the mirror. Now my question is where would i get a replacement for it? Would nissan be able to provide the mirror only with the heater pad? Ive managed to scrape the heater pad off the old mirror and its in fine condition, could i just get a non-heated mirror and stick the pad to the back of it? If so what type of glue would people recommend? Would prefer to keep the heated option instead of replace it with a standard side mirror.
  18. I just bought a Nissan Silvia s13 and I was driving back from Brisbane and the auto gearbox shit itself so I'm looking at making it a manual.so I was wonderin if anyone on here has done one before or who knows anyone who would be intrested In doing a manual conversion and how much I'm looking at for parts + labour If close to Maroubra would be good
  19. Hey guys, I know theres a thread somewhere i was hoping on getting directed to it? if not can i grab some help here just wanted to know whats the best way of taking the motor out? should i leave the gearbox in? or take the gearbox bolts off and hoist the motor straight out rather than taking the radiator off and fans when doing with the gearbox attached? I was hoping someone could shine some light on my situation as i have a ball and socket hoist not a crane? if needed be i can get one to take the gearbox out aswell which will be a lot easier.
  20. Hi Can anyone please help me with my search for a new oil drain pipe for my apexi ihi rx6 turbo. I have searched a fair bit but have had no luck, maybe because its such an old turbo, also does anyone know where you can get a rebuild kit from? thanks in advance
  21. Hey guys. So ive got a set of rims that came covered in white paint. The paint is absolutely terrible, full of hairline cracks and going yellow. My plan was to use a paint stripper to strip the paint back and the sand and repaint (this was just a temporary plan as i wanted to get them powder coated in the near future). So i went at it today and i was able to use a plastic scraper and slowly chip away the paint to reveal the original factory paint work below in perfect condition. My question is there an easier way to remove the paint without damaging the factory paint below and not have to sit there for hours chipping away at it?
  22. G'day trying to take these q45 hubs off and these dust covers aren't the same as the s13 ones. S13 ones just pop off, but these look like the screw out....is this the case? and is there a tool to do this? cheers,
  23. I'm looking at buying a 200SX Spec R but I'm a little confused about the badges. I've looked at quite a few cars of seemingly the same model and year but some have a lightning bolt badge on the bonnet and some have a normal nissan badge. Is there a difference between the actual cars? Or do the badges have some importance other than aesthetics?
  24. I'm removing the whole emissions / pollution control system on my s15 to get it ready for the track. I have also removed the Air Conditioning System. For some reason now, the car won't start! How do I terminate the small hoses which join onto the intake manifold (the ones which went from intake manifold to charcoal canister)? There is also a rubber hose going from the canister down to a hard line towards the back of the car.. What do I do here? Not sure why it isn't starting - it turns over fine, has even started for half a second then turns off. Engine light is flashing with key in ready to start. There is a small chance it's my alarm being a mole! Advice with pics would be appreciated!
  25. look similar to rota grids to me. I only have two, would be nice to know what they are. thankyou